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Writing by WideVariety! (Final Price Update, All Slots Open)

Postby WideVariety » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:14 pm

I'm trying to do less Fanfic and more OC, MLP, and/or Furry stuff right now. Invader Zim is on my No list irregardless for the foreseeable future. Stories of the less nasty variety are more than welcome too! Please, no form-retaining shit. Anyway, with all that aside, please read on!

Heya! If you're reading this, then either you came here from my Seeking Partner! page, or just saw my ad in the list. Either way, welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

- Please read my commission status. It has all pricing and the most up to date info.

I've been writing for quite the while, and my name says it all! I have a wide amount of characters that I can both roleplay with, or have in a story, and they aren't all on my roleplay ad, either! It can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=47892. A much more detailed account of all of my characters (yes, all of them!) is at the bottom of this Ad. I MIGHT roleplay with them, but the ones on my roleplay ad are almost always the ones I'll do roleplays as, and no others.

So, some things I'm more than happy to write stories about are:
-OCs, be it a combo of yours and mine, just yours, just mine, or a canon character and an OC. Side Note: My characters are only preds for my other characters.
-Fanfics from any of the following games or shows/movies:
Spoiler: show
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Spongebob (Rule ThirtyVore, guys)
My Little Pony
FarCry (I've seen some good stuff for this video game in the world of vore, especially feral on human or feral on furry.)
Alien (the movies or the game Isolation)
And more, if you can suggest them and I like the idea!

-Feral Predators
-Anthro Predators
-Human Prey (human preds aren't as much my type.)
-Fatal, occasionally
-Non-Vore, settling solely on Kinks or Smut.
-And just like in the above spoiler, I'm happy to roll with any other ideas you have!

Vore Elements I Love:
-Anything smell-based! As an Olfactophiliac, expect me to describe the harsh, foul, or sweet smell of a predator's breath, the residue scent of their drool, any sort of musk, anything anal-based if you want it, sweat, etc.. Unless you REALLY don't like smells, these'll be a factor!
-Disposal with Reformation! For a serial piece or an ongoing part-by-part story, I often allow the predator to reanimate their prey post-digestion and even post-disposal.
-General Disposal
-Species Regression! This is something I've never seen elsewhere as a tag, but for me, it's this: Whenever a predator unbirths a prey, if the prey both regresses in age, AND becomes the same species as their predator, that's species regression.
-Anything Toilet Play! I won't ever require this, but I will more often than not use it a lot in my own personal works! I rarely have a limit, either.
MINOR OR MODERATE WEIGHT GAIN. I love the predator getting some bonus weight from a meal, or becoming pregnant post-unbirth, but I don't like going from a stick to a basketball, if you get my drift. Already-fat predators are exempt from this.
-Unwilling Or Dubious Will! When they either don't want to be eaten at all, or allow themselves to be eaten even if they don't want to be. I'll do willing, of course! I just prefer this.
-Cruel or Teasing Preds
-Momma-Type Preds
-Acceptance (when they admit they're food and willingly feed themselves to someone, or after they've been eaten and simply let themselves succumb.)
-Loving Preds

Quick note: I no longer have any interest in scat that looks just like the prey pre-digestion. Sorry. No new commissions will accept that.

Any other kinks or elements are simply a question away! More information (other kinks, the types of vore I do, etc.) can also be found on my Commissions page, including pricing since it varies: https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... ideVariety

For an example of my work, please look here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/370732

I know this ad isn't the best, but hey! I'm an author, not a publicist.

My OCs (there's quite a few! The "Bio" part is taken directly from their F-List pages, so formatting inaccuracies are going to happen):

Alire, a beautiful orange-furred Husky that loves to be a trickster. Also the One-Night-Stand Queen, although I love to play her in romance, too:
Spoiler: show
Age: 23
Gender: Herm
Species: Husky
Height: 4'8" to 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs.
"Pronounce my name however you want. 'A-liar,' 'Aleer,' it doesn't matter. The first one is my description, anyway. A liar."

Meet Alire, the queen bitch of dating. Just imagine Bela from Supernatural and make her into a dating husky. That's Alire. And currently, she's looking to sweet-talk her way into sex with any woman, shemale, or herm that she possible can, and knows she can do it, too. Think you can slip past her and take her by surprise with a request for a relationship? Well, careful. It might not work.

Dating/Daily Personality
Alire is beautiful, sexy, smart, and alluring. And she knows it. She can play any card, from sweet and innocent all the way to pressing and coersive. When she's herself, though, she's funny, dominant, and surprisingly caring. She just doesn't let herself be vulnerable. To do so scares her, requires too much trust, and makes her open.

Sexual Personality
While she's dominant out of the bedroom, rivaling many dominant females in her past, when it comes to sleeping with someone she will be a 50/50 switch. She will ensure that the other person is pleased, and if the other person doesn't want to or isn't the best at returning the favor, seeing them squirm under her fingers, tongue, or a strap-on is enough to help get her off.

"So, why are you such a slut?"
Well, she doesn't like to call herself a slut. Just... 'Sexually open.' Back in high school, when she was a senior, she had a relationship with a girl named Selena. It was close, it was kind, and it was full of loving and affectionate moments. And, of course, sex. That was where Alire learned everything she knew about sex. So when Selena cheated on her and moved out (they shared an apartment), she was crushed. She was depressed for weeks, and didn't know where to go. But soon she turned it around, making herself into a sex-addled player that outwardly was cold and closed off to relationships. Maybe if she could just find someone who was better than Selena, maybe she could break out of it. But until then, she was enjoying everything she could about her search.

Avira, a demonically-crossed Cheetah (the bio explains this somewhat) with a love for the color green, she's always going to follow orders for the mistress who summons her. I only want Female, Herm, and Shemale roles to be opposite her, please.
Spoiler: show
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Cheetah (initially)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Varies on body preference
You'd done the research. You gathered everything you need. And, fortunately, it wasn't things that were hard to retrieve: A lock of your hair or fur. Some remnant of a deceased loved one, from your grandma's ring to your hamster's collar. A few drops of blood. Any will do, although your own was preferred. And the paper, with an inscription written in the same blood, mixed with ash:
"From my deepest desires, I call for a gift from below - a possession, a creature to satisfy my every withheld desire."
And with that, reciting that desire as well, you've created her - the sexual demon that you had wanted. It didn't matter if you had just had a breakup, you were unpopular, you wanted tail whenever you couldn't call up another girl, whatever. It didn't matter what you wanted her for - she was here. Although, not necessarily exactly what you wanted. Short, 5'1". Piercing green eyes, with embers for pupils, it seemed, from the glow they carried. Not too heavy, either she was 100 pounds, or more but distributed it well. Long black hair, with green highlights that matched her eyes, and the dress she wore - but that would soon be joining your own on the floor. Looking at you, the figure - a cheetah? - purred hungrily, licking her lips with sexual hunger.
"You desired me, Mistress?"

Britney, my adorable little Inumimi with a somewhat dark side that her profile doesn't really mention ;)
Spoiler: show
Age: 15 to 18 (can be pushed to 23)
Gender: Female, but with a Herm alt.
Species: Inumimi (Doggirl)
Height: 4'11" to 5'1"
Weight: 150 (she's super curvy, or even chubby! <3)
Welcome to the profile for what is probably one of the few doggirls on here. Such a shame! We're wonderful!

Ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, Britney is more of the quiet, kind type of schoolgirl/college student, who would rather curl up with a good book or a close lover/friend for some quality time. She's a cutie and a wonderful friend, and while she doesn't know it yet, has a great taste (hehe) for the bedroom. Her mother was a human and her father was a Labrador, so her ears are floppy, yet very expressive and sensitive, and her tail is long and covered in soft fur! She pulls off the innocent look perfectly, mainly because she is. Her sexuality is for females, shemales, herms, and MtoF transgenders, but she isn't even sure if she's meant for dating.

As for her high school life, she's more drawn in, with two close friends: Rachel, her best friend, a very energetic and talkative otter, and Mark, her nerdy buddy with an addiction to math and science. While they all hang out at school, Rachel is her only friend that she has away from it. This is from a mixture of natural shyness and the stories spread around her school, involving her parents and her heritage.

Either way, she's more than happy to make new friends. You just have to work at it! Not too much, either. Just show her kindness! It'll go the distance.

James, an adorable 'little' deer that always looks like a child, no matter what age or maturity you play him!
Spoiler: show
Age: Varies
Gender: Male, also can be a Male-Herm, Cuntboy, or Female (named Jenna)
Species: Deer
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 100
Just what you'd expect from a deer that hasn't hit puberty yet when it comes to his height and looks - and possibly never will!

See, James had a hormonal issue upon birth, which resulted in his inability to age visibly past the ripe old age of ten, and the ability to carry young. And if you wish, he can be played even younger! Anyway, this resulted in him acting far more mature than he seems, but he can still act childish, and does so often. He has a full vocabulary, but it doesn't take much to make Jim a giggling, doting young fawn!

Jim is very loving, cuddly, and always up for games or games. His sweetest spot is his parent or parents, though. Adopted or real through some strange twist, this little guy is always okay with playing around with his momma or daddy, doing everything he can to please them. After all, to support your child through such a genetic rarity is tough! They deserve to be pampered! Either sexually, or with a massage. He gives damn good massages.

James has an adoptive mother named Maree, a tall, chubby, shemale squrrel. Thing is, she skipped out on him. Now he's alone and searching for her.

Janet Rizer can be found on my RP ad. Hermaphroditic cow.

Jordyn, a delightful (and well-hung) femboy mare that loves company, be it friends or otherwise! I apologize for the lack of character depth as he was a more sex-oriented RP character, but that just leaves him open to more options!
Spoiler: show
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150
When he was in junior high, Jordyn felt like he was a female at heart, taking estrogen pills to help and usher himself into a transition. But when he began to change, he saw the extra curves on his hips, his more feminine attitude, and his alluring ass, and decided to stop right there. The horse owned his new looks, doing his best to sway guys and dickgirls everywhere and anywhere that they wanted to take him and own that fat, firm ass. But he's not solely a slut or a player. He loves to hang out with small groups of people or just one or two, go on jogs, do yoga, and generally try to make the world a better place.

Kimberly Rae Koda can be found on my RP ad. The smallest character at 4'3" (except for 4'1" Viyu), but her large Fennec ears give her an extra foot on top of that.

Viyu, a poor, young squirrel girl who lost her Mommy in a car crash. She's currently homeless and trying to find her mother.
Spoiler: show
Age: 7 to 9
Gender: Female
Species: Squirrel or Squirrel Imomimi
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 80 to 100
"H-Have you seen my mommy? I c-can't find her..."

This is Viyu's most commonly repeated phrase, and she's doomed to ask it over and over. See, the poor fox-type loli was in the car, on the way to a campground with her mother. They were talking, giggling, singing along to the radio, when it happened. A (feral) deer shot out of nowhere, making her mother swerve and crash. Everything went black for the duo.

The next thing Viyu could remember, she was waking up in a bleak room, being tended to by an elderly and remarkably clean-smelling skunk. It turned out she had been lucky enough to survive the crash with only a blow between the ears, the downside of which is that she'll be in a childlike state until the day she dies. But her mother, well... That was another story. The old skunk couldn't bring himself to tell her of the fate her mother had befallen, and the little girl ran away to find her as soon as she was feeling good enough to do so. Be it the wilderness, the city, suburbs, shelters, the girl only had one thought on her mind - to find her mother.

Marcus, my personal favorite! Modeled after me, somewhat, although a cunt-boy instead of female. He's super sweet! And if Servo sees this, don't be mad, I beg of you! I know Marcus is half-husky and a cunt-boy, but I've had him around long before coming here!
Spoiler: show
Age: 18 to 22
Gender: Cunt-Boy
Species: Wolfsky
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 145
Now, you may be asking, what exactly IS a Lunine? Well, it's simple! Marcus has plenty of pride in his heritage of being what is actually called a wolfsky, and since he's so proud to be such a descendant, his mother a purebred Husky and his father an Alpha Wolf, he was created by the best possible genetic combination in the wolf-canine classifications. Hence his term of Lunine: Half Lupine, half Canine.

The downside to all this, of course, is what happened to Marcus in the womb. His parents were expecting a proud, healthy pair of twins, a boy and a girl. What they got, of course, was nothing like what they wanted. Marcus' sister absorbed him in the womb. So instead of two joyful twins, his parents got a single female who would always be on the chubbier side of curvy.

At least, they thought he was a female. He DID only have a cunt.

The thing was, he had higher testosterone in his body than he did estrogen, so while his body shape was feminine, he never developed breasts. His face and muzzle looked more masculine, too. So Marcie went under the name of Marcus, and his parents simply had him conceal his parts under shorts with an athletic cup to simulate a bulge. He's kept it a secret all his life.

Marcus's Other Forms

Marcus always felt like a male when she - now he - was born. He pursued this from a young age, and before tenth grade, he got his breasts removed. There's two lines there, but that's all. He refuses to get bottom surgery, though, and declares he'll just use a strap-on... If it wasn't for the fact that he keeps winding up on the bottom when sex comes into his life.

The opposite of his original backstory, and then some. Marcus absorbed his twin, Marcie, and her slit stayed around to say hello.

Rubber/Goo Marcus
This version of him as a slightly different backstory, varying from roleplay to roleplay. He can't concieve young, unless you want that, and he can fit absolutely any insertion.

Marilee can be found on my RP ad. Secretive, crush-prone shark.

Melody can be found on my RP ad. Energetic weasel with a heart condition.

Miqui, my bullheaded little mouse.
Spoiler: show
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Mouse
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 125
Yes, she's a mouse.

Yes, her name sounds like Mickey.

Shut up.

Miqui's, well... She's had it rough. Her parents were killed in a car crash when she was eight, and had been bouncing from home to home as a foster child for three years, one of the moves being from her being caught kissing the foster parent's daughter out of curiosity as to how it felt. Then she was finally adopted by a lesbian couple, and it taught her a lot about knowing herself and fighting insecurities. But nonetheless, while she became comfortable with her sexual identity, she still had to go through a rather serious spread of bullying incidents. These were because of her size, 4'4", her 'disgusting' red eyes, her (slightly) chubby layer, and her species. Mice were basically the floor mats of her school. There wasn't even enough staff support for her to feel motivated through it all, so she simply gave up. She made it past high school with a diploma, but that's where she stopped. She currently works in a coffee house in a decent-sized city on the California coast. Side Note: She has red eyes, and hates them They're a dark ruby color, but she finds them ugly, so she wears green contacts to make her eyes look brown.

Miri, a deaf little Neko with a heart of gold.
Spoiler: show
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Nekomimi
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 160
Hi! Say hello to a Nekomimi with quite the twist! See, thing is, she's deaf. She uses sign language and a text-to-speech device to speak, and can read lips, so she's far from unable to 'speak.'

What Deafened Her

When Miri was seven, she went to a Fourth of July fireworks show with her cousin, Mari. But it went quickly from joyful time to nightmare. She wandered too close to the launcher, and someone knocked her into it JUST as it was ignited. The fireworks whistled past her ears, and even ignited the fur on her ears and a bit of her hair, too. She was deafened, and there's still minor scarring on the top and back of her head. She's adjusted, but she secretly battles depression due to it.

Her Vices

Miri has her vices, like everyone. These include:
-Cutting: She suffers from depression like many people, and self-harms when she's sure she's alone. This is in the form of cutting, burning, and jabbing herself lightly with needles. These are on her upper arms, namely her left shoulder, and her thighs.
-Drinking: She's a heavy drinker in private and a social drinker in public. It isn't hard to find her at the bottle return machines outside the local store.
-Pills: She has a few prescriptions, and can't function fully without them. This is for her anxiety, depression, and bipolar, so she gets moody and volatile without her pills. She isn't addicted to these, but needs them daily to be at her peak.
-Fear of the Dark: This terrifies her beyond words. She can't hear, so the inability to see as well puts her into a panic. As such, she sleeps with a light, and has a security teddy bear, even at her age.

Things She Loves

-Acting: While she can't speak normally, and as such can rarely do theater, she adores the arts, and the intricacies it entails.
-Drawing: She's a deep thinker, and all her thoughts go into pictures. She has an art journal, and each day, she draws a picture to sum it up.
-Beautiful Eyes/Faces: She memorizes these when she sees them, and has a wall in her closet decorated in the faces she has sketched after seeing on the street or TV. She doesn't look solely at conventional beauty, either. If it interests her, it's beautiful.
-Touch: Since she can't hear, her other senses are heightened. She loves the feeling of smooth skin or soft fur, and to give or receive massages.

Oleya, for someone who's from outer space, she looks a lot like a normal anthro! Just... Glowy.
Spoiler: show
Age: 20 (according to Earth)
Gender: Female or Herm
Species: Forensian Linkus, a hybrid-esque creature from her home planet of Forenna.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140
Oleya doesn't mean any harm. Sure, her ship crashed into a small lake way out where, killing eighty percent of the aquatic life in it, but she couldn't help it! And besides, she resurrected them anyway. Just took a little blood, which was easy to come across since the crash nearly severed her left arm. Anyway, except for the crashed metal wreckage, no harm no foul.
Anyway (again), time for Oleya's heritage. See, she's the daughter of royalty on another planet, but she never lived that lifestyle. The reason? Even by their standards, she's deformed. See, she's got two tails, and they can move with the speed and strength of human arms, hence their use. Nonetheless, she was still an outcast by their standards. In the realm of other visual appearances, she's seemingly a hybrid. On Earth (or whatever this planet happens to be), she seems to have a wolf's head on a panther's body. Her fur is a pinkish-purple, and glows, along with her maw and, erm, intimate areas.
Now, you may be wondering how she got here, in a ship bearing the royal crest of a different world. Well, this Forensian Linkus was exiled from her planet when they finally underwent a serious overpopulation issue. Others were kicked out as well, so to speak, but she was the first. Didn't even get a goodbye from her 'family.' And after two years of drifting aimlessly, a meteor strike sent her hurtling towards earth, directly into your life. How that affects your life is completely up to you! As long as I like the sound of the story, I'll do it! Especially slow-ish romance.
She has two special abilities, a healing factor for herself, and a resurrection factor for others via blood magic. How does this get involved? Be creative! She'll come back from anything that isn't fatal ;)

Pachthysis, my delightful Pegasus! She is NOT from MLP, she's loosely from Greek mythology, but I'm not against her being in that universe.
Spoiler: show
Age: 19 to 23
Gender: Female, Herm, or Shemale
Species: Pegasus
Height: Anthro: 5'3" at the head, her wings extend to 7'1". Feral: 4'7 at the shouder, her wings extend horizontally.
Weight: Anthro: Usually 140 lbs. Feral: Usually 570 lbs.
Pachthysis is quite a mystery - well, more of a legend. As a Pegasus, she descends directly from the Pegasus from Greek mythology. In the eyes of those who know the meaning of this, it makes her a goddess to other horses, and a revered animal to others. So, yes, this means that she is NOT a My Little Pony character. She's happy to play with anyone who likes her and that she likes back (unless noncon is the goal, of course), so don't panic! As for her various colors of fur, as you will see in her images, there's an easy explanation.

To be a revered creature such as herself, well, it causes a hassle among those of the lesser kind. So to avoid showing her true form of light skin and fiery or blonde hair (depending on her mood, it will alternate in color), she goes through life in a perhaps more attentive, but nonbetraying disguise, the blue hair and coal fur you see most often. While still respected, black fur symbolizes a lack of royalty, so those versed enough in their culture wouldn't think twice, although they might still take time to find beauty in her... Or find her beauty under them or in their womb, balls, or gut~

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