Writing by WideVariety! (Final Price Update, All Slots Open)

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Writing by WideVariety! (Final Price Update, All Slots Open)

Postby WideVariety » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:26 pm

I'm trying to do less Fanfic and more OC, MLP, and/or Furry stuff right now. Invader Zim is on my No list irregardless for the foreseeable future. Stories of the less nasty variety are more than welcome too! Please, no form-retaining shit, NO MULTIPLE PREY STORIES FOR NOW. Anyway, with all that aside, please read on!

Heya! If you're reading this, then either you came here from my Seeking Partner! page, or just saw my ad in the list. Either way, welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

- Please read my commission status. It has all pricing and the most up to date info.

So, some things I'm more than happy to write stories about are:
-OCs, be it a combo of yours and mine, just yours, just mine, or a canon character and an OC. Side Note: My characters are only preds for my other characters.
-Fanfics from any of the following games or shows/movies:
Spoiler: show
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Spongebob (Rule ThirtyVore, guys)
My Little Pony
FarCry (I've seen some good stuff for this video game in the world of vore, especially feral on human or feral on furry.)
Alien (the movies or the game Isolation)
And more, if you can suggest them and I like the idea!

-Feral Predators
-Anthro Predators
-Human Prey (human preds aren't as much my type.)
-Fatal, occasionally
-Non-Vore, settling solely on Kinks or Smut.
-And just like in the above spoiler, I'm happy to roll with any other ideas you have!

Vore Elements I Love:
-Anything smell-based! As an Olfactophiliac, expect me to describe the harsh, foul, or sweet smell of a predator's breath, the residue scent of their drool, any sort of musk, anything anal-based if you want it, sweat, etc.. Unless you REALLY don't like smells, these'll be a factor!
-Disposal with Reformation! For a serial piece or an ongoing part-by-part story, I often allow the predator to reanimate their prey post-digestion and even post-disposal.
-General Disposal
-Species Regression! This is something I've never seen elsewhere as a tag, but for me, it's this: Whenever a predator unbirths a prey, if the prey both regresses in age, AND becomes the same species as their predator, that's species regression.
-Anything Toilet Play! I won't ever require this, but I will more often than not use it a lot in my own personal works! I rarely have a limit, either.
MINOR OR MODERATE WEIGHT GAIN. I love the predator getting some bonus weight from a meal, or becoming pregnant post-unbirth, but I don't like going from a stick to a basketball, if you get my drift. Already-fat predators are exempt from this.
-Unwilling Or Dubious Will! When they either don't want to be eaten at all, or allow themselves to be eaten even if they don't want to be. I'll do willing, of course! I just prefer this.
-Cruel or Teasing Preds
-Momma-Type Preds
-Acceptance (when they admit they're food and willingly feed themselves to someone, or after they've been eaten and simply let themselves succumb.)
-Loving Preds

Quick note: I no longer have any interest in scat that looks just like the prey pre-digestion. Sorry. No new commissions will accept that.

Any other kinks or elements are simply a question away! More information (other kinks, the types of vore I do, etc.) can also be found on my Commissions page, including pricing since it varies: https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... ideVariety

For an example of my work, please look here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/370732

I know this ad isn't the best, but hey! I'm an author, not a publicist.

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