I'm doing commission !

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I'm doing commission !

Postby Oligan » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:45 pm

Hello everyone ! :)

Since a moment now, I'm doing vore art on Eka's, and I'd tought that I could do a commission thread for people who are interested ~
If you want to see how look my artstyle, you can check my gallery ! (caution tought, I mainly draw underaged preds)

Will / won't do

Spoiler: show
Loli and shota preds/preys
Underaged preds/preys
Male and Female preds/preys
Vore and non-vore drawings
Human / Demi-human
Oral vore
Anal vore
Cock vore
Tail vore
Diaper (but no disposal)

Will not do

Furry / Ferals
Scat / Fart / disposal
Guro / Hard vore
Breast vore

Shota and loli preds are what I'm better at, but I can do older preds too !
If you want something that wasn't in the list, you can ask me !
Also, if I feel uneasy to do a work, I have the right to decline it.

Prices (note: I only accept paypal payment)
Spoiler: show
Line art: 15$
Line art + Flat colors: 20 $
Full-Colored drawing: 25$

Complex background: + 5 $
Additional character: + 5 $

So if you want to help me and having a cute drawing in exchange, you can pm me, and we'll talk about it ! :D
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Re: I'm doing commission !

Postby Oligan » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:06 pm

First commission: a pure white wolf girl !
I can still take other commission if you're interested.

I'm a sensible dood
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Been posting for a bit
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