Commissioning Art (Reference Images)

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Commissioning Art (Reference Images)

Postby BrokenButterfly45 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:33 pm

So for now, I decided that I really need at least one reference image of all of my characters to make it easier for RP and further commissions. As such, I'm looking to commission people for colored sketches or flat color images that I can use for a reference sheet for my characters.

The characters I need are:
A redraw of Kurt from less directly head-on (because a lot of people have been having issues with his hair)
Sarkis (a foxtaur)
Vladimir (a pony...ish)
Judai Yuki (from YGX, but with some changes for the vore-version I use)
Kahm/Raka (a pair of human twins)
Ryota (Disgaea 5 Nine-Tails)
Zahraris (Incubus)

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