Looking for Artist for Vore Comic Commission

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Looking for Artist for Vore Comic Commission

Postby Redwallfan2000 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:23 pm

Hello, I promised myself that I'd never come back to this sight again within two years...However in bed yesterday night I had thought of a Comic Commission or multiple one parter Commission involving MLP: FIM's Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.

Down below is what I am aiming for

Prey: Pinkie Pie

Predator: Twilight Sparkle


1. Both predator and prey are human style preferred anime girl style but Twilight does have her wings and horn while Pinkie Pie appears normal.
2. Pinkie Pie and Twilight should be clothed in what they are in in Equestria Girls if asked what clothing should they wear.
3. Summery of why this happens, Annoyed with Pinkie Pie's latest antiques, Princess Twilight Sparkle decides enough is enough and invites Pinkie Pie over to her castle for a peaceful talk alone. Pinkie Pie accepts unaware of Twilight's true intentions believing Twilight when she says this whole things is a new game, until she is locked into an oven and roasted alive then Twilight eats her all up after the 3 hours passes.
4. Pinkie Pie is stripped of her clothing, her feet smelled, pussy shaven and licked for taste test, licked, and prepped as an oven roast, thermometer in her butt, apple in mouth, marinated/seasoned/spiced then roasted alive.
5. Being Pinkie Pie, she survives her cooking and appears that she is uncooked but there is a cooked aroma coming from her indicting she is fully cooked. Her last words before Twilight starts dining on her should be why with Twilight answering the question with “You had annoyed me for the last time.”
6. Twilight completely eats Pinkie Pie admitting on how tasty she is in the end patting her stomach with a cut shot of Pinkie Pie sobbing in Twilight's stomach saying she's sorry for what she had done to annoy her. Twilight should also be looking at her list of other girls she needs to punish mainly Trixie and Starlight.

Major focus.

Pinkie Pie's feet are a major focal point in this commission. Stripping pose must begin with the shoes/socks. The souls of her feet must be shown in every preparation scene if possible.

During the Oven roasting phase, try to show all angles of Pinkie Pie's body, souls of her feet again should be shown at least once in the oven, her butt and juicy pussy has to have an angle, then her breasts should also have a view before settling down on the whole prey's body from afar, all of this could be while she bakes in the oven.

If interested...You can try to respond to this and send a PM to me, but more likely you can reach me by sending me a message to my Email Account. It's Arrick_Haun@Yahoo.com

Also if interested feel free to ask me any questions and give me an estimate on what you think the Commission would cost.
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