Open for commission or trade!

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Open for commission or trade!

Postby Erastus » Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:07 pm

Hey! I've finally decided to try opening for commissions here. I mostly focus on humanoid/anthro figures and oral vore, but I have a wide variety of interests and I'll do a wide variety of things. This includes soft and hard vore, non-vore, SFW or NSFW, food play, other kinks, and more.

Prices start as low as 15$. You can view examples and get the full details on my commission page: ... id=Erastus

I'm also currently accepting trades, for those who aren't ready to commission or are just looking for something to draw. Most of the same rules for my commissions apply to trades, as well. For trades, I prefer work of similar quality and am not a big fan of anime style.

If you're interested, just read through the rules on my commission page and send me a PM.
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