Looking for an artist for a vore comic.

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Looking for an artist for a vore comic.

Postby LoveBeingPrey » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:55 pm

(Note: I am looking for an artist to draw a comic featuring transformation, feral vore, digestion and disposal.)

Hello, I've never really requested anything in this sort of way before but here it goes. I am looking for an artist to draw a vore comic featuring two of my personal sonas.

The sequence I am thinking of starts off with my silver fox Vellus drinking some water that has been contaminated with a transformation potion. After feeling a little funny he is instantly transformed into a small rabbit. Shocked by this he runs over to a nearby field where he finds his friend, a carnivorous mare named Raven. Raven, not knowing it is her friend and gone slightly mad with hunger, intends to eat the panicked rabbit. After a bit of chasing Raven grabs the bunny by the scruff and flings him in the air before catching it in her mouth and swallowing him down. The rest is a simple digestion sequence and ends with the mare disposing of her prey.

That is a barebones brief summery of what I want, things can be shifted around or altered if needed. If you are an artist or know of any artists that might be interested in this let me know on here or on my FA where I am more active http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vulpinelover1990/
I hope to hear from you soon Thank you.
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