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Tjeux's art thread

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:01 am
by TerriblesJeux
I suffer from weird lack of motivation. I thought my major reason for learning to draw was to do porn, but it turns out I need so little to fuel my imagination that I rarely finish or polish anything. For example:


That's 15 minutes of doodling. I could make it look better but I lack the motivation. But I draw almost daily! Sometimes around the clock! And when I do it's almost always for other people, either for a project or just something someone wanted to see. That is what motivates me. Making something that delights others.

So I want to try doing that here. I'm open for requests. I'm sorry I don't have better examples of my work (my gallery is also very puny) since I don't want to share my non-vore things here. The above is the basic level you can expect and hopefully I feel inspired to polish it more.

Read this first:

Send your requests with PM. I want to reserve this topic for comments and critique related to finished works. I have no idea what to expect, I don't know if I will receive 0 requests or get flooded; in the latter case I will do whatever seems most interesting to me.

The more details you give, the easier it is for me get a picture in my head. Existing popular culture characters are fine, your own characters are fine (if there's no pictures of them, describe them at least enough that I'll get the important bits right). Please specify size difference of pred and prey, or if it it's same size. :)

The results may vary greatly depending on how easy it is for me to draw and how much time and effort I can put into it. I'll do my best, but it might suck! Remember that this is free and I'm doing this to get practice. If you have the means, consider getting commission from one of the many talented artists here. :)

Things I really love to do but your request doesn't have to have these:
- Female predators
- Vast size difference (shrinking or huge predator)
- Tentacles

Things that are difficult due to lack of practice but I will not shy away from trying -- results might just not look very good:
- Furry characters
- Cock vore
- Any buildings/cities if they are relevant to the scene.
- Backgrounds in general take long to draw and I might leave them out, but if you have a good reference picture of the background you want, I can try!

Things I wont do (not judging but I prefer not to draw them):
- Hard vore
- Scat
- Underage characters

I hope that wasn't too scary a list of rules. Remember, PM your request, don't post it here. I will post the finished picture here and notify you also. It might take time or it might be done very quickly. The time I have available for drawing varies and sometimes I have other things I need to do. And in the unlikely case that I do get swamped with requests I will have to pick and choose (but will try to finish everything eventually).

edit: I am working on 2 requests now! You can send more but I will finish these 3 before I start planning the next ones!

Re: Tjeux's art thread (currently taking requests)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:08 am
by TerriblesJeux
First one is here and is for Date Masamune, who wanted to see Rae Sloane with some tiny rebels in her belly.


I'm not well-versed in the extended Star Wars lore. I hope it's appropriate for Vader and Sloane to talk to teach other. And Sloane totally disregarding all protocols.

Also holy crap was the pose difficult to get right. I've been practicing bodies and poses hard lately but it still takes very, very many tries without a live model. All in all this work too much longer than you would believe by looking at it, and I thought I was tackling the easiest of the requests first... :D But it was also a real pleasure to make! And I know if I had set out drawing it for myself I would have settled for few lines with no colors. So thank you, Date Masamune! I hope you enjoy it too!

Two more works in line at the time of writing this.

Re: Tjeux's art thread (currently taking requests)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:37 pm
by TerriblesJeux
I have been busy lately, hence my slowness.

KingKabal777 had a very detailed request involving their character Liena and her guardian lion:


I did not get all the requested details in there, but I hope I did alright.

Next in line will be BrokenButterfly45's request.

Re: Tjeux's art thread

PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2021 10:04 am
by TerriblesJeux
I return after long absense. I am terrible at staying focused on tasks and that happened with my art requests thing, I did just two and I think I have two or three more still unfinished, which I aim to do but am not currently taking more.

Meanwhile I've been continuing to draw, mostly other things. The vore things I doodle for my own use are usually super low effort, but recently I kept working on one of those doodles and got into a nice flow and I like how it turnedout:
Image Gallery link.