Story Commissions Open

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Story Commissions Open

Postby Parzival2600 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:09 pm

People have hit me up about story commissions for awhile now and until recently, due to health and being unable to commit, I put it off. Well, that's changed. I'm hanging my open for business sign up.

First, allow me to list what I will and won't do:


Quicksand (Any sinking really)

Vore (Soft)





Anything sexual involving minors

Male as prey or victim

Anything too gory


It's simple, I charge 10 dollars every 1000 words. 30 percent down payment on all works. You pay the rest once it's completed. I will give you excerpts as I go so you can tell me if you like it thus far.

I currently have 10 slots open. Once they fill up I won't reopen until the list is emptied. Also, first come first serve. I follow the order of who came to me first.

Message me if interested.



You can find some of my stuff here:
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