Rook's Patreon Poll (More voters needed)

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Rook's Patreon Poll (More voters needed)

Postby RooK13 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:51 am

Hello all,

Figured I might as well create a thread here now that I've launched my Patreon and need some more people voting in the poll. Below are the links to my Patreon and my gallery, in case you want to get a feel of what I can do. I've also included the important info from my blog post.

Patreon link:
Gallery link:

The main draw of my Patreon is that I will be holding monthly polls there so that YOU can decide which waifu gets to eat some unsuspecting prey in my future works, and you can already vote with the $1 tier alone. Higher tiers will not only have more voting power, but also have the ability to suggest poll candidates as well. The finished pic will be drawn by myself (scenario and type of vore also up to me) and uploaded to my Eka's gallery after the poll closes, with WIPs uploaded to Patreon. If all goes well, I will 100% be willing to expand this system in some way (like doing lineart for the runner-ups, or holding surprise polls).

In addition, I have also added some neat perks such as:
1) Access to WIPs and lineart, which gives you the earliest sneak peek of anything I might be working on as well.
2) Access to ultra high-res versions of my works. While my works are and always will be done at a really high resolution, if you want even bigger files, then this is for you.
3) Monthly lineart and full color tiers, so if you ever feel like you regularly have many ideas you want me to do, these are for you. Art done for these tiers may be posted to my Eka's gallery as well, depending on whether the patron lets me do so or not. I will consider adding more slots when we reach higher milestones.

Also, some things to note:
-Similarly to my commissions, the Patreon takes payments upfront, so it would be best to join closer to the start of the month.
-If anything from me doesn't show up in my Eka's gallery, it's either because the client doesnt want me to post it or because I haven't officially posted it anywhere online.
-I'm currently looking at 3 more commissions in my queue right now (these will proceed normally), in addition to the art trade I'm doing right now, so to not end up overwhelming me, I'm temporarily limiting the lineart and color tiers to 1 each.

And finally, attached below is the first test run poll I've set up if you want to have an idea of what kind of waifu picks to expect from this round. I've added the options myself since there's not enough people suggesting right now. Also let me know if you find anything weird that needs to be fixed.

Thanks for your attention and feel free to ask any questions below! :D
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