5$ Art for Sale

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5$ Art for Sale

Postby BrokenButterfly45 » Sat May 16, 2020 6:23 pm

I need money, I need practice in vore art, and y'all want vorey things. So let's solve all this at once. Here's an example of my art that I've done; specifically, I drew it today (May 16th).

1) The price is 5$. For this, you get a clean lineart colored picture. It will range from waist-up to fullbody, depending on your request.
2) One character only. I'll gladly do bones, imprints, swollen stomach/balls (this is a vore site!), or a body part sticking out of somewhere, but only small additions like that. I won't draw a full second character, so no x-rays either (unless it's of an empty belly full of bones/acid, which I will gladly do).
3) Pay comes once I've finished your picture, after which I'll upload it to my gallery (unless you ask me not to, in which case I won't) and you're welcome to upload it to yours if you want.
4) I reserve the right to turn down a commission, though right now most likely I'll take anything I feel like I can reasonably do.
5) My limits still apply. I won't break any of these limits.

Just post here and let's go!

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