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Inexpensive Writing

Postby justlooking000 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:25 am

Hello! As evident by my name, I don't do much or any posting around here. However, a friend of mine (not a user) is taking writing commissions, and I'm trying to help advertise!

100 words per dollar

Won't Do:

Will Do:
Just about anything else!

Favorite Stuff:


Spoiler: show

The sun that'd shined on the glossy tile floor had been partially blocked as a large Schnauzer entered, struggling to fit through the door given how short it was, and narrow, at that. His bulge squeezed through with a bit of a struggle, but getting the rest of him was a hassle...The bell range as the door swung open, a rush of cool air filling the doorway of the cafe. He smiled as he made his way to an open table, every step causing his legs to visibly flex a bit, given his physique. With a near skin-tight suit, flexing too much might not be the best idea. Regardless, he manages to find the most spacious seat, staring at it apprehensively. With a small sigh, he thinks about how he can fit without drawing more attention than he's already solely from being as large as he was. He managed to lift the table away from him, sliding against the pho-leather cushion as he let it back down. The table was tipped, his bulge pushing it up. As he looked around, waiting for a waiter, he could see people were everything. The attention caused his face to flush a light shade of red, a sheepish smile spread across his face as he tried to not think about it. He smiled as the waiter approached, who was quite shocked by the...size of the customer. The height difference alone was quite prominent, even with Deus sitting, though not so much that he couldn't speak to her. "I'll just have a coffee, for now, thanks," he replied to the waiter's expected question of what he'd like to order. His gaze couldn't help but shift back to the patrons around him, their eyes still fixated on the contrastingly large canine in the room. He tapped his foot against the floor in anticipation to get his coffee, feeling as if people were imagining what was underneath the blue suit... A few minutes later, the waitress returns, speaking out to him "A large cup of coffee for an extra-large man~" a familiar warmth returns to his face, having flushed a little red as he smiles, letting out a "Heheh" in response, though not exactly loud enough for her to hear it, as she waived to him as she went to serve other tables. The warm, smooth coffee seemed to be enough to ease his mind, and the attention he'd drawn to himself, taking a long sip of the premium brew. The aromatic scent of the coffee filling his nostrils as he let his mind wander, finally able to find himself at ease after a long week of work. He pushed his legs forward to let them stretch, his pants feeling a little looser as his legs straightened, his muscles tensing up slightly before relaxing again, the restrictive fabric hugging to every curve of his lower body once more.

Before he knew it, the coffee in his cup was non-existent. Only snapping out of being spaced out due to the inherent slurp that echoed in the cup as he finished the rest of his coffee. Despite being a regular to the cafe, and ordering the same coffee each time he'd come there, it tasted a little different. He couldn't pin it to one particular thing that was off about the coffee, but by no means was it bad. With an empty mug in hand, his thoughts returned as he looked around, the same people still in the cafe, and more. While some had become intrigued by other things, it seemed he had more eyes glued to him. He was well aware he was large, but what was so special about today? He'd typically try to remain quite inconspicuous, and usually succeeded at this, but today was not one of those days. Today was the opposite, and probably the worst day this could've happened. A long week of work, without much chance to relieve himself due to working such long shifts. He expected to manage to relieve himself in the privacy of his own home, but that would involve holding himself back long enough to make it there. Something about the people staring at everything: his arms, his chest, his bulge, it was just...embarrassing!
He futilely pushed his legs together, trying to conceal his package, to no avail. Besides, he'd started to feel a bit tight, stiffening in his pants...He placed the mug next to him as his hands shifted between his legs, gripping his shaft as his face was tainted red with embarrassment, which only seemed to make the problem worse. It wasn't just his pants that were getting tight, either. The tight suit on his torso seeming to become tighter, hugging every crevasse of his body. He let out a low groan as his clothes somehow got smaller...or was he getting bigger? Threads began to pop as his suit shrank against his growing body, trying to not cause too much of a scene. He could feel the blood rushing to his shaft as he tried to stop it, causing the blue pants that once housed his bulge to burst at a seam, revealing his colossal shaft. Already spanning a good six feet in front of him, and still growing, gushing over the seat unintentionally. With the patrons in front of him drenched in his hot, gooey pre.

His shirt grew tighter as he yelled out "Sorry!" to the people in front of him, only drawing more attention as his body swole, his arms feeling larger and stronger than ever as threads gave out on the suit. holes began to form as he outgrew his shirt, his lower half swelling just as rapidly. Being big was great, but being big in public, and becoming too big for your clothes, not so much. He looked around once more, this time to his dismay as people became even more intrigued with him, camera flashes left and right as he was photographed. His shirt gave out, a loud tearing sound filling the air outside of the various chatter about the large Schnauzer that seemed to be getting larger and larger. His chiseled body was now exposed to the public, muscles bulging on every limb, growing larger, and more defined, as did his shaft. Not only did it seem to get even stiffer, but it got bigger. The more he tried to hide it, the more futile his efforts became. Trying to not draw attention to himself made him the center of attention! his clothes ruined, ripped to pieces because of his sheer size...What had started as measly drooling cum on the table in front of him turned into hosing down the next four tables in front of him, his shaft throbbing with arousal. This must've been a dream. There was no way that this could all be happening, that he could be so large, with so many people staring at him..but it all felt so real, so it couldn't have been. He let out another sigh, staring back at the people gazing over every crevasse of his beefy body, his swollen orbs, and his rock hard shaft. He didn't even notice it, but the roof had been coming mighty close to him, feeling his head press against it harder and harder as be blushed. His shaft was like a broken fire hydrant, gushing pre everywhere, drenching people, and beginning the place with his thick, slimy pre-cum. The ceiling seemed to be putting up more of a fight than ever against the canine, bulging slight as he continued to push against it; whether he wanted to or not...Cracks began to form in its concrete construction, a beam of sunlight falling into the cafe as he broke a hole right in it merely by pushing against its surface. His sheer strength and size were unmatched by anything he can see, his ever-growing body forcing his head through the roof as well. The concrete roof gave way as Deus continued to grow, his chest as swollen as ever, part of his fur soaked in his milk. The open view of the city filled his vision, the rest of his body in the cafe, causing unknown and unwanted destruction due to his size. With his shaft so obscenely large, it was inevitable not to hose a crowd with his hot, thick cum that idly jetted out from his throbbing shaft.

He could feel something relatively small resting against various parts of his body, even small hands pressed between the crevasses of the thick, defined muscle that held tightly to his legs. It seemed before the embarrassment of people touching up against him could set in, he was already growing. Skyrocketing in terms of growth rate, too. The concrete roof crumbled further as his shoulders busted through it, his shaft pushing against the far wall of the cafe. His balls let out a loud, low gurgle, likely loud enough for anyone within a mile's distance to hear. He could feel his own hot, sticky pre jizz soaking a part of his calves, which caused him to shove his hands into his face out of embarrassment. Now not only did dozens of people have their eyes on him, but he flooded a cafe! How he was managing to grow so large would be a mystery if it weren't for him being so embarrassed by being seen in public like this. Before long, a thought struck his mind like lightning: what if his friends saw him like this? How would he explain why he's so...big. He couldn't help but let out a groan as he thought about this, his body seeming heavier, yet stronger, the roof now decimated by his hips. As his shaft erupted from the side of the cafe, he could see how gargantuan it'd become, veins as wide as a person, and feeling quite warm at this point too. He could almost hear the blood flowing to his rock hard arousal, but he could certainly hear as every throb jerked his shaft up, before colliding with the ground. The impact of the multi-thousand-pound slab of Schnauzer cock caused a rumble; the windows of most of the buildings around him. He became more concerned for the damage he'd been causing simply by standing there, yelling out "I'm so sorry!", having no intention of ruining almost every building around him, especially the cafe. He wasn't quite sure if anyone in those buildings would hear him, especially not after being drenched in rope after rope of his gooey jizz. The building only barely resembled such, his cock spraying a thick layer of his gooey pre on in unintentionally. It was quite hard to manage such raging arousal, especially when it seemed he was only drawing closer and closer to climax, especially when he was trying to fight it.

His balls let out another unearthly gurgle, The rear of the cafe collapsing under the miniature earth-quake the rumbling caused. It seemed like he was drawing closer and closer to climax the bigger he grew, despite trying to fight his arousal. His balls kept feeling tighter, fuller, heavier. He let out another groan as he felt his shaft throb vigorously, crumbling the cafe entirely. The muscle that surrounded his arms and legs had grown thicker and more intricate than ever, every bulging portion creating a small canyon between the muscles, almost like a maze. Now the entire city block was nothing Deus, the cafe crushed to rubble due to his embarrassingly large size. No building was safe, especially the ones in front of him, his pressure hose of a cock spewing so much of his thick slimy pre jizz, they'd begun to collapse under the weight and force of all of it. His climax just creased to stop drawing nearer and nearer despite him never touching his shaft, and not wanting to be aroused. Nonetheless, his body resisted his will, his shaft stiffening more as he could feel the first pulse of his steaming hot cum shoot out his shaft as he was pushed over the edge, forcing him to unload. His balls audibly throbbed with every rope of goop they shot out, covering buildings beyond what he could see in his hot glaze. His body couldn't feel any tenser as he began to expand yet again, pushing buildings away, the taller ones that remained seem to be about his size now. That is until his ongoing climax would inevitably ruin them.
Entire city blocks had been flooded by his viscous fluids, leading the local people to call the authorities due to the large canine seeming to claim his territory with "alternate" methods... It was a shame the people on the ground could not see his face though; not one of mischief, but overwhelming pleasure and embarrassment. As he caved in to at least try to get this climax over with, gripping what little portion of his girth he could given his colossal size, his arms had squeezed his chest, letting the floodgates open. The proverbial floodgates were those holding him back from gushing his milk out, which now poured on his shaft, and subsequently sliding off to either side, leaking the land around him white and milky.

He could hear the sound of air whirling around him, as he turned to the source of it he could see a helicopter evading. A glance at it showed he was being recorded. He let out a sigh before realizing he'd turned his whole body, putting house-sized footprints into the ground below him. His climax seemed to have subsided, but just about everything he could see was white. He let out a groan as he felt the familiar feeling of another climax coming on, despite having just unloaded...His balls, now the size of large buildings let out another gurgle, this time far, far louder. Some of the white figures seemed to have crumbled to the ground, his balls making true miniature earthquakes. His shaft had never felt as hot as it did now, the veins that scattered its surface bulging with blood with each heartbeat, eath throb threatening to ruin more of the city. His face was burning with embarrassment, just as the rest of his body, but only feeling so hot as he saw everything begin to shrink again, his body audibly creaking with every movement as the thousand-foot tall Schnauzer moved. The city was flooding in a thicker and thicker layer of Deus's cum, which seemed to grow hotter and more viscous as he grew. The city was now beneath him, staring face to face with the taller buildings until they inevitably collapsed under the thunderous quake of his growing balls. They felt fuller and fuller as the minutes went by, even more, full than they had prior. He let a groan as he felt the wave of pleasure wash over him, the sensation of being pushed over the edge, yet feeling no cum gushing from his shaft. As he opened his eyes, he saw he could rest his arm atop what buildings had remained in the city, but found himself unable to relieve the pressure. As realization kicked in, his face going from pleasure to confusion, and soon to dismay as he felt a large bulge forming in his shaft, growing larger and larger before a thick jet of cum escaped his tip. The half-mile-wide rope shot out at impeccable speed, reaching over into the other city with a blink of an eye. He let out a groan as his shaft was outpaced by the growth of his balls, making his climax much, much more intense. This thick rope of scalding hot cum would last for a solid minute, drawing a solid line across the land, flooded with his cum.

It'd seemed as if his load had subsided, leaving the 10 miles or so in front of him or so left under..cum. His balls let out another long gurgle, implying bad things are soon to happen. At least in his eyes. As he closed his eyes in anticipation, he was shocked to see a lack of destruction...It was quite strange but anything but unwelcome to not be ruining yet another city. Soon he'd feel it again, this time much more, and much hotter than the first one. He groaned at the aching feeling of his shaft swelling with more and more cum, bulging his entire shaft, save for his tip. It continued to grow and grow, swelling more and more...
He pushed his hands into his shaft in an attempt to relieve the pressure building in his shaft to no avail. Nothing more than a dribble of cum escaped his shaft, which was soon be even larger then Deus himself. His shaft ached, pushed to a limit far further than he'd ever like. Just as his shaft began to overshadow his body entirely, his tip looking out of place with how small it was in comparison, he finally managed to unload, his cum feeling thicker than tar as it small rope escaped initially, coaxing a groan from the large Schnauzer, barely shooting a thousand feet in front of him. This would soon be compensated for as he truly found relief from the pressure that'd built up in his shaft, the hot rope of cum tar shooting off into the distance. The air filled with the sound not dissimilar to that of a firetruck hose; his shaft gushing cum similar to one as his shaft emptied beyond what he could see from here. As he felt his shaft bulging less and less, he could feel it swelling again, making it harder to unload as his shaft bulged. Luckily this one was much more short-lived, a spurt of cum doing a bit further than the rest, yet still cumming in a constant stream. He let out a groan as another one came and went, and then another, and another, his balls far too productive for even his titanic shaft to handle at this point.

Each gush of cum began to come slower than the last, another low gurgle coaxed from his balls as his load subsided. The pressure in his shaft had been relieved, but his size had remained quite swollen. His balls still ached despite dumping likely hundreds of millions of gallons of his hot cream onto the city. As he looked down to take in his size, he realized just how small his hands were in contrast to his arms, which were in turn covered in muscle everywhere. The grooves in his arms had grown deeper as he grew stronger, every fiber making up his muscles thicker than a person was tall. With his skin gripping so tightly, parts of his muscles were clearly defined, emphasized by the deep ridges between them. As things calmed down, he took a deep breath, his face slightly warmed by his blush. He knew a good half the city could see him from here, and at least three cities have seen the aftermath of him...His blush grew brighter as he thought about this, not even realizing the buildings around him getting even smaller. Only distracted by the cool breeze passing across his face, time seemed to have slowed for him. Though, this didn't last long, the insistent aching of his pent up balls slowly creeping back right after he'd relieved himself. He let out a groan as the aching grew more intense, soon pushing a hand over his snout as he saw the destruction his thunderous voice had caused below. Though, those buildings were becoming harder and harder to see, even with good eyesight. The size of his arms rivaled that of his own torso, his lower body clearly indicative he doesn't skip leg day. He could see small plots of land from up there, buildings and the like just barely in view. As he lifted his foot, planting it back down as he attempted to get comfortable, he felt something crunchy against his foot, and a portion of it being wet. He couldn't see directly below him, especially because of his shaft, and his chest protruding that far in front of him. "Oh no no no..." he said, trying to limit how much he spoke as to not cause more damages, seeing the small specks crumble under the force of his voice.

His head tilted upward as he let out another groan, his balls letting out a low guggle again. The earth-shaking rumble of them almost knocking himself off balance. He instinctively planted his feet further into the ground, accidentally making even larger craters in the ground. His mistake immediately caught up to him, realizing what he'd done.
Cities, crumbled under his feet, the borders of the state in clear view as his shaft, for the short period of time it was flaccid began to stiffen again. The large gushes of blood to his shaft sounding just as the ocean waves.

His shaft grew by the second, dwarfing dozens of cities as it throbbed, More veins had made themselves present this time around, his rod retaining a familiar, bulged shape. His arousal was quite literally beyond his control, drawing nearer and nearer to his next climax as he tried to hold back. To no avail, he could feel the pressure building more, his shaft erupting with his hot seed once more, pulsating and throbbing as he unloaded, turning the multi-colored land a milky white with rope after rope of cum. He let out a groan as he attempted to cover his face, only squeezing his chest in the process, coaxing a different type of milk out of him. He let out a long groan as a warm feeling washed over him, his head tilting upward as he simply embraced it. Everything seemed irrelevant as he could feel his shaft somehow spewing more and more seed. It felt like he was no longer flooding the cities around him, but the states! As he opened his eyes, he couldn't help but let out a heavy huff, quite aroused by the idea of painting such a large area, but embarrassed at the consequences. He didn't even know if this was going to wear off, and if it did where would he go? These questions soon faded from his memory as he grew more aroused, on the brink of a second climax.

His eyes closed once more as he let out a groan, preparing for his next climax. He let out another huff as the wave of pleasure washed over him, and the same warmth as just a few minutes before, but this time, much less came out. It was still inexplicably pleasurable nonetheless, but significantly less than he'd expected given his size. What he hadn't known is how much he'd been growing. Being so large, he was quite warm, being impervious and oblivious to the rapidly declining temperature, and darkening sky as he grew. Larger and larger, clouds trapped in the grooves of his chiseled body. When reality did soon fade back in as he opened his eyes, he was much higher than before. His entire city--as well as many other were likely nothing but ruins under his feet. He saw not cities or states, but countries. "Oh boy..." escaped his lips, looking at how large he was in relation to the earth, patches of the green and blue planted painted a bleak white with his load. His perception had become skewed by arousal, only slightly embarrassed by what he'd done at this point. Realization of just how small the planet started to kick in. His shaft alone covered a good portion of it, but not entirely... Speaking of his shaft, it was throbbing harder than ever. It wasn't his choice to be this aroused, but he was also too horny to fight it anymore. He was surprised if there were even people to see him anymore, consider how much he'd covered in cum. Though his shaft really did draw attention to itself as it ached in need. His stiffened length aching to slam into something...anything...he began to question the validity of pawing off when it was just so, so large. Far too thick to wrap his hands around.. Too big for his mouth..too big for anything...except maybe the Earth itself? He shook his head in disagreement. "Gosh, what am I thinking? That's gotta hurt. Rocky, and molten metal... But its the only thing that'll help me really take care of this..." he said to himself, contemplating once more the validity of fucking a planet...His size seemed to have plateaued for good this time, which was definitely for the best.

He let out a long sigh as he looked to the round globe, smiling as he shifted around, holding it close as he prepared to make irreversible actions. He let out another sigh, leveling a multitude of countries with his heavy breath against the globe. As he pushed his hips forward, the crust and mantle collapsed from the force of his shaft pushing into the ball of molten rock. A crater thousands of miles across would be forever in the planet if it were to survive. His assumptions about how fucking a solid planet would feel were relievingly wrong. Though probably not for the better. The rough surface rubbed against his shaft, and quite well at that. He let out a groan as he felt as sensitive as ever. The molten core of the earth nothing more than acting as a cock-warmer. His shaft only reached about halfway through the planet, but that was all he needed. He let out a huff once more as he pulled back, slowly pushing his shaft back in as he got into a smooth thrusting motion. He attempted to be gentle, though even what seemed like the lightest thrusts felt like he was denting the earth. He let out a groan as the slow thrusting just didn't seem to be doing it for him. He let out another sigh, and then a groan, his hot "pre" gushing out of the same hole he'd made, scalding him as he continued to thrust, the pre acting as a bit of lube. His groans of regret soon turned to horny pants as he thrusted faster and harder, rattling the little planet with great force with every thrust. Each thrust threatening to crack it into a thousand pieces but somehow holding up. Nothing really mattered at this point anymore, outside of unloading as much cum as he could. Time became truly irrelevant at this scale, what would've been weeks on earth simply a period of time as he enjoyed every moment of railing the earth relentlessly, part of the shape of his thighs imprinted on the planet itself. Satellites and such went by, which he simply ignored as he thrusted faster and faster in the earth, pre gushing out the hole. Weeks, months, years...his stamina seemed to show no end, but he was slowly growing closer and closer to climax.

It wasn't long before this eventually happened, the thunderous gurgle os his balls silenced by the infinite vacuum of space itself, but the hot cum expelled into his shaft continued. The sheer force of his load--just the first rope was enough to blow a hole clean ou the other side of the planet, leaving it cored, and bits of it flying off into space. He continued to thrust out of horniness, shooting rope after planet-sized rope of his hot cum off into space, soon to make his own Milkyway... Hundreds of thousands of ropes of hot cum spewing out his shaft, shooting harder and faster than the last...He didn't even realize consciousness beginning to slip from him, the view of the earth fading as he soon went out cold. He woke up with a sharp gasp, thinking about what'd happened but...he was home?... It could've been a dream if didn't feel so realistic...As he checked his phone, there were plenty of missed calls and messages from friends and family, but most interesting was a notification from the news app. He made his way to the kitchen as he opened the app, making a cup of coffee to pass the time of its loading as he made his way back, coffee in hand, he took a sip, looking at the headline. "Grey Canine plows a hole in planet, flooding many portions of the globe." His face immediately flushed red, spitting some of his coffee out as he felt a little..tingly...

Discord - Velvet#3150
Telegram - @CinnaDerg
Email ('Commission' for the subject) - [email protected]
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Re: Inexpensive Writing

Postby Chaos » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:06 pm

Do they have an email we can contact them at?
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Re: Inexpensive Writing

Postby sevensix » Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:19 am

Chaos wrote:Do they have an email we can contact them at?

Looks like they edited it in, but didn't reply to let you know? Odd.

Anyway, a Google search for "CinnaDerg" turns up a Twitter account described as a "former furry". I take it they've retired?
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