Open Commissions! (Urgent!)

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Open Commissions! (Urgent!)

Postby Megumipan616 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:06 pm

Hello again! I added more slots on my queue cause I need to help my family buying a new dishwasher, it just broken and we have to wash the dishes manually, that wastes a lot of hot water and we have a thermos that is used daily and we are 5 person in my house, so we need a new dishwasher and I have to buy it with my money, my mother now is now out of a job, and her paid is very low, and only with the pay of my father we cant do nothing.
So if you want a commission I'll accept almost all! (Except comics, sorry), I need to get at least $300, and now I got 90, I appreciate all the help!! :oops:
My commission chart: ... gumipan616
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