Vore Commissions avaliable (URGENT!)

Dedicated for the vore artists who have an album in this site
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-Doing this mostly to make sure we don't have hundreds of artists making new threads every time for people to wands through.

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Vore Commissions avaliable (URGENT!)

Postby NikkoKaiCutie » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:37 am

I am opened for commissions I need to get a new laptop for online classes because of the conoravirus please commission me so I can study better ^^;

Rule 1: Please read all of the rules and review the prices well. I would really like it if you were to be aware of everything so that we don't have any conflicts over this.

Rule 2: I only accept PayPal.

Rule 3: I only accept art trades from friends, or if I find that I really like your art style. No exceptions.

Rule 4: I have the right to block you if you make any rude remarks over the course of our conversation. These include unwarranted criticisms of my art without providing a fair explanation and disrespecting me.

Will Do / Won't Do

Rule 5: I have the right to refuse your idea if it involves the following:

Feet fetish (not into it), Hate art, Vomit, Suicide stuff etc. (I will let you know what urks me)


Sketch ($S 10)
Color +$7
Shading +$5
Background +$20
Lineart ($S 25)
Color +$7
Shading +$7
Background +$20
Fully Detailed Picture ($S 55)
Full price will be based on complexity
Reference Sheets ($S 75)
Colors and Shading included
(No examples yet)
Comics - (2 Pages)
Sketch - ($S 100)
Lineart - ($S 105)
Color - ($15)
Shading +$20
Background +$30
Additional Pages +5/per page


Contact me via PMs or PM me for Discord OR my friend https://aryion.com/g4/user/HisashiHinata via PM or Discord
https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... koKaiCutie
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