Story Commissions Open! $3 Vigettes, $12 stories, more!

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Story Commissions Open! $3 Vigettes, $12 stories, more!

Postby Nakeytail » Wed May 06, 2020 6:59 pm

Want to get in touch with me off-site? Join my Discord server!

YCH IS OPEN! Check the post out here!

Hey all! Like the title says, I'm here to make some chicken scratch! The links to my commissions tab and my Docs sheet are below, but I'll make sure to divulge here as well!

Below are the link to my commissions tab, and a link to my Google Docs recap of my prices and availability. It also contains whichever monthly schedule I'm currently working through:

Commissions: ... =Nakeytail

Docs: ... kqGij-jI0/

So, let's get down to business! I'm an author with preference towards furry pieces, but I'm more than open to human ones as well, with the exception of straight human preds. I'm just not as much into that, sorry! I can also do fandom stuff, however I prefer to make original pieces! I also try to stay on the smaller side of a body count per story.

While I don't want my gallery to become focused on it, I'm not afraid of disposal, or of gas/scat in general. They're perfectly fine when fitting, however disposal scenes cost $3 apiece.

I'm offering 500-word vignettes for $3 apiece, with 500 being a hard limit. Along with those, I also do stories that stay around the 1500-word range for $12. I can have two stories and up to three vignettes at any one time in my queue. I *can* do bigger stories, we can discuss pricing for that. I'm also open to trades, which can be discussed as well. These commission sizes and prices will not always stay this way, and are subject to change once I've gained traction.

"What's a Vignette?"

In this context, a vignette is a brief story - quick and easy to do, and cheap to boot!

I hope to hear from you!
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Re: Story Commissions Available! $3 Vigettes, $15 stories, m

Postby TastyAce » Fri May 15, 2020 3:56 pm

From one writer to another, welcome to the site! ^u^ I saw the story in your gallery and you're pretty talented; I'm surprised your prices are so low. Would love to do a writing trade with you if you're open to it. Have a good one!

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I take writing commissions! Check out my Will/Won't List & Prices. And check out my Patreon here:
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