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Looking for Prey Voice Actors for Giantess Vore Video Edits

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 9:17 pm
by Ty975

If most of you aren't aware, I've been spending some of my free time in quarantine editing old GTS vore videos to feature dynamic sound design and internal POV from mouth to stomach. Check out my PH page for the edits I've released:

For my next video, I'm super excited but a little stumped in my ambition. Ya see, a friend of mine asked me if I'd ever consider dubbing in voices for the tiny prey pov. Seems like the natural progression after doing the dialogue heavy Yui Chan clip, so I'm giving it a shot. Problem is, most POV videos only feature the model in question talking at the camera (YOU). I get why this is done, so viewers can place themselves in the experience. Still, for me it always felt like an odd disconnect with the giantess speaking without any response on the prey's part.

Anyway, the idea right now is to have two scripts to be read by a male and/or female voice actor(s). Each script is distinguished by the prey being either willing or unwilling. I wanted to try going for some variety with the final product for those with certain prey preferences as well as experiment to see how both approaches could be implemented in the same clip. The video itself is done, featuring the lovely Nikki N*xt with internals graciously provided by MouthyMal and Leucanthemum over on twitter!

If you or someone you know might be interested, please send me private message and ideally some samples of your voice/past voice work. More details will be provided in private.

Really excited about this one guys! You won't be disappointed :D