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Commissions Guide

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2022 2:47 am
by UncleRippu
Please Read The Entire Post Before DMing Me

Commissions Open, but I am not posting here anymore.

Will Do/Won't Do
Will Do:
-Male pred + Shota pred
-Ambiguous pred
-Any species
-Any fetish (exlcuding the ones in my 'won't do' category)
-Canon characters
-Original characters (note: please provide art of any OCs)
-Vanilla smut/Non-vore
-Safe Vore

Won't Do (This list is subject to additions)
-Female pred
-Bodily Fetishes (ie: piss, scat, gas)
-Non-oral Vore (ie: breast vore, anal vore, unbirth, and cock vore. this does not include things like soul vore, tail vore, or absorption)
-Feral prey
-Pregnancy (pregnant prey/pred)
-Any 'Hyper' stuff

Pricing is 5 dollars per page. I'm also putting up a nine page limit so I don't overwork myself.
I accept payment through paypal,
You will pay me first before I show you the finished fic.

Email me at [email protected], PM me on Eka's, DM me on Discord at UncleRippu#9974 (send friend request so discord doesn't prevent me from replying after a few hours), or PM on my nsfw tumblr (unclerippuindulgence). I no longer post to Eka's for personal reasons, and only use this site to gather commissions and RP requests. If you want to you can post your commission to your account, just credit me.