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Dedicated for the vore artists who have an album in this site
Forum rules
1a. Each artist should only have one thread for an open offer that has no deadline, and one project offers thread. Every commission / stream opening and closing, New publish for purchase, etc, should just be added to the commission thread.

1b. Likewise. Any other deadline orientated project (for example YCH) please just add to your project thread.

-Doing this mostly to make sure we don't have hundreds of artists making new threads every time for people to wands through.

2. Thread bumping is once a week! That means if you just want to add visibility to your thread, please don't bump it more than once a week.

3. Please link to your commission tab, like one of those here

4. If you are hiring someone, use our forum for hiring viewforum.php?f=99

Commissions Guide

Postby UncleRippu » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:22 pm

Please Read The Entire Post Before PMing Me

Commissions Closed Indefinitely

Don't ask for fics outside of these fandoms if you're asking for a fandom fic
-Danganronpa (mainly V3, i haven't played the other games and ive just seen like a vid or two)
-Yokai Watch
-Kid Icarus Uprising
-Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Parts 3-5, havent seen/read any other parts.)
-Probably other fandoms, idk just ask in your PM

Feel free to ask if you want to use one of my characters in a vorefic with like an OC of yours, but please read their status as a pred and/or prey.

Please read my F-list before asking if I'm into this or that, if you still have a question on what you want in your fic just ask in your commission request.

Will Do/Won't Do
Will Do:
-Same Size
-M/F, M/M
-Shota pred
-Safe Vore
-Tail Vore
-Soul Vore
If you have a kink or some other thing you like in vore, ask in your PM. This is just the basics.

Won't Do
-Fempred (as in female pred, obvs)
-Underage prey
-Anal Vore/Cock Vore
-Feral prey
-Avian pred
-Pregnant Prey

Pricing is 5 dollars per 1000 words
I charge an extra 5 dollar fee for anything listed in the 'maybe' tab of my F-list.
I accept payment through paypal, I'll give you the email linked to my paypal in the PM you send

Contact me through PMs, I had an email but I had to close it as a form of contact because of spam

That's about it, I'm new to commissions and I'm hoping people buy a commission

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