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Writing commissions available! Accepting trades as well!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:52 am
by ElyBlanche
Heya! It's ElyBlanche here, new to the art scene and looking for some interested individuals looking to have a story written for them by me! I would like to think that I'm a fairly good writer. While I am still new and don't have a lot of work to show, I'm looking to grow my gallery with commissioned works.

Currently my pricing is about $15-20 per 1000 words, but I'm open to negotiate.
The story you desire can have just about any kink you wish. I'm not too picky, though I'm iffy on underage characters. I'm open to writing about any fandoms you want.

Additionally, I'm open to doing art trades with other creators out there.

If you're interested, find my in my PMs and we can discuss!

My Gallery: