AlexBrymm - Offering High-Quality Writing Commissions!

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AlexBrymm - Offering High-Quality Writing Commissions!

Postby AlexBrymm » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:09 pm

Hello! I'm an experienced hobbyist writer, hoping to break into commissions and freelance work. While I'll still be posting things on this account that I've written for myself, I'm also hoping to do more commissioned work for other people.

Will: Generally be up for most things, with my usual wheelhouse being soft vore, with or without digestion, unbirth, and a few others. If you aren't sure if I'd be comfortable in writing a kink, you can always feel free to ask!
Won't: No underage stuff. Additionally, there may be an increase in pricing if it's a kink that I'm very unfamiliar with, to account for the extra time and effort needed to learn to write quality content in a new style.

Pricing goes as follows:
NSFW/fetish content: $0.04 USD per word, rounded to the nearest hundred. I'm interested in writing all sorts of things, not just vore. So, if you want something but you're not sure I'd be comfortable with it, just send me a message and ask!
SFW content: $0.03 USD per word, rounded to the nearest hundred. I write this too! I'm happy to write any interesting ideas that you want to see: If you're not sure about something, once again just ask!

All this information, along with a few examples of my work, can be found on my commission page over here! ... =AlexBrymm

Thanks so much for your interest, and let me know right away if you have any feedback. Have an awesome day!
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