Reopening Commissions!

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Reopening Commissions!

Postby CardinalExeroth » Mon Aug 23, 2021 11:04 pm

I’m happy to announce I will once again be accepting requests for commissions! Please see my rules and pricing below if you are interested.

Price: $20 USD every 1,000 words, minimum 1,000 words per story
In order for me to justify the time it takes for me to work on commissions alongside my work and personal life; I have decided to raise my prices to both better help motivate me to work on them as a secondary source of income, and also to better reflect my blooming skills as a writer. Any of the stories I have posted here that have been commissioned are labeled accordingly, so please give any of them a read if you would like an example of the effort and technical skill I have in crafting them. I am very thorough when editing and will work to maintain a constant stream of communication in order to provide the best possible story I can with your direction.
I will never abandon a project which I have been paid to complete.

Do’s: The fetishes and scenarios I am willing to write for. Please read carefully, and feel free to ask if yours is not listed in either category.
Vore, *Female Predators, any gender of prey, Fatal Vore, Willing, Unaware, Foot Fetish, Crush, Hard and Soft Vore, Gore and Blood, Rape, Underage Predators/Prey, Furry Predators/Prey, Human Predators/Prey, Shrinking, Growth, Giantess, Micro prey, Feral Predators/Prey, Tentacles, Soul Vore, Absorption, Foot Vore, Nasal Vore, any (relevantly larger) size of predator, Clones.

Don’ts: Fetishes and scenarios I will not under any circumstances write for. Please read carefully and do not ask for any of these or your request will be ignored.
*Male Predators, Unwilling Predator, Same Size Vore (significantly larger preds are okay,) Big Belly, Gentle Giantess, Reluctant Predator, Non-Fatal Vore (reformation is okay so long as it ends in fatality.)

As stated before if you do not see what you would like in either of the Do’s or Don’ts feel free to inquire either with a comment on this blog or in a private message sent to me. I will update this post as necessary to reflect any changes to them.

Here are some examples of Commissions I have completed:

Ahri Makes it Big! (Growth, Fatal, Hard)

The Predatory Vegan (Unaware, Fatal, Scat)

Sophie’s Inside Story (Underage Prey, Non-Fatal, Scat)

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Feedback helps artists like me grow! Leave a comment today~
-Cardinal Walker
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