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SaintHeartwing's Writing Patreon

Postby saintheartwing » Wed Aug 25, 2021 6:17 pm

Hello there, Eka's! Thought I would advertise my Patreon here. If you don't want a normal writing commission from me at 10 dollars per thousand words, you can subscribe to my Patreon!

I'm on Patreon to try and further advertising my writing abilities, and I want to thank those who've enjoyed my work so much before. I hope to be able to create more with your help. I only have a few rules for those making pledges.I don't mind doing fan work, or original work, or writing erotica. I don't mind any of that. But for erotica, I won't really do anything that has to do with child characters in sexual situations because of the site's uploading policies and I have rules against heavy scat, vomiting, underage stuff, castration and necrophilia. But those rules aren't as applicable if you subscribe to the "Rulebreaker" option.

For a buck a month, you can support me via a "tip jar" if you just wanna be nice. For a ten dollar monthly pledge, well, those who pledge this get a story that's up to 2000 words! Those who pledge 20 dollars get a story up to 3000 words! Those who pledge 25 a month on my Patreon can get a story up to the 5000-6000 word range! And 40 dollars covers my "rulebreaker" pledges though at the moment they're sold out.
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