Trade Request and Writing Commissions Open!

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Trade Request and Writing Commissions Open!

Postby TheHungrySpeedrunner » Mon Jun 27, 2022 4:19 pm

Hi, I’m the Hungry Speedrunner. Below is a trade idea and the opening of my commissions.

I have a trade idea that I think would be really awesome. I’m not an artist but can be a decent writer. Therefore, I am looking for artists who would draw something while I write a story that they request. In particular, I’m looking for artists who do internals and wouldn’t mind drawing graphic digestion. I will write stories as long as you want, or as many stories as you want, depending on the valuation of your drawing. The art would most likely involve my OC John and I’ll give further details when you DM me (Here would be fine for DM)

For commissions and requests-
You can make requests, just DM me and look at my main profile description to see what kind of vore I am into. I may not get to all requests due to time constraints and all that but look forward to see what the community likes! Unfortunately I’m bad at drawing but decent at writing stories lol so that’s my medium of choice.

Will Do / Won't Do
Will do:
- super fast digestion (obv)
- male or female pred/prey
- same size, multiple prey, oral vore
- graphic digestion
- scat and gas
- likely anything not under “won’t do”

Won’t do:
- giant/giantess or shrinking
- exclusively non oral vore
- vore where digestion has to be very slow
-vore with full animals (IE animals with no human qualities)

Message me if I didn’t list something and I’ll let u know if I’ll do it!

To contact me just direct message me on here lol!

Commissions page: ... peedrunner (not all details are accurate, just use this post lol)
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