Original comics and new releases!

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Original comics and new releases!

Postby LadyDrasami » Wed Jun 29, 2022 7:12 am

Hello! :)

I'm Lady Drasami, you probably know me from some comics around the page like "After Party, Hallways of Rizzo, Drasami just wanna have fun!" or my collaboration in Groblek's stories like "Slimegirl shenanigans", "Carnivorous Plantgirls" and the "Succubus" series; I have been drawing vore since about 7 or 8 years now and I couldn't be more grateful with this community and specially this page. I used to do a lot of comic commissions in the past but currently I'm dedicating my efforts to my Patreon page (with exclusive comics and fanart content) and my own Original comic series, being among them, "Hyena project", "Electric Dreams" and some new ones that are gonna be published the next few months ("Across the dimensions", "Something's wrong with Yani" and "Lemon Fizz").-

The most recent comic I have published is the Volume 2 of my "Electric Dreams" comic, called "Yuu.exe requires a Firewall exception", following the fate Yuu after she got "churned" by Drasami in an atempt to grab Zeta for herself; but now comes the time for her revenge and will do anything in her power to defeat Drasami and finally be Zeta's new mate.-

You can check out the Volume 2 here: https://ladydrasami.gumroad.com/l/eooce
And the Volume 1 here: https://ladydrasami.gumroad.com/l/GpHDQ

My Gumroad page for all my other comics: https://ladydrasami.gumroad.com/
And Payhip: https://payhip.com/LadyDrasami

My intention is to make a established lore or "universe" where my comics can coexist and be part of my characters own life; maybe I'm a bit ambicious but with the help of my mate, Zetarique, we plan to do this for many more decades, vore is so exciting as a concept and fetish, and I want to explore all the possibilities :9

Many thanks for your time!
I hope you enjoy my comics and artwork!


*Sry for my broken english, it isn't my native hehe ^^;
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