Barbilou's Commissions, YCHs and Adopts (OPEN)

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Barbilou's Commissions, YCHs and Adopts (OPEN)

Postby barbilowl » Tue Jul 19, 2022 2:51 pm

Hello! As you can see from the title, I have commissions open (for both vore and non-vore/SFW stuff)! I'll also post links to my YCH/Adopt auctions here to keep everything in one place c:

Will Do:
- Any gender pred
- Any gender prey
- Furry/Anthro
- Human/Humanoid
- Canon characters
- OCs
- Soft Vore
- Willing/Unwilling Vore
- Implied Digestion
- Weight Gain
- Breast/Butt Expansion

Won't Do:
- NSFW/Vore art involving underage characters
- Hard vore (and gore in general)
- Scat/Watersports/Vomit
- Rape/Non-con sex
- Babyfur/diapers

If something is not on this list, just ask me through DMs!

Now, the prices are as follow:

Icon/Bustshot: 3 USD
Halfbody: 4 USD
Fullbody: 5 USD

Flat Color
Icon/Bustshot: 5 USD
Halfbody: 7 USD
Fullbody: 15 USD

Icon: 10 USD
Halfbody: 15 USD
Fullbody: 30 USD

Examples of my art:

If you want examples of my vore art, check my eka gallery! I do my best to post often there:

Also, do note the prices are per character! I'm up to negotiating if needed though ^^

I also have some adopts for sale and auction, you can see the fixed price ones here:

And the ones in auctions here:

You can also check my YCHs on the same link as above c:

If interested, please DM me either through here or Discord (Barbilou#7582). I'm always quicker at responding in Discord though!

Hope to work with you soon <3
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Re: Barbilou's Commissions, YCHs and Adopts (OPEN)

Postby barbilowl » Thu Jul 21, 2022 7:38 pm

Posted a new auction for sticker commissions! SB (5 USD) includes 5 stickers!
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