New Commission Slots (CLOSED CURRENTLY!)

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New Commission Slots (CLOSED CURRENTLY!)

Postby TheCreeper » Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:34 pm

Hi there

I've been writing fan fictions, role plays and other writable content for many years and one thing you should know about me is I write A LOT. I write lengthy, detailed, highly descriptive and verbose stories surrounding vore and other fetishes. My specialty is writing about canons such as popular media like anime, cartoons, comics, video games, movies, TV shows etc. The more familiar I am with the material, the more accurate I can be to the characters, world, personalities etc. I can adapt/read up on new material I am not familiar with or rusty on for small fees though. Of course, if you want OC's used/created or your own chars involved that is absolutely fine as well and can be worked into stories as well.

Now, just because I am familiar with one show DOES NOT MEAN I know every single character in that show. If there's someone specific you want a story about and I have not seen that far to that character or that point, I can still look up/read up on that specific material or character for small fees if that is required. Feel free to ask any and all questions if your unclear or unsure on anything. Here are the main/primary media titles I am familiar with and willing to write stories about: ... sp=sharing

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do: Pretty much anything that isn't listed in the won't do section. The favorite ones are not mandatory, they just happen to be ones I really like. It doesn't mean I will only do these ones.

Favorites: Humans, Anime, Legs (boy or girls' drive me NUTS ^^), Wedgies, Tickling, Teens, Kidnapping, Bare feet, Groping, Fan Characters, Taunting/Teasing, Underwear, Prey getting stuck somewhere then licked/teased by Pred, Talking within the belly, Prey denying that they taste good or saying they taste lousy, Having prey unknowingly stick their heads into open maws, Preparing prey like roast pigs (with toppings, sauces, apple in mouth etc), Monster/creature preds.

Won't do: Extreme gore, castration, Rape, hypersized breasts/cocks etc, any kind of sex with a corpse or bones, unbirthing.

Maybe (with small fees): Sex ($5), Blood ($5), Underage prey ($30), Cock vore ($10), Anal vore ($10), Scat ($10), Researching character I am unfamiliar with ($5), Researching a whole new media/show/game I am unfamiliar with ($10)*

*Bare in mind shows with obscenely long episodes like all Pokemon series or every single episode of One Piece are not feasible for me to be 100% caught up on.


10 for 1K words. Not against adding on additional pages than originally ordered for small fees and will gladly talk to you about that. I require payment up front, through Paypal. If using other pay services please inquire and we will talk about what we can set up.


PM for questions, commission ideas, pay e-mail address.
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