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FanStories and RP logs. post yours here!

Postby Potato » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:40 pm

This topic is dedicated to all of those amazing fanstories and rp logs out there for this server, Feel free to make up some aswell!
I wanna see your pervy non canon stories with fishes gulping down dragons and buying slaves. anything you can think off
Rule 1. just make sure they are related to the server, or the chars of the Minecraft server.

Rule 2. Put all your stories in a code format, so its easier to read, and scroll trough other ppl's posts, thanks :)


Code: Select all
--Vore Auction--

This world, is one where many species live, a world in which it is not uncommon for one to be devoured by another, for such is how life is. Luckily though, digestion nor death never seem to be as permanent as they would be in real life; your body and soul merely reform, back in the central town. Despite this, being digested is not something pleasant, the acids generally burn, and many of those who have been eaten experience discomfort for at least a day, after their reformation.

One evening, a figure swam through a lake, towards a big building, where many were gathering. They went to the short and climbed onto the land with much effort, pulling theirselves forth through the grass and onto the pavement of the street. They did not seem to have legs, but instead, a fish-like tail, its amethyst scales glistering in the soft light of the streetlanterns. The rest of the body was hidden by a black and purple coat, with golden trimmings. That is, all of her upper body, except for her head. Long silver hair clung to her shoulders and heavy coat, framing her soft, yet determined face. Her chestnut colored eyes studying the writing in front of her. "Auction hall.." she mumbled, then looked towards the building, before dragging herself over.

As she entered the building, a man walked up to her, reaching for her coat. She politely nodded and took it off, revealing that underneath, all she was wearing was a top that covered her breasts, as well as a kind of skirt, held up by a belt, to cover her privates. Her stomach was fully exposed though, neither too thin, nor too fat, but nicely flat. She blushed slightly, as she felt the eyes of some of the men in the room look her up and down. being stared at made her very uncomfortable; thus she quickly made her way into the hall, finding herself a seat.

The hall was not too big, and was thus crowded with people, many of them were excited at the prospect of the place; This was an auction for people, as either food or slaves; Thus many came, having made sure they were hungry, and carrying plenty money with them. The Mermaid however, had her own reasons for being there; There was a rumor that a dear friend of her would be auctioned off there, as food. And she did not want to let that happen to her. She reached out for her bidding paddle, picking it up. It was labeled with a number "3", This was used so that people could easily bid without having to raise their voices too much. She ran a webbed hand up and down the paddle nervously as she waited for the event to start.

Minutes seemed like hours as she waited, shifting a bit in her seat as she saw various familiar faces. Most of them being the type that ate others.. in fact, it didn't seem like there was anyone in the hall that had never eaten anyone else, The mermaid herself included. She thought back a bit of that moment, that time hunger took over completely, putting her in a trance, that time, she had sdone something near impossible, she had swallowed a-. "Oh, look, It's the dragon eater." A foreign accent spoke, interrupting the Mermaid's thoughts. She glanced to her side and saw a short, chubby young woman, who was wearing a light golden dress, her purple eyes partially covered by her long brown hair, a small Gold and Diamond tiara in her hair. The mermaid recognized the woman as having been called 'Duchess' before, which would suggest she held a status within Nobility. "... My name is Reff.." the mermaid spoke softly, "Not.. dragon eater.." The Duchess let out a soft laugh. "So that is your name, is it? I much prefer Dragon-Eater though, seeing as what you did the other day." She waved her own Paddle cheerily. It was labeled with a number "5".

Reff swallowed a bit and looked away, ashamed. She was always attempting to not eat people, and was certainly not proud of her achievement; rather, she still felt a pain of guilt in the pit of her stomach as she thought about it, no matter how amazing said dragon tasted. "I.. Don't want to talk about it.. alright..?" The Duchess laughed again, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "Ah, but dear, you should be proud of yourself! It is a feat I have yet to achieve!" she paused, ".. I bet dragon tastes amazing." -"Well.. maybe they have some up for auction." Reff replied, trying to cut the conversation short. Yet the Duchess continued. "Ah, I would like that very much, I suppose one can always hope!" She licked her lips in anticipation. "My name is Deanne, by the way." she added. "So tell me.. what do you like to eat the mo-"

Deanne was interrupted, thank the gods, by the Auction Master, who had gotten on the wooden stage with a microphone. He spoke into it, welcoming everyone to the auction. "Welcome! Welcome! I see we have many people gathered here this evening! And you're all in luck, because with great demand, comes great supply! We have plenty to go around, so dont be shy, and bid on whoever you like! Just don't forget about the rules! Food must be eaten, if you want a slave, you have to pay for a slave! Furthermore, if you cannot pay for your bid, you belong to the auction house, and therefore, to me! Lastly, if no-one bids on someone, they will also belong to me, so remember, if you see anything you like, make sure to place your bid!

Reff bit her lip and nodded a bit, looking towards the stage. At least the Duchess was no longer talking to her. Everyone seemed to be focussed on the cages on the stage, in which people could be seen. The mer scanned over the various cages quickly, trying to locate her friend, letting out a sigh of relief as she did not see her at all. Perhaps it had been a lie, after all. She reached to get up, when suddenly, an imposing figure entered got on stage.

A huge female minotaur walked up towards the auction master, whispering to him. Reff knew this one, she was known as Perina, one of the more well known predators of the area, her gluttony unmatched throughout the land. Curiosity got the better of the mer, who decided to stay instead of leave, wondering what Perina was planning on; surely she did not mean to sell herself as food? her question was soon answered as Perina tugged on a rope, dragging a much smaller figure onto the stage; This was a small girl, with red hair, and two long, bunny ears sticking out of her head. Reff felt her heart sink; it was Void! Her dear friend had ended up in the auction regardless!

The Auction Master smiled broadly and opened his arms. "It looks like we're starting... lets sell this cute little... I guess its a bunny girl?" He tugged on the rope and smirked. "Look at her delicious fragile limbs, isnt she cute? She's on sale as food today.. so therefore.. bids start at $1!"

Reff raised her paddle so fast, she smacked the person next to her in the face by accident. "I.. I'll have the first bid!" she called out, her voice cracking nervously; A few people glanced at her, some of them even stifling their laughter. To them, she seemed like nothing more than an eager, hungry pred, ready to devour a quick meal. Other people murmered a bit, Many thinking the bunny was too little to be of any value as a meal, except for Deanne, who already raised her Paddle in response to Reff. "I bid $3" She spoke.

Reff shot Deanne an angry glare, almost growling softly. "Void.. is mine.." She raised her paddle again and called out "$5! I bid $5!"
Deanne seemed to be taken aback by the mermaid's outburst, not raising her paddle in response, almost out of fear. She spoke in return. ".. I am not going up against the Dragon-eater." The auction master looked around, not noticing any other bids being made, he counted out. "$5, going once.. going... twice... and... Sold!" He smiled broadly."5$ for such a puny snack! thats an impressive price!"

Reff got up and went to the stage, paying the money and reaching for Void, taking her in an embrace. Void was as white as a sheet, trembling as she leaned into the mermaid, clearly afraid. "shh.. I'm here.." Reff would reply, "come.. I 'll get you out of here..." She smiled and began to leave, but then noticed someone else in another cage.

It was a small Neko, could not have been past their childhood yet, and they, too, looked afraid. Reff sighed, feeling her emotions getting the better of her, and sitting back down, much to Void's surprise. "R-reff..?" She began, but the mer shushed her ".. we can't leave yet.. that poor thing.. We need to get her out too.." She grabbed her paddle and waited for the bidding on the neko to begin.

It took a while for the bidding to get to the young neko, various people winning the bids placed on most of the prey and the slaves. Some of them not even being bid on.. those who werent even bid on, usally ended up becoming the food for the Auction Master, who seemed all to pleased with that outcome himself. Reff couldn't help but stare intensely, as she held Void in her grip tightly, every time someone got swallowed. She was so afraid of her friend becoming someone's meal, that she just had to make sure she was still there. "T-thanks for getting me out of that..." Void spoke softly, in which Reff gave her a warm smile as a response.

The Duchess won two auctions over time, and ended up with  huge, bloated gut, which she rubbed in delight. Reff could not understand how someone could be so happy about hurting others.. in such a horrific way. She felt guilty and ashamed, listening to the gurgles and struggles happening not even two seats away from her; if only she could help everyone..

The bidding for the neko began shortly after the Duchess' second meal, Most of the preds, by this point, were full and some had even entered a food coma, drooling as they slept in their chairs; Good, less competetion. The auctionmaster spoke up. "And now, for the final slave of the night.. we have.. This neko! Look at her cute little face! THis one would be the perfect pet for you, if you like cute stuff!" He paused, smiling broadly. "300$ minimum bid for this ridiculously cute cat"

Reff looked around, everyone seemed to be either asleep, or too distracted to place a bid, so she raised her Paddle. ".. Um.. $300.." She spoke, just loud enough to be heard over the snores of the person next to her. "I hear $300! 300 for the Mer with the purple scales! Do I hear anything more than 300?!" He waited, for what seemed like an eternity, then began his count down. "Alright.. Going.. once. Going..... Twice..... aaaaaaand SOLD for 300!" He got off the stage and pulled the neko with him, walking to where Reff was seated. "Here you go ma'am, a lovely lit-" His eyes fell onto Void, and his smile vanished, replaced by an angrly scowl. ".. What is this? Miss, what are you doing with that food?"

Reff stammered, she had forgotten about the rule; food had to be eaten, not kept, as slaves were more expensive than food. The Auction Master continued; "You have bought her as food, therefore, you are FORCED to eat her. If you wanted a slave, you would have had to pay MORE than $5!"
The mer squirmed a bit in her seat, getting uncomfortable, and eyeing the exit, which was, unfortunately, past the Auction Master. "Either you pay me the difference, or you eat her, right now..." he cracked his knuckles.
Reff swallowed a bit, trying to speak up, her heart pounding in her throat. "H-how much.. is the difference..?" She tried her best to shield Void at this point, not wanting anyone to get near her. The Auction Master spoke up. "that would be... 500 for the slave contract... 300 for my patience and another 300 for the time you" She froze, she could not possibly have enough money, she barely had enough to cover for the neko, so she gave what she had to the man, who angrily looked at her. "Nice try, but with this neko included, you still owe me $900!" He motioned for his bullies to come over and raised his cane, slamming it down towards Reff when suddenly, he was yanked back, towards the ground.

On the ground, the minotaur, Perina, had crawled up, and was in the process of pulling away the Auction Master. Reff stared in disbelief, did Perina just save them? The minotaur licked her lips and began to shove the man inside, clearly, this was not an attempted rescue, but more of a happy coincidence for Reff and Void. She set the bunny down and motioned for her to head for the exit. As Void ran, Reff reached to grab the neko and pulled her along, doing her best to slip and slide after the Bunny and keep up.

"The bullies reached to help the Auction Master, but he growled out in annoyance. "Don't worry about me, retrieve the merchandise, or get her to eat that damn thing!" he yelled at them, as he struggled against the Minotaur's strong grasp. Reff stared back at the bullies as they gave chase; She wasnt fast enough on land, she HAD to get to the water to make sure they could flee. At least Void could help out, pulling on the mer's arm to help her advance to the water. Just a few more yards and they were in the clear.. just a bit further...

Suddenly, two rough hands closed around her chest, gripping her with near crushing force as she yelled out; The man who had grabbed her was not human, appearing more demonic in form, he held her tightly, growling a bit. "No escaping without  proper payment, you silly fi- AAAGH!" he yelled out, jumping away and dropping the mer;  the neko had scratched at his legs all of a sudden, causing him to flinch.

Reff hit the ground hard, but managed to recover in time to slip into the water, pulling both the cat and the bunny with her, she began to swim at high speed, down the lake, into a river, stopping every once in a while to make sure the both of them could get some air. She kept going and going until finally, reaching a riverbank, far from the auction hall. There was no way anyone could have followed them there. She put the two of them on the shore and then rests her arms and head in the soft grass, leaving her fish half in the water as she pants loudly. "haah.. haah... w-we made it.." The neko and Void both seemed relieved as well, though maybe they were moreso so because being dragged through water for several miles was no fun at all. The Mer caught her breath and smiled a bit at them "there.. now.. we can finally rel-" her face paled as she stared at something behind her friends. "H- how..."

The demon was there, dropping her coat to the ground. He must have used it to lock on to their position and track them down more easily. He grunted and picked up Void by her shirt, glaring down at Reff, who in turn climbed out of the water and began to angrily speak. "Hey! Let her go, I paid for her and she is mi-oomph!" She was interrupted as the demon suddenly pluged the bunny headfirst into her mouth. Reff tried to squirm and move back, tears in her eyes, but the demon reached over and grabbed her by her hair, holding her in place as he began to push the bunny into the mer's mouth more and more, causing her to swallow inadvertedly. Void's head soon went down Reff's throat, slipping down more and more as the Mer uncontrollably swallowed her own friend, crying softly all the while. "hmmppfff nnnh... nhh..." Despite all the combined protests of both girls, the demon still managed to push the poor bunny down Reff's throat, after which he held his rough hand on the Mer's mouth, making sure the small, wiggling figure ended up in her stomach.

Reff swallowed one final time, feeling her friend settle in her stomach, she put her fingers to the squirming gut tenderly, trembling as she felt Void's shape inside her. "N.. no..." she spoke softly. "V.. void.. I.. w.. why.." tears stained her face as she looked at the demon, who was by now walking away, a smirk on his face. "Another happy customer." he hummed, then vanished, leaving a full Mermaid and a small kitten behind in the cold.. cold night...
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Re: FanStories and RP logs. post yours here!

Postby Reff » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:52 pm

... ^that^ Story by me~
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Re: FanStories and RP logs. post yours here!

Postby dst3313 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:27 am

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Re: FanStories and RP logs. post yours here!

Postby sn0riat » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:15 am

Snoriats first day at vorecraft 'rp-ified'

Code: Select all
Vorecraft Diaries - Arrival

The cold rain was slashing against him, soaking his clothes. The wind was blowing with so much force that he had trouble to breathe.
Yet he somehow managed to cling to his steering wheel. Massive grey almost black clouds surrounded his fragile looking little Airship. It seemed 
unnatural that the large balloon which was connected to the wooden galleon with thick ropes, was able to withstand the winds that tugged on it roughly.
The storm had come out of nowhere, it was unlike anything he had seen before although it was not the first time that Snoriat was forced to fly at
such heights due to his past as a smuggler.
He squinted his eyes to see through his steamed up glasses, glancing anxiously towards the trapdoor which led to his cargo compartment.
His usually elegant clothing which was now nothing but a soaked mess gave a slight idea of the many riches he had stored in there. The cracking
and banging that was caused by the storage crates which were tumbling about only added to his worries now. At least most of the stuff was rather sturdy.
A sharp crashing sound reminded him that not everything was though. Lightning flashed up in the storm clouds around him and the loud thunder made his ears
ring. No end of the storm was in sight and it seemed like it was just getting started. He prayed that his ship was able to withstand it and cursed his own
fate that had forced him to flee his homeland. He hadn't kept track of the route he took since the only directive he followed was to get away as far as
possible. No known country would have accepted a refugee who had commited such a seemingly heinous sacrilege.
Suddenly all noises around him were muted and the forces which were tugging on the ship had completely disappeared. He needed a moment to realise what was going on,
was it just his imagination? Or did he become completely insane now due to the mysterious thing he had sealed within his body? He let go of the steering wheel
and looked around. He was still at the same spot, deep inside the storm but it seemed like time itself had stopped.
He waved his hand around, slashing through the raindrops that had been halted midair. At least they were still wet, so one thing was still normal.
Did the gods listen to his prayers?
Very unlikely... they never did. A very low buzzing sound sneaked into his ear, it filled him with unease. Where did it come from in the midst of the silence?
He walked towards the ship's forecastle since the sound seemed to come from the front but he couldn't see anything except the thick massive stormclouds. The buzzing sound
slowly turned into a high pitched single tone which increased in volume, it reminded him of a teapot whistle. He never liked tea, so that was definitely not a good sign
for him. He rushed towards his steering wheel, although he would have prefered to hide in his cabin, but for some reason his fearful mind thought that he was
still able to steer the ship away from whatever was going to happen.
The space around him seemed to ripple, the original sounds of the storm slowly started to add to the high pitched tone but it seemed like they were coming
from a great distance now. The awkward sounds were distorted. He started to feel sick, dizzy even.
He grabbed his steering wheel with one hand and hastily took his belt off with the other before he bound himself to the steering wheel.
This time he would be prepared for whatever was about to happen.
An ear-battering thunder could be heard the moment he was done bounding himself. A strong force seemed to grab the entire ship and pulled it with incredible speed forward.
He yelped and clinged desperately to his steering wheel while the wind in combination with the sudden acceleration hit him so hard, that he was
afraid to get his arms ripped out. He quickly passed out due to the sheer force that was tugging on his body.
He was awakened by cracking sounds, he opened his eyes just to be greeted by another splash of cold rain. He was still in the middle of a storm. It took him a moment to
recollect himself. His legs were shaky but the adrenaline didn't allow him to stagger any longer. It seemed like the storm had gotten even worse.
The winds that were hitting the balloon were so strong now that the ropes made squeaking sounds. He couldn't simply lose height to get out of it,
if he were to release air from the balloon, it would lose its round shape and give the winds more surface to work with. He had to put additional ropes on the balloon.
He rushed towards the forecastle again where he had stored a bunch of ropes. One by one, he started to support the already existing ropes with additional ones. It was a pain due to the forces
that kept shaking the boat as well as the winds who made it hard to climb up to connect the ropes to the balloon but nevertheless he managed to support four ropes.
As he went to the fifth he heard a loud snapping sound coming from the sixth rope. The ship tilted immediately, loud crashing and rumbling sounds could be heard coming from his storage room.
He lost his footing and slided over the wet deck with rapid speed. "No!" he shouted and tried to cling to something but there was nothing in reach.
It couldn't end like this! He knew that he would die sooner or later thanks to the thing inside of him but he had wished for at least a little bit of peace and happiness before the end,
but some people probably were just doomed. His life rushed past his inner eye as he saw his ship slowly getting smaller above him. He also spotted some kind of shadow in the dark storm clouds that
seemed to be approaching with incredible speed, but it probably was just another awkward weather phenomenon. He closed his eyes, at least he had managed to do something good
before the end. He placed a hand on his chest, where he had sealed the artifact before a bone shattering impact made him pass out.
He didn't know how many hours had passed as he woke up again. Was he dead? A strong fishy smell found its way into his nose."Ugh...d-disgusting..." He mumbled, his entire body was hurting. It felt
like some of his ribs had snapped. The pain drove tears in his eyes. Was he... in hell? Dimly lit darkness surrounded him, he was freezing and the cold hard stone floor seemed to dig into his back. Water
droplets fell on top of him, he was in some kind of cave. The pain felt real, if this was hell he had expected a more original way to be tortured than pain. He sighed and sat up, shivering slightly from the cold.
His eyes slowly grew accustomed to the darkness and he could finally see the shape of his surroundings. He froze as the contours of a huge humanoid shape with wings and a tail was a few meters away from him.
It slowly turned its head towards him, pitch black hard scales seemed to cover it: "Mornin'!" Green yellowish cat like eyes fixated him. "D-demon!"
he muttered. "Yes we have demons here!" it wagged its long, finned tail.
It seemed to be a female, considering the voice and the large assets she had on her chest. He blushed slightly as he realised that she was naked and
immediately felt awkward due to that, how could he be attracted to some kind of demon like that?
"Whalecum!" she said, her strange pronounciation of welcome confused him. "Do you like magic?" She asked him enthusiastically, her eyes sparkled
with excitement. "M-magic?" This strange creature didn't give him a moment to order his thoughts, the entire situation seemed quite surreal to him: "Sure, I like magic uh... if it's used for good
things." She flapped her wings happily: "Great! I'll tell you a magic trick! Say 'slash vo prey'". "h-huh? what kind of dumb spell is that?" he asked.
The female being drooped her ears, or fins, or whatever it was that she had on her head, slightly disappointed: "Just do it silly, it's fun!"
He raised an eyebrow "Fun?" Since he had no idea where he was, it was probably a good idea to make friends. So he couldn't possibly let her down. Fortunately she
seemed rather simple minded as well: "Sure! I like fun! Let's have fun together sometimes!" He tried to seem as likeable as possible towards her and showed
his best smile, despite the odd aura she gave off. She didn't react towards the smile or his words at all, it rather seemed like she was just waiting
for him to say this odd thing. "Here we go then! Slash vo prey!" he shouted, as loud as possible, it felt like everyone on the world could hear it.
The nightfury sighed frustrated: "No, no... you did it wrong, you made a short pause before saying it. You have to say it immediately, without the little pause in front of it."
"Oh...S-sorry about that!" He mumbled, confused why the pause mattered. He said it again:'Slash vo prey' but his lips moved without making a sound. "Huh? Did i do it correctly?"
The odd lady spread her large black wings and licked over her lips: "Yes... just like that." He was confused by her reaction: "Great! And what does it do...mmmph!"
The dragon lady was fast, so fast, his mind could barely understand what was happening. In one swift movement she had rushed forward her large body had pinned him down with ease. She opened her
mouth widely and engulfed his head. Warm humid darkness surrounded his head. He screamed and flailed but her long squishy tongue washed over his face, smothering his shouts. Her hands
grabbed his body firmly he could feel their hard scales through the fabric of his red shirt. What was she doing? What was going on? He then remembered the fairy tales about
dragons and how they devoured people in one piece. "Nooo! Let me go!" he kicked weakly against her, but his kicks simply bounced off of her scales. Her fishy breath made him
feel sick. Saliva lubed his head up, soaking through his hair: "eeeew... disgusting...". The dragonlady however was just humming satisfied on the outside, savouring
her freshly caught prey. She picked him up with ease, his legs flailed helplessly in the air as he lost his footing. "Glk" he felt a strong suction on his head that tugged him towards her throat.
Her red slick flesh pulsated around him as his head was squeezed into her tight throat, smearing some slimey liquid over his face. "S-stop it!" he whimpered. He probably would have prefered to be shattered
on the ground over an end like this, but she ignored his pleas. To her, he was just food, like so countless other people before. She leaned her head back and her long tongue crawled between his legs,
pushing him further down into her throat. Assisted by gravity he slowly glided down, forming a squirmy bulge on the outside that traveled down her throat. He elbowed the walls, trying to get stuck
or at least slow the descend but they simply slided off the wet slimey throat walls with a squelchy sound. The entry to her stomach opened, eager to tug the new meal inside.
The chubby muscle engulfed his head and pulled him into the tight hot sack which was her belly. The air in here was even more stale and fishy, it took his breath away.
His head was soon followed by the rest of his body and he found himself curled up in her tight dark stomach. The soft squishy walls were rubbing over his skin, massaging their sticky acids onto him.
He punched and pushed the walls, trying to upset her stomach which caused the bulge on the outside to sway back and forth. The dragonlady, which was classified as a nightfury how he might learn at a later time,
only burped in response. It seemed like she was enjoying his futile struggles. "Please... l-let me out... i dont want to end like this." She squeezed her belly harshly, pressing the air out of his lungs:
"Shhh, food doesnt talk, food squirms and melts!" her stomach gurgled lowly and he could see some fishbones floating in the acid puddle that slowly filled the belly. Her heartbeat echoed through the hot
chamber, he was going to find his end in this red tight flesh prison. He struggled some more, only to be hugged tighter by the soft walls, partially sinking into them. It felt surprisingly
agreeable, nevertheless the impending doom, the gurgles, the stale smell and the slimey liquid all over him made it very unpleasant.
The nightfury rubbed over her belly. Her snout twitched as she could smell someone else in the distance, far away from her cave: "OH! They arrived too! Amazing!" She clapped her claws together giving the young
trapped man inside of her another squeeze, feeling up his trapped form before she went on all fours, coughing him back up. Snoriat was kneaded by the walls and on the verge of passing out as the muscles around him started to
work, forcing him back out. He groaned in pain as they squeezed his damaged body back up through the slimey throat. "Bluuugh!" She coughed and spat him out, he landed in a wet slimey puddle on the floor.
"There we go. Be good, there's someone more interesting right now, stay here and wait until i come back to eat you." She then spread her wings and flew off. The gush of wind made him almost roll over. He
could hear a loud boom in the distance as she broke the sound barrier. His heart was racing and he gasped for air, wiping the slimey mixture
of saliva and acids off of his face. Did she really just leave him unguarded in a cave while hunting for someone else? He couldn't possibly let that chance slip away. He got up, holding his hurting chest
and spitting out some of the nightfury drool. Then he stumbled through her large cave, wandering past piles of bones, valuables and clothing.
The only things that were left of her previous meals. He almost cried from happiness as he saw the daylight in the distance and no nightfury in sight.
He rushed out, only to find himself in a large yet bright birch forest. He had so many things to do... Set up a safe hideout to stay,
find his ship, explore where he actually was and the most important thing... survive!
Little did he know what terrors awaited him.
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Re: FanStories and RP logs. post yours here!

Postby KittyBoi » Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:52 am

You know, two of my stories, A Game of Cat and Mouse and its sequel were based practically word for word off of an RP Cake and I had.

A Game of Cat and Mouse:
A Game of Cat and Mouse 2:
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