LF an artist willing to draw Garfield vore [completed]

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LF an artist willing to draw Garfield vore [completed]

Postby anyonarex » Wed May 08, 2019 5:33 pm

Had a similiar thread up on artists valley before but that was a pretty specific scenario related to Garfield so I thought I'd open up a more free form one. :p

So yeah I love Garfield, that fat feline is awesome. And likewise I also love the idea of him reclining with a belly fattened from eating another, or equally ending up as a melting pile of cat meat inside another character. :p He's such a round, richly arrogant guy that it'd be fun to see him eat or be eaten by whatever lucky pred might be out there. So i'm looking for any artists interested in drawing the fat cat, and I'm happily willing to pay for the result.

A quick rundown of what I like: I’m into unwilling soft vore with implied or visible digestion, all of those are essential. I’m also into cock vore, scat and belching and generally prefer the vore to beM/M and to feature a feral in both positions, none of this is essential but it would be fun to include some of it if you’re interested.

Artwise I'd be looking for at least a full body, colours and comic strips are optional. Basically just shoot me your prices and I'll pick what I think best suits the pic. :p

Price range: Hard line for budget $50, soft line is $35.

Rough scope of potential scenarios/ideas may include:

1. Odie eating Garfield

2. Garfield eating Odie

3. A more detailed and digestive ending to this comic: https://garfield.dale.ro/garfield-1982-february-28.html

4. A crossover with another character (perhaps Gnasher from the beano? Or maybe Marmaduke? We can discuss this.)

5. An OCof mine (feral fox) snacking on Garf and maybe some other cats (nermal perhaps?)

6. An internal of the image below

Hit me up at Alonsare#1967 on Discord or DM me here and we’ll see what we can make. i’m excited to see just how much we can pervert an innocent cartoon character. :p
farside snake.jpg
farside snake.jpg (8.35 KiB) Viewed 300 times
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Re: LF an artist willing to draw Garfield vore

Postby Tebomas » Sun May 12, 2019 6:12 am

Hi! Primarily I wanted to ask, if your thread is still on. I would go with my price considerably lower, since I'm just a beginner. But something cartoony like Garfield sounds manageable (I do both hand drawn and digital stuff after all). And he looks fitting as pred from the begin with. Just send me a message if you're still interested.
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