M/F/H Switch Seeks Any Pred/Prey for Fun Times

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M/F/H Switch Seeks Any Pred/Prey for Fun Times

Postby Nornico » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:32 am

I'm sorry if this pre-amble seems rather stiff and somewhat aggressive, but I can assure you that I'm a fun, kinky person :D I'm just setting my intentions straight at the start, so you know what to expect from me before checking out my preferences :)

I'm a veteran RPer, and used to be quite a regular in the Private Roleplay threads a couple of years back before I kind of took a bit of a hiatus due to life and a lack of motivation. I'm trying to get back into things, but I can't, and won't, promise that I'll be a consistently regular poster again. Life takes a priority and I usually do this kind of RPing at the end of the day, so sometimes you might only get the one post out of me a day. If I'm silent for a while, maybe I'm busy or just don't feel like doing this today, it's not from a decided lack of interest... I will absolutely inform you if I'm actually tired or bored with our RP.

I will only RP through the Private Roleplay forum, or via the Private Message system, I don't use any other messaging systems, and don't feel comfortable doing this kind of thing with an instant messaging system.

I'm not really fussed about post lengths, but I do like there feeling like we're working to some sort of structure, and I'm more for good grammar and clear posts than long, elaborate ones. You can post them at me, but I may not be able to always match such posts in my own words. Usually I'll try and post the same amount as my partner, but sometimes I'll default to just three-line posts sometimes, because I don't always know what to type beyond the action that is happening, but I like to think I'm making a good effort to keep up to the standard you, my potential partner, is setting.

My tastes in both vore and other fetishes are rather wide and sometimes quite extreme, but don't feel the need to try and incorporate them all, especially if some are outside your comfort zone. If I get an itch to try something in an RP, I will ask if you're into it before I do so :) Before we start, however, here's some of my absolute favourites regardless of the situation. Don't feel the need to only work with these, but I'll be super into any of these!

*Hyper ANYTHING! Seriously, I'm a size addict. Hyper dicks, hyper balls, hyper tits, hyper preg... hell, even obscure things like hyper vaginas and hyper sperm. If it's big, and sex-related, it's big and sexy to me!
*Hyper Casual, in a sense that all these fetishes are so commonplace in the world we're RPing that nobody really pays any mind when they're done in public, practically embracing them! Sex in the workplace, vore in public, that kind of thing.
*Pregnancy, with some caveats; I don't care for BIRTH of BABIES. I like either permanent pregnancy, or birth in the form of oviposition, or such rapid gestation that the offspring already seems fully grown. Gender doesn't matter either, pump a guy full of life that he can't push out!
*Inanimate Transformation, into both objects and body parts. Sex toys, bras, panties, socks, condoms, piercings, all good! Also fun if vore turns into this, resulting in sentient butts, boobs, dicks and vaginas. Temporary or permanent depends on what we're doing.
*Skin-tight, all over clothing, like catsuits, bodysuits, zerosuits or anything that fits that description. I particularly like doing OC superhero-themed settings for this particular reason, so I can put characters in tight costumes :D


I'm a switch, and sometimes I'll prefer to be predator or prey depending on what's been suggested to me and what mood I'm in. Asterisks marks greater preference.
*Soft Vore
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Cock Vore
*Bulging stomachs
*Willing (NOTE, I will ALWAYS play willing preds and prey, rarely unwilling)
Unwilling (If you're an unwilling prey for my pred, that's fine)
Internal Tentacles, for internal sex :D
Post Vore Sex (either preys in a belly, or the pred fucking someone else)

Hyper Endowed (SEE ABOVE)
Hyper Casual (SEE ABOVE)
Pregancy (SEE ABOVE)
Inanimate Transformation (SEE ABOVE)
Catsuits/Bodysuits/Zero Suits (SEE ABOVE)
Shrinking and Growing
Macro, rampage and destruction
Micro, vore and worshipping
Master/Pet relationship
Humiliation, Cruel or Nonchalant
Reality Manipulation
Body Alteration
Bodyswapping, Part swapping
Cum Inflation
Incest (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, Father/Daughter)

That's all I can think of for now. If you don't see something particular or specific, just ask, and I'll tell you if I'm into that or not :)

-Hard vore
-Breast Vore (Sorry, but either as pred or prey, I just can't get into it...)

I can normally think of characters to play on the fly for each RP, but I do have a few set ones I particularly like to use. I have lists of characters in my blogs, but I'll be renovating and removing some of them soon, so don't get too attached to anyone I don't mention here.

My personal favourite characters of mine to use are Jake Oakes, as a generic male switch, for any situation :D I also have Miles and Selma, my slime-boy and slime-girl, who're prone to devouring people and tentacle-fucking them whilst being able to shape-shift and grow. Finally, there's Chasedown and Justy, my two vore-themed superheros, who use their eternally stretchy innards, super strength and powers of flight to bring safety to the world!

That's all for now, watch this space if you're interested :)

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