Switch LF Flexible, Kinky Switches/Preds~ (New Sona!)

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Switch LF Flexible, Kinky Switches/Preds~ (New Sona!)

Postby DireZyre » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:26 am

I live in California, so my time zone is PST. I usually work 4 days a week, 7 hour shifts so I'm free a good portion of the time, usually most of Tuesdays and Fridays as well.

Now that that's taken care of, let's get to the raunchy stuff!~

As you can tell I'm a very kinky individual, so I'll give a quick run down of what I require, my favorites, and what I dislike.

Please read the description after each kink that matters to you, good or bad. It is important for clarification.

Spoiler: show
Disposal- Relatively detailed scat disposal is preferred, but it can be implied, or belching up bones/clothes, or at least a somewhat logical explanation for why your body doesn't produce waste, and yes, just having a perfect digestive tract is acceptable if you explain why/how.
Kinky/Unique- Doing the same thing over and over again tends to get boring, so anything that's fresh tends to be quite fun for me <3
The very occasional returning the favor- You don't need to pred all the time if you're mostly prey, but if you don't return the favor at least every so often, I don't know if we'll rp that much, I can get pretty burnt out predding so if you never do I may just not be in the mood to pred you for a very long time.
Vore- Duh~

Spoiler: show
Transformation- Anything from changing someones flavor to gender to species to making them a living pair of panties, I love pretty much all forms of TF!
Soul Play- Love when the soul is used after the prey is digested, be it stewing in the remains to be disposed of, still feeling it all, maybe kept as an emotive skull like a trophy, left as living pudge or even a tattoo of their face for extra teasing potential, or even fused into a toy or clothing to be kept long after their body is gone <3
Cooking- It can be anything from putting someone in a sundae to straight up deep frying them, I love cooking in pretty much all forms, it doesn't have to be painful, there are ways to turn off the pain essentially, and it won't be fatal, at most there will be whatever level of pain you're comfortable with, so don't worry about that, it can also just be an 'uncomfortable heat' basically and focus more around the food based teasing.
Mixed Genders- I love to get dominated by females with dicks and I love to be or play with other dudes with cunts, if you fit either of these then you gain some points in my book~
Belching/Musk/Sweat- I love having the pred belch in my face, inhaling their vile gut gas or just raunchy breath, being smothered by their sweaty ass, their musk smeared on me by their throbbing cock @///////@ <3~ I will give my own snacks the same treatment if they don't mind ;3
Teasing- Dear gods include as much of this as possible, please <3~
I understand these next two can be quite off-putting for some people, so while I like them, just let me know right off the bat and we don't have to ever include this stuff
Incest/Kinky Relationships- I love relationships that are taboo, parent and child, siblings, cousins, teacher and student, etc. I especially love the idea of casual fatal vore in these relationships, like a parent feeding their child to a neighbor just cause they were hungry, not even bothering or caring that they're gonna die, or a teacher who permanently digests their failed students since they're better off as part of them anyhow, that sorta stuff <3
Ageplay- This pairs very well with the previous kink, but I also just adore teenage characters exploring their changing bodies, curious sexuality. I love how their naivety can get them into troublesome situations, perhaps even fatal ones, all this stuff is just wonderful <3 Though my limit for sexual stuff is puberty age, no less than 12, but ideal range is 14-16 area.

Mood Dependent
Spoiler: show
Ponies- I like feral shaped My Little Pony: FIM based characters a lot, less interested in the anthro ones, but I do generally enjoy a good pony rp from time to time!
Human/Player Vore- I have to be in the right mood to play as or with a human in an rp generally, though playing as my player sona will help me get into the mood as that adds an extra layer of kinkiness.
Playing as Female- I also need to be in the right mood to play a female so that makes this a bit rarer, I'm also incredibly picky on human females, so playing as a human female will be an incredibly rare occurrence for me, one way to help me get past this is TFing me into a female in the rp, or at least implying that at the start, it makes me more comfortable when I know I'm still my male self, just stuck in a female form.
Micro- I can enjoy micro from time to time, but I prefer micro to be no smaller than about 6 inches, and used with CV. If the pred can't even feel them sliding in then I really don't see the point, I am a fan of Size Play though so if it's half or maybe even a third of the pred/doms size (or vice versa for small pred shenanigans) then I'd generally be happy to.
Pregnancy- This one is a weird one for me, I'm fine with the conception aspect, depending on the scenario, but unbirth leading to pregnancy is totally fine. I'm fine with a character being pregnant, especially if it's played as a hungry soon to be momma needing to tide herself over with plenty of food/prey, or perhaps having to gobble up and digest a pregnant prey as a form of 'birth control'. But when it comes to the actual birthing part, this is what gets to me... Generally the only time I'm okay with this is if the child is born already like near teenage at least, or it was someone unbirthed (or CVed then blasted into them) and rebirthed maybe a bit changed but still mostly themselves, like same memories and age of brain and such even if they're in a younger body.
Ferals- This one is really a case by case basis, depends on the setting, the characters, species, if they talk or not, it's really hard to state my general preferences for them here other than these 2 things, 1. I certainly won't do ONLY feral often, so if that's the only thing you'll play I don't think it will work out, but I would be willing to do it from time to time. 2. My ideal/most common use of ferals in rp is in a setting very much like the real world, and having my player sona get eaten by a big dog, snake, cow, horse, something along those lines, that's the most likely way I'll do it, but I'm open to discuss it.
Canon- It is VERY rare that I will ever play as a canon character, I'd need to be SUPER familiar with them to feel comfortable doing so, and even then I'm not that much into doing it. That being said I've been getting more and more into my partner playing a canon character, my favorite ones being Pony (AJ and Pinkie Pie especially) and Zootopia (Nick and Judy especially) though I'm open to others so feel free to suggest some.

Spoiler: show
Extreme Hyper- I love big dicks and balls, but there is a limit, if its bigger than you or just ridiculously massive, please do not include it, feel free to ask first, it's kinda a case by case basis, and the worst I'll say is no.
Focusing on Sex- Not that sex can't be in the rp, but if it becomes the focus, I will lose interest quickly, I prefer to focus on the kinks and throw in some sexual activity, so don't worry about sexual stuff happening, it will, but please don't make it the focus, or have several posts in a row of just plain sex.
Full Unwilling- I don't love full willing either, though I'm okay with it, but my ideal is somewhere in between, someone who's nervous and worried, but turned on and unable to resist. Anything that involves screaming, crying, pure terror, that kinda stuff instantly takes me out of it, but this doesn't mean the prey can't be annoyed or protest or anything like that, it's really more the traumatic type stuff I tend to avoid.

If there's anything here unlisted I'm probably fine with it, if its something kinda out there feel free to ask my opinion on it.

Preffered Canon/Setting
Spoiler: show
Modern- I strongly prefer a modern setting usually, it's not necessarily required so feel free to suggest something else, but I'll be honest in that most suggestions I receive don't tend to catch my interest. As I've said before no harm in asking though.
Casual Vore- I love to have vore as a common and legal part of society, perhaps predators bullied their way through every level of government to legalize it, maybe prey are seen as a second class citizen kinda, or maybe reform is widely/easily available so no harm no foul, and speaking of...
Sewer Reformation- (Stolen/Based on a friends canon, thanks bud~) The idea is that there is a reformation station built into every major sewer system, so as long as the prey ends up in the sewers, they will be reformed in the next few days or so. I really like this idea because 1. It makes reform easy, simple, and explained. 2. It's not consequence free persay as they will spend 3-5 days waiting to be reformed. and 3. It makes fatal stuff sooo much hotter, the idea that it's THAT easy to reform your prey, you practically have to go out of your way to make sure they won't really makes it sting even more and really make me love it <//////<

None of these are required, they're just my default/favorite 'world' to play in, of course feel free to suggest other stuff if you like!

Main Characters
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/777336271629713438/813657614063894528/Twig_Ref.png This is Twig, my new sona, he comes in 3 flavors (both literally and metaphorically) so he can be played in any you prefer. He is a kinky, slutty, switchy sqoil, loving to be abused or abuse others in the sexiest way he can imagine. (This next part is optional) He also has quite a knack for 'magitech', basically making magically infused technological devices that can do nearly anything you can imagine, including TF, reform, soul stuff, etc. If we have an idea he can probably design something for it.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjof7xpbcxokd ... t.jpg?dl=0 (SCAT WARNING) This is Leaf, my player self, basically just me irl stuck in this kinky realm, I tend to prey but can pred like this, though I'm less capable so I couldn't eat someone much bigger than me

Keep in mind most of these profiles are out of date, the kinks are still pretty accurate but the info about the character is dated, refer to the images for reference only, I'll be happy to tell you more about them while chatting

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Faen_ This is Faen, my old sona. He is a seductive, kinky lion pred (read: prey slut who won't admit it) with some soul based abilities~ Feel free to ask about them.

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Zyre This is Zyre, my old, old sona, he is quite the eager or nervous little gut slut, depending on this pred <3

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Ghirar_Delli This is Ghirar, my switch chocolate bunny, very casual guy who likes to have fun and will easily let himself be digested fatally if it means a good time~

More characters in my gallery, organized by what character is in the art

That's about all I can think of for now, please go ahead and add me directly on Discord at LeafCaliber#2795, or Telegram @DireZyre if you're interested, don't need to send a note unless you really wanna :P Can't wait to hear from all you sick freaks like me!

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