F Switch Looking to Be Eaten By/As Futa/F/Beast

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F Switch Looking to Be Eaten By/As Futa/F/Beast

Postby Anderian » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:16 pm

Heya! The name's Anderian, and this is my revamped and remastered request thread. I felt my old one was a little clunky and long, so it needed some updating. I'd like to introduce myself as a literate switch who has a preference for playing prey. I have few limits other than out-of-stomach gore, hard vore, and the larger end of micro/macro. I love bloated bellies, digestion, and disposal, so that's sort of an inkling into where my interests lay. Now, if you read the title, I'm willing to play as or against a female, futa, or beast. I'd also love to play as or against a hungry monster girl! I have discord, and I can also RP on site. I'd like to say that I'm very friendly, so don't hesitate to PM. When it comes to posting, I'd prefer good, well written English. I'd also very much appreciate it if posts were not one or two liners. It doesn't give me much to work with, so the more descriptive you can be, the better. However, I do also believe in the mantra of quality over quantity, so don't embellish your posts for the sake of making them longer. Anyway, without further ado, a list of a few things that I like and don't like.

Monster Girl Pred: Any
Beast Pred: Snake, Dragon, Dinosaur, Pokemon
Female/Futa Pred: Human, Furry/Scalie, Kenomimi
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Tail Vore
Digestion (Graphic or Non)
Sex or No Sex

Want To Try:
Loli Pred

Other Kinds of Beast
Multiple Prey
Trap Prey
Loli Prey
Weight Gain
Size Difference: difference of at most 6 feet
Cock Vore
Breast/Nipple Vore
Accidental Vore
Incest Vore

Types of Vore I Don't Know Of
Size Difference: difference of at most 14 feet
Overtly Fat Pred

Male Pred
Hard Vore
Non-Disposal Scatplay
Massive Difference in Size
Non-Digestion Gore

If it looks like I missed anything, please feel free to ask!

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