Bisexual Guy looking for Switch/Prey Single Furry Males!

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Bisexual Guy looking for Switch/Prey Single Furry Males!

Postby Oddball » Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:18 pm

Slight edit, currently curious if there are any other single Bi/Gay Furries around on here still, as I want to meet you! I'm still wanting to meet single guys that share an interest in vore like I do overall, of course.

The big reason I'm wanting single guys is due to the fact I'm very open and flirty, so it gets awkward when I meet people already in relationships in this sort of manner. I'm open to teasing in and out of roleplay, sharing pics of myself and recieving them from others, all's fair game! While I myself may not be single, I am in an open relationship, so don't be shy to pop on by and meet me!

As for interests relating to vore, I'll give a broad list on here, and then we can go into specifics if you add me later on, but I am generally very open overall!

Soft Vore
Digestion (Soft only, no Graphic unless implied)
Disposal (Not required, but fun!)
Original Characters
Canon Species from Games/Movies
Ask me for more details on other things I'm open to!

Hard Vore
Graphic Digestion (unless it's only implied)
Hyper limbs
Cum Digestion

You can either PM me on here, or reach me on Discord at: Oddball#3990

Hope to hear from you soon!

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