Very young F looking for Pred to wing Vore her

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Very young F looking for Pred to wing Vore her

Postby Redstar101 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:23 am

Hi guys, I'm looking for preds,male or female, who are willing to be one of the bat men creatures from the 1982 movie 'The Beastmaster'. I'm looking to either re-enact the Bird Men's Lair scene (Youtube clip: My prey character is a very small female human child aged around 5 years of age and is a very unwilling meal when it comes down to being eaten.

As for the scene I am looking to RP, we can Re-enact the scene as it is in the clip in the link above or we can come up with a different setting and scenario involving one of those Bird Men wing voring my prey character. I am also willing for my prey character to be raped while being fed upon.

This RP involves Digestion as shown in the clip which is my preference. I also prefer it for the Responder to be willing to RP as one of the creatures from the youtube clip.

I am also looking to RP the Beastmaster Scene where the winged creatures arrive to save the day at end of the battle with the Jun's (Yoube clip: ) Instead with my version Dar and the Juns are children.

I am also looking for somebody to commission a fanfic about the life of the kid in the cage, instead of it being a male in the cage I would like it to be female, the fanfic should describe the caged kid's life up to when the creature drops the kids remains. I am also looking for somebody who can draw a comic of the scene with a kid being the victim.

If your interested please PM and we can discuss the details further.

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