M/Serperior looking for long term prey buddies

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M/Serperior looking for long term prey buddies

Postby BeesKnees » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:55 am

Keep Changing up this ad. Yeet.

***READ THIS***Very simple Male Serperior looking for new rp partners. Preferably long term, so we can have all sorts of fun. Follow the page down read a little more. Click on my F-List, and if something interests you feel free to add me on Discord, as I'm slow to check PMs

If anything I say interests you or we have similar preferences feel free to shoot me a PM or add me on Discord. I use Discord as my primary communication service so if you want instant attention shoot me a friend request there. - MonarchSnake#8780 -

Boom F-List link Here!
The way I look at it everything is negotiable in my book. I like trying new things, and I have very few hard limits. Off the top of my head, the only thing I don't like is the overly hyper body parts tits, fat, balls, cock, etc. Then really bad literacy abilities, I know that's extremely 'cliche' at this point but if you can't string together sentences in a coherent intelligent way that I can't tell what's going on half the time please don't message me. The response length is less important, as long as I can tell you're trying and not sending me two short sentences of nonimportant buzzwords, we're good!

If you want a fuller picture of what I may or may not enjoy please go click on the F-List link. If you don't see something you're interested in on my lists please feel free to ask and explain what you like. I love trying new things if they interest me! But please if you have questions or just wanna talk about it. Please PM me! I'd love to chat!
Things I love/are most interested in
[*]Nsfw Scenes - Straight, Gay, whatever!
[*]Domination / Humiliation
[*]Begging / Coercion / Blackmail
[*]Leashes / Collars/ Pet play / BDSM
[*]Cloths of any kind the cuter and slutier the better
[*]Oral vore / Cock Vore - These are my most prefered but honestly anything works!
[*]Soft and Hard Vore - You might not like hard vore, but if I prey I do enjoy getting pretty messed up.
[*]Digestion - This is HEAVILY prefered. If I eat something I do expect them to digest, and vice versa.
[*]Disposal / After Digestion Scene - Hey it's not for everyone, I just enjoy it. So if you don't lemme know, and it can totally be skipped.

Eh. . . Maybe?

Pls God No
[*]Underage / Loli / Shota
[*]Endo - This is honestly a really big deal breaker for me sometimes I can make an exception like if you're a switch, and you digest your food? Then I would be open to it. Like if there is a story reason, like oral vore scene into being regurgitated into say cock or anal vore with digestion. I'm totally down for.

I also have quite a few characters to choose from! I really have no preference on any of them, it's only if they're prey or pred in a scenario! All of these links will be NSFW I'm just trying to show off my ocs!
[*]Jordan The Serperior - Big green grass snake
[*]Alex The Lopunny - Tittied Male Lopunny
[*]Pine-Cone The Eastern Grey Squirrel. - A cute tail maw having boy
[*]LuLu - Like my only female OC
[*]Chime the Floatzel - Big mean boy
[*]Moni the Miltank Cute 'friendly' cow

If I intrest you, please feel free to send me a PM or that discord add. I'm looking forward to chatting!

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