Roleplay pet peeves.

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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby ragnar » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:45 am

"I do not own the picture but will talke it down if asked": This is a very lazy and hypocritical attempt to justify yourself for using a picture without permission. It doesn't make any sense, and in no way excuses you from breaking one of the rules of the chatroom ("All images, movie, music, or material displayed or linked from profile must have full permission or have no copyright violation"). If you want to do things legitimately, ask permission to use the picture from the author and maybe give them credit too, OR use only pictures you own; or just keep using it without permission like most people does, but don't pretend that that one meaningless line legitimates you in any way.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby RedPredator » Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:48 am

Time to rant.

I have a habit to avoid mice characters. While I'm sure tons of them are great writers and RPers, I have experienced an extensive trend with them that goes somewhat like this.

[Mice Character -> Me] *smiles* hi
[Mice Character -> Me] *Walks up to you* hi

Things like that annoy me. Not only do I extensively dislike IC greetings, but you just gave a less than one line post, and expect me to pick up on that with an interesting response? You gave absolutely nothing for me to reply to. My response is going to change based on time of day, setting, tons of things, and you're giving nothing of actual value to respond to.

Another is, when I explain to someone that I have absolutely no interest in IC approaches, they instantly hop into IC once more as if I had said nothing. Not only is that disrespectful to my wishes, but you have NO clue what I want to do. Maybe I'm not even in a vore mood, and you're sitting here pushing it on me like I owe you an RP. I don't know what you want, and you're expecting me to fulfill exactly what you need without even a minor discussion.

If you want to RP with me, it's quite simple. Here's how a greeting towards me, in my head, should properly go.

[Character -> Me] Hey/Greetings! I was wondering if you'd be open for a scene.
[Me -> Character] Depends, what kind of scene are you looking for?
[Character -> Me] (Explanation of what they are looking for.)

Then we would go on to talk about it, adjusting parts of the scenes, devising the setting and what fetishes would be involved. RPing is a two-person or more process. Please don't force all of it on me.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Merodi » Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:59 pm

Whew, I'm gonna come across as a bitch, but I have a lot of pet peeves.

-) Bad grammar, spelling and a lack of punctuation. Now, I don't mind the occasional typo, or the wrong tense from time to time. Things like that happen. But if you can pretty much see that your partner is RPing... well, with their dominant hand occupied, it just spoils the fun for me.

-)*...*-Style RPing, first person, short posts. I tend to write shorter posts if the RP drags on, or if I'm playing a character that has a more... boring personality, but those posts still are around three paragraphs long. I'm unable to enjoy a RP if it's not paragraph style, so that might be me being a dick, but I hate when my partner replies with just "*smiles* ok" after I established that I just do paragraph-style and just wrote a 700-word starter post.

-) People who want to force me to RP something I don't like /get pissy if I refuse. I'm rather rigid in my preferences. I won't RP female preds or myself, and I much prefer to RP with other people who RP OCs or canon characters. I won't RP smut with people who I don't know well, and I also don't want to RP prey for a female pred. But some people won't understand that, and aside from insults (I was called a "gay reta*d" on omegle for my preferences once, for example), they sometimes try to guilt/force me into bowing to their preferences. I'm sorry, but I get that you dislike my peferences, so please get that I don't like yours.

-)People who complain about posts taking too long. I don't RP in chatrooms, where it makes sense, and this is mostly related to my second pet peeve, but it bothers me when people get rude if you take longer than a few minutes to write a post. I RP on skype, through private messaging, things like that. For me RPing a scenario often takes days to weeks, and with some people, we both just drop by to posts once a day or so. And I make that clear before RPing. And still, I've had people get offended over me taking a break to eat, use the bathroom or going to work, or even for taking longer for my usually long-ish posts.

-)RPs that have no build-up. For example in vore - and especially when I'm pred - I hate those "pred meets prey, pred eats prey, prey gets digested/spat out, the end" RPs. Even when RPing smut, and especially when it's the characters' first meeting, I need some build up. The characters need to be introduced, the reasons and motives need to get established, etc. I often even have a shortish "introduction"-RP to get a feel for the chars if RPing an AU or something like that.

-)People who confuse you with your OC/character. I admit, my OCs are often similar to me, but that doesn't mean I am my OCs. And I really don't appreciate being treated like them - especially if I play a villain and get accused of supporting murder, etc - or being hit on repeatedly just because my OC or character is single. Especially if the person knows I'm taken, and they keep doing it. ESPECIALLY if the person keeps misgendering me.

-)Stolen art in character profiles. Stop taking random anime pictures of pixiv or deviantart or tumblr or etc. Like, seriously. Even if you add "I don't own the art", it's still taking another person's work. Often without credit. Draw it yourself, get a commission, use a character-creator, just stop taking other people's art.

There's plenty more, but these all really bother me.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby coop500 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:05 pm

Ohh goodness, where to start? People annoy me, I admit, but I am usually too nice to tell it to their faces, or mean, if that makes me mean. Anyway I'll see if I can word what peeves me without offending people.... And this is mainly in the chat room.

Female/herm pred characters who feel they have the right away just because they eat things and have boobs: Seriously, they act like they're better then other predators, it's really annoying. In every room at least once a day I have a female predator mocking my male predator only character about eating him or if not in the OOC room, flat out just trying to do so. Here I am just talking to other people and I get some comment about someone's female predator eating mine, because she thinks she's better. (I know, most female characters are played by guys) It's degrading and makes me feel like I'll never be taken seriously because my character isn't a herm or female.

Lazy people: Just obvious genuine laziness, I don't mind people approaching me (when has that happened last again?) with no ideas, we can talk or usually I have swarms of ideas in my head that I want to try, but when they just say okay, maybe, or sure or some other lame thing, it makes me feel they're not really interested or care, they also don't add any more to the idea. Then once the roleplay starts, it's pretty much the same. I can write this nice, decent sized four sentence start and they give me, at best a half liner, ignoring half of what I posted or more. Very irking....

People not reading sliders: This is sort of self explanatory, people would approach in whispers or in public and try to force me into stuff that my profile clearly states I don't want. This includes digestion, when clearly I'm endo only, but write that there's acid in the stomach. There's numerous examples but I won't write them all since most here also have a problem with this and know what I mean.

Overpowered prey only/mainly characters: Seriously, what's the point? I see these profiles with like 25/75 pred/prey, they prefer unwilling but obviously like vore, but then further down they have power after power after power, some of these are stronger then most pure pred characters I've seen, I don't understand it.

Bragging characters: Kind of like the first peeve, but this goes for all characters, I find it quite annoying when characters approach me, only to just suddenly spew out all their powers, their job and everything to my character and no matter what my character says, they just reply with something about them again. Unless my character thinks or says something negative, then either the other character reads his mind and puts him in a guilt trip, or just does the guilt trip.

..... Okay I'm done being pissy now lol, zen mode~
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Shirehorse7 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:05 pm

It's either when someone just stops in the middle of the rp without saying anything and don't bother replying in the future, or someone begging me to play something that I don't like.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Oniric » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:54 pm

I don't RP often. This isn't really a pet peeve as it only happened once, but I wanted to tell my experience.

One of my first real RP experiences was with a user here, where we both liked a lot of the same stuff so I approached them after seeing their "looking for partner" post by chance (it was their only post in the forum). I told them that I was a RP noob and they were very understanding and willing to help me. We agreed to do a quick, simple one-shot to get acquainted. We started the RP and it was really, really cool initially, at least for me. The plot wasn't extremely original, so maybe they lost interest after a while, I don't know. The point is that, after RP'ing for a few weeks, they never replied back. I sent them more messages asking is there was a problem, but nothing. I later saw them bump their post in the forum, so it's not like they never came to the site again or something.

It was sad because we were very near to a point where we could have closed the story in a satisfying manner. We could've probably finished it in just a few more paragraphs. I would've prefered if they'd sent me a message after we were finished saying something like "thank you for your time, see ya!" instead of just... disappearing...

I don't think I'm a bad writer, but I'm not perfect either. I would've liked to know what was it that they didn't like, if it was my fault so I could try to get better or something else.

Later, I contacted another user who had a suspiciously similar list of likes/dislikes to my previous RP partner and I asked them if they wanted to RP. They never replied. Now, I'm not acussing them of being an alt-account of the other user, but it was weird. This was months ago. I saw that user bump their post a few times, too.

I just wanted to have a good time. I'm not even angry about it, just disappointed. Honestly I'd be really happy if they contacted me again to finish the RP, I don't even need an explanation. But I doubt it.

I haven't RP'd since then. Maybe I just have bad luck.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Rumor » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:51 pm

It's par the course that some people will just go silent for no reason. Sometimes Real Life™ happens and the scene just has to stop, like sudden internet cut off or worse. Sometimes people are just shy, timid, nervous, awkward, or whatever about saying no or mentioning they didn't enjoy a scene, so they'll go to great lengths to avoid saying something that might offend (I've even witnessed someone deleting an alt just so they didn't have to turn someone down for a scene). Some are just forgetful (I can be bad at responding to play by posts consistently, which is why I usually RP in real time). Some people just get busy and lose or miss your post in the shuffle. And then, of course, there are the selfish jerks who are just looking to get their rocks off and, once they've had their fun, will dump you and move on to the next regardless of you've had your fun yet or not.

And then there's the complete enigmas who'll go silent with no seemingly good explanation. Case in point: one person I used to RP with regularly suddenly stopped responding to me and a friend one day. She still logs into the chat frequently, and still has my friend's profile linked on her profile for relationships and stuff, but she absolutely does not reply to us. It's the weirdest thing and I have no idea what I did, if anything to do it.

But yeah, you unfortunately probably hit one of the "dud" players. There may be some legit reasons, there may not, no way to tell unless they tell you. Personally I'd just make note of who they are, move on, and try looking some more. There are some very excellent and friendly players out there, the trick is finding them. And if you get lucky you might make some really good friends out of a few of them.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby jacobgr05 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:35 pm

Mainly ditching. If there's something you don't like about the Rp and want it to stop just tell me. Or if you have to take a long absence it can be helpful to say so.
Being told what's wrong means it can be fixed or changed for next time, and telling me you're done with the RP means I'm not going to check every day to see if you have a post for me to respond to. It's not like I'm going to be mad if you want to stop playing pretend eating each other with me on the internet.
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Postby jaggedjagd » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:15 pm

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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby HappyCore » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:22 pm

prey only people
or specifically people who say they are a switch and then are always playing a prey, and when you ask they get crummy about it.

people who stop the rp when it's getting to good parts or people who straight up just vanish! it's okay when they have real reasons as to why they cant rp. Breaks are fine with me, but dang when they stop at a good part it's the worst for me. : (

people who judge the kind of vore I like. I recall in the past I would get in pm chats with people just for them to ditch me or say something snarky just because I'm not particularly into digestion all the time, or I won't let them have sexual interaction with my character, or that I'm not into other vores like breast vore.

People who try and guilt trip you into doing their kink or playing as a character they specifically want. I'm big into playing male preds, monster or furry preds, and the occasional humanoid [I like using harpies, nagas, and slime people], but i've had so many people just try and force me to be something like a giantess or even tell me "female only pred please" like what you like, but it's never enjoyable for me ever.

first person rping. It's just kinda uncomfy for me, feels self insert, not my thing since I usually never play myself in rps.

god modding preds or preds that eat prey almost immediately with no chase or any buildup.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby cranberryknights1 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:35 pm

Not a deal breaker but still annoying when someone agree's to RP with you but contributes nothing to the premise or any ideas and does not even pretend to try. Like if you ask them if they have any ideas for the scenario and all they reply with is "Nope" and want you to set it up all on your own. Part of the reason I like RPing with people is so we can combined our imaginations and perspectives on a certain idea or kink and come up with unique concepts for it to act out so it is really lame when the other person in the RP offers nothing like that.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby EnderDracolich » Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:19 pm

Evuhlynnn wrote:Kinda just a random question/insight into the mind of other roleplayers. What's the one/many things that annoy or irritate you either before, during or after a roleplay takes place?

Trying to guilt you into role-playing when you don't feel like it/don't have time.

Trying to trick, or sneak, stuff into a RP that you have asked not to include.

(For example, trying to turn a willing Vore RP into unwilling, or vice versa, despite agreeing beforehand on which it would be).

Trying to say a non-perma RP is perma after it's done, despite not having discussed perma at all (and having a huge note on my profile saying I don't do perma).

Trying to turn a non-fatal RP into a fatal RP mid way.


Really. Any attempt at changing the tone, purpose, or outcome of a RP once it's already started, without my consent. I hate that. If you wanna do X, ask me to do X, don't ask me to do Y and try and trick me into doing X.

This happens to me a lot, and it's rather annoying. I do have very open preferences, but I'm not always in the mood for every single specific thing. So if I go into a scene expecting to do one thing, and you try to turn it into another on a whim, that is going to really piss me off. Doubly so if you try to trick me into doing something I have explicitly stated I don't/won't do.

Another thing that pisses me off is repeatedly asking me to do something after I say no.

I don't mind being politely asked. Even if you ask me to do something that's outside my normal preferences... asking is still okay if you're polite about it.

Asking again, and again, and again, ad nauseam, OTOH, is not cool.

If I say "no CV today" I mean "no CV today." If I say "no perma ever" I mean "no perma ever."

If you come and ask for the same thing over and over, I'm gonna assume you don't care about my preference, or about me, and I'm gonna get annoyed.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Ty975 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:24 am

cranberryknights1 wrote:Not a deal breaker but still annoying when someone agree's to RP with you but contributes nothing to the premise or any ideas and does not even pretend to try. Like if you ask them if they have any ideas for the scenario and all they reply with is "Nope" and want you to set it up all on your own. Part of the reason I like RPing with people is so we can combined our imaginations and perspectives on a certain idea or kink and come up with unique concepts for it to act out so it is really lame when the other person in the RP offers nothing like that.

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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Fyr3 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:07 am

Top one for me as well is people vanishing without a word. I'm not sure if I have a habbit of too much buildup, but it's hard to work on bringing the energy on to improve when that constantly happens. Especially when everything's going good, and the vibe is strong, one of those rp''s where you get goosebumps from it all, you're managing word walls for it all and suddenly. Nothing, no message saying they gotta go, no warning, just nothing. This is 90% of rp's I swear on Eka's and it's disheartening.

People who don't put in even the slightest shred of effort, and by this I mean people spending five minutes for '*I walk over*' and that's their post. Then they bug you like an addict looking for a fix if you spend more than five seconds. It's poison.

Asking 'What do you mean by___?' to literally everything you say. A literal example I get every day I'm online 'how are you doing?' 'okay' 'What do you mean by okay?' and it's like, what am I talking to, a bot poorly programmed to think they're doctor phil?

People that need every detail planned out. I mean we're doing an rp, not writing a screenplay. I try to make characters that behave as they would in situations with depth and dimension. Which admittedly is difficult in a vore rp setting, but every single action scripted, clarity on preferences is fine, but if there's more than a four sentence paragraph needed to plan out the roleplay, I think there's too much pre-analyzation.

People approaching you, and talking about an rp, spend a few moments hashing out that you'll be great matches. Than getting, gotta go, catch you sometime. To never hear from them again, usually saying something about something clearly planned out. So they knew they'd be going soon. Look, if you want to waste 5 minutes, don't bug me, go on facebook. This is a quarter of the people that approach me...usually it seems like on their way to work.

Profiles with auto-redirects. I actually want to talk to Leshana about that. Becuase you don't know for sure what abyss they could be sending you to. This also applies to the ones not completed with a lazy 'check my f-list'...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby demented » Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:16 pm

I've run into some baffling stuff over the years, but I'll list a few of my more prominent gripes:

Ignoring Post Length Requirements:
I go to great lengths to tell people that I do not like one liner rps. One to two Paragraphs per post is my bare minimum. I would much rather an rp just not happen than deal with that. However some people say they are fine with such stipulations, then when the RP starts they go and put a one liner post up anyway. I can completely understand if there's a lull in the rp and you're not exactly sure what to put, but if you just straight up lie to me to get me to rp with you I'll drop you like a rock. There are other people out there who actually know how to respect others requirements.

Being Vague about what they want/ don't want in the rp:
Before I start any rp, I make sure to go over the other persons limitations and interests. I do this specifically so we do not run into problems when the rp starts. Yet one of the worst responses I can get is "well I'm into most anything I guess" or "I dunno I'm down for most things..." without elaborating at all. Now I don't know if they have a blank check on kinks or if anal is something adventurous for them. Some even get frustrated when I try to nail down specifics, but it's important to me. I do not want to be the person who springs a kink on someone that ends up making them have a bad time in the rp. That's not fun for anybody.

Asterisk/Screenplay Rping:
Leave this kind of stuff for shitposting in a general chat. If I'm rping with you, I want there to be actual paragraphs involved. I have absolutely no interest in rps that read like the rough draft of a screenplay or something that could belong on r/creepyasterisks.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Kailen » Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:11 pm

A minor thing; I make some characters who, for all intents and purposes, I want people to be cruel to. I want them eaten harshly, unfairly, and I make them vulnerable and weak and who get into situations where these responses can be expected from a meaner pred. And people coddle them and act cutesy with them instead. Like, goddamn, I want some of my characters to suffer! Help me out here. (I think I need help myself.)

I second this. I know not all people are into this, but when someone is asking for this kind of treatment it's because it's what they enjoy. Don't have it in your profile that your character will do things like this and then fail to do things like this when it comes up. I assure you, acting cruel to characters that want to be treated cruelly doesn't make you somehow a bad person. It's fantasy, we get that.

Though what annoys me the most is not just the ghosting, where people stop responding to you altogether, it's the people that lead you on and THEN ghost you. People who say they want a scene, set a scene up with them, maybe even get a line or two in.. and then they refuse to respond to you anymore. For no reason. If something was wrong with the scene, tell the other person. Let them know what was wrong. If they don't know what's wrong, they can't do anything to try to fix it. We're all adults here (or should be), it's OK to say you're not interested in something, or mention if something's wrong. If someone gets upset at you for saying something's wrong, then it's on them and then you can tell them you won't be in contact with 'em anymore. But just ghosting out of nowhere helps nobody, and makes you look like the problem.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Amirkun » Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:10 pm

I'm not shaming anyone who like it, I mean, you can enjoy it. But I feel uncomfortable being on the receiving end. I don't appreciate what they call UwU talk. However, dom and cats are different matters.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby rugli » Thu Jun 03, 2021 8:25 pm

HappyCore wrote:people who stop the rp when it's getting to good parts or people who straight up just vanish! it's okay when they have real reasons as to why they cant rp. Breaks are fine with me, but dang when they stop at a good part it's the worst for me. : (

Its always sad to see RP coming to screeming halt out of the blue and without a warning, or not get off the ground when everything has been agreed up on. (although something like technical problems like lose of power or connection can always happens or some other sudden RL issue can come up). Its always kind sad if RP does end up stopping somehere in the middle of play where the pray is halfway being consumed. If the RP is multi-prey If I need break or stop then I always try to stop between charactes. if I'm not having techinical problem I always try to let the other person know if I have to go.

HappyCore wrote:first person rping. It's just kinda uncomfy for me, feels self insert, not my thing since I usually never play myself in rps.

I´m not sure if i'm playing myself (the one typing on the keyboard) in 1st person RPs if im logged onto a character, if i'm being honest what I don't like about the is that reading the logs for them when they are done is its usually complete mess so hard to figure out whats actually going on. While in logs of rps that were written in 3rd person usually feel like just reading a story co-written by two peoples.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Aces » Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:48 pm

If you roleplay in first person I will reach through my computer and beat you with my shoe.

If you RP your actions with *asterisks*, I will beat you with both shoes.

If you roleplay cursive for all of your actions, all of your dialogue, or both...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Filan » Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:41 am

I know this is a profile thing and not RP, But unwarned F-List redirect profiles. I have no issue with F-List itself but in this era of malware everywhere I think people should produce a landing page in the normal chat profile area for their profiles and not just shuttle people to another website.
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