M-Prey Seeking Pred, no-limits, detailed. <3 Turians/Trolls

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M-Prey Seeking Pred, no-limits, detailed. <3 Turians/Trolls

Postby alphabetaomega » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:48 pm

⇨Here is my F-List page⇦
Check it out to see an organized list of my kinks as well as character references.

Currently seeking no limits roleplaying partner to play dominant-top characters with an interest in these kinks:

✓ Underage Prey/Victims
✓ Scat
✓ Snuff
✓ Smut
✓ Vore (Primarily anal vore, cock vore, and soft vore)
✓ Detailed and Descriptive Posts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my availability?
I'm on every day for at least 8 hours, so I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be too much of an issue!

2. What am I looking for?
No-limits RP partners with a preference for playing non-human dominant-tops, who are willing to play as new characters for scenes and want to RP with me.

I don't want any type of kink or scene to be off the table. If this is an issue for you, then don't contact me please.

3. What kind of RPs do I want to do?
A variety of long-term, episodic adventures of characters played by my RP partners, while I play characters who meet bad ends, mixed in with a wanton dose of saucy smut and bizarre kink.

4. What characters will I play as?
I play as a multitude of Human characters which I create on the spot, but I usually prefer playing as kids/teens. I can also play multiple characters at once.

5. What about your character, Cid?
If you like my character we can include him as well. He's my e-persona and the character I like to play as when the opportunity arises, but its not a requirement. I have some references here of what he looks like, at least as an adult:
Spoiler: show

6. Will I play as a top?
Only for people who I have been roleplaying with already and don't expect me to top.

7. Will I play as a dominant character?
No, I'm not interested.

8. Will I play as a female or shemale character?

Females: Only for people who I have been roleplaying with already and don't expect me to play females.

Shemales: No, I'm not interested.

9.Will I play as a non-human character?
Only for people who I have been roleplaying with already and don't expect me to play non-human characters.


What are some ideas for scenes I want to do?

These are just some very light overviews of what I'm interested in. I also enjoy worldbuilding, so bonus points if you're into that too. In general, if these ideas aren't what you're looking for, we're probably not a good fit.

• Partner plays a male Turian or a male/shemale Quarian set in the Mass Effect setting.

• Partner plays a male or shemale Draenei/Troll set in the Warcraft setting. I'm open to more too, like my partner playing as shemale versions of Jaina Proudmoore, Tyranide Whisperwind, etc.

• Partner plays a male Anthrosnake set in a fantasy setting.

• Partner plays a male Minotaur set in a fantasy setting.

If none of the scenes above are what you're interested in...
Please be direct and state what it is you're looking for in regards to a RP or scene. If it isn't what I want to do, I will immediately let you know. My general rule of thumb is, if it takes me more than five minutes to figure out what someone wants from me, then we're probably not going to be roleplaying.

Writing sample of one of my posts
Spoiler: show
Note: Not every post I write is like this, but I tend to always write a lot.

Prince Tobias of House Weir spent the previous week locked away within his room against his wishes. But by now, the 15-year old boy had grown weary over his demand of being released. He hadn’t seen any of his siblings since their last meal together, let alone hear from them. Whenever the maid came to exchange his chamber pot, he goaded the woman for any hint of what could be amiss. Yet any attempt to do so was met by her ignoring him, and Tobias had a good idea why. Whenever she came to bring him food or tidy up his room, she was accompanied by a pair of two strangers. What made it bizarre, however, was that these were not humans, but rather snake-kin much like that of his family’s vizier, Apophis. Their steel armor covered their chests and portions of their legs, though their feet were bare along with their buttocks. Hanging between their legs were loincloths of linen, embroidered with the sigil of House Weir, much like the ones the former guards had worn over their armor and trousers. But unlike these guards, Tobias could’ve sworn they wore nothing beneath them, and the idea of his crest so carelessly tainted left Tobias fuming the first time such thoughts appeared to him.

The young man had no alternative as he remained locked away, his only escape being his ceiling-high windows. From here, Tobias would sit along the inside of the stone windowsill, arms wrapped about his bent knees as he stared down at the world below. He couldn’t make out anything in those crowded streets, and the weather for the previous week had been particularly muggy, leaving the world caught underneath a gray overcast. It was a blessing that he was unaware of, however, as the populace were the ones to witness first-hand the horrors of their new reality brought upon by the steward. The snake-kin had an iron grip over the people, and many witnessed their friends and loved ones suffer at their hands. Many eyes were forced to look upon their kin as they were hung at the gallows or brought to their knees to await their doom under an executioner’s blade. Others met more bizarre or unusually cruel deaths as well, such as fathers watching their families disappear down the ass or cock of their tormentors. Their last images were of watching them evict those who were consumed into piles of garment and bone-littered scat or pools of seed, all while their own bodies were crushed beneath planks of wood with stones piled atop, or other grizzly fates.

Tobias’ thoughts were interrupted by the rattling of the thick wooden door leading to his bedroom, the iron reinforcements that stretched horizontally across its frame clinking loudly as its unlocked and swung open. The young man had flung himself off the windowsill and onto his feet, his stomach churning with a growl as he hurried towards the door. His eagerness died down as he neared the door and caught sight of the two tall silhouettes moving through it, the boy’s bare feet sliding along the smooth granite as he brought himself to a stop. Reaching up to brush away a loose strand of his shoulder-length black hair, Tobias moves to take a step back only to find himself immediately beset upon by the same pair who had escorted the maid, who was nowhere to be seen. “H-hey, stop!” The command goes ignored as he’s grabbed by his arms, Tobias flanked on either side by the two as they drag him out of the room and down the sconce-lit corridor. His brown-eyes darted about as he tried to wriggle himself free, puffs of spittle leaving his mouth as he protested, the bottoms of his feet sliding across the stone floor. The ivory robe he wore was held together at his waist by a thin gold chain, the silky material kicking up around his legs as the pair guided him with haste. Their scaled hands were wrapped about his upper arms, squeezing the fabric into his skin as he stammered commands, all of which was going ignored.

Thanks for reading! :D
⇨Here is my F-List page⇦

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