Male pred looking for Erotic roleplay

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Male pred looking for Erotic roleplay

Postby Komodorazor » Sun May 03, 2020 4:50 am

Hello all. I'm an experienced role player currently looking for a long-term partner, mainly one who can play female. I always have ideas flowing through my head for a plot so decided to try and see if anyone is interested. I'm a pretty negotiable fellow so if you have any concerns about an RP of an idea of your own then I am all ears. Also, if you get bored with an RP or just want to end it, please just let me know ahead of time. Also, if you contact me wanting to rp, please don't just go and disappear without a word before we start the rp or when it is just beginning. I am willing to play female pred but prefer to play male pred.

I am mainly looking for those who have a bit of rp experience and have an idea or two to share.

Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Multiple Prey
Same Size
Mild Foodplay
Breast Vore
Monster girls/boys (Nagas, and hapries for example)
Both Non-Fatal and Fatal
Prey bigger than pred
Breast Expansion
Transformation TG
Hybrid Monsters
Canon Characters
Be descriptive with characters and scenarios

Gore (As long as it's not excessive)

Animal Prey
Overly emotional prey (such as too much crying and begging or just too meek an shy)
Bad smells
BBW/BBM (Unless pregnant)
Poor grammar( I'm not a grammar nazi but I would like a bit of effort still)

If you have you interested or have any ideas on your own PM me or contact me on Discord. Also please be sure to carefully read the likes and dislikes.

Discord: Raptor90#8870

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