Nonbinary looking for Female Partner for Vore Chatting

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Nonbinary looking for Female Partner for Vore Chatting

Postby misskristen » Wed Feb 28, 2024 1:40 pm

Chubby girl just north of 30 seeking female partners for vore chatting. I am a switch but lean pred although I prefer to be prey for older women. I'm not looking to roleplay—just looking to chat about vore and tease and trade pictures. If you aren't comfortable sending me pictures of yourself, that's not a deal breaker. You can message me if you're interested and I can send you my Discord ID.

UPDATE: I've been identifying as nonbinary for a while but hadn't really updated this post to reflect that. So I am nonbinary if that matters to anyone. Also I wanted to address something. I get a lot of responses to this post saying things like, "I know you said you were looking for a female partner but I am not female but would like to chat with you. Does that interest you?" So if you're male, don't respond to this because I am not interested. If you are nonbinary, then feel free to message me. Also I will say this again. I am not looking to roleplay. Some people read this, message me, and we start talking and then they are disappointed that I don't want to roleplay despite the fact that I said here that I'm not interested.

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