A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

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A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby tgawsome » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:23 pm

Hello all!

Im rather new to the whole posting thing, but fear not I am able to read basic FAQs. First I will provide a sample of what I will be posting then I will delve into what madness I have planned.
Here stand the hero. Nope not vore just fat.

Thanks to Gat's belly meshes I can just have a big belly on a character at all times.

She may have eaten someone. OR it could be mole rats like she tells me.

Hmmm. I'm not a people doctor but it looks like people.

Yep gonna say its people

She said I should take a look for myself before I just make such a claim. So i'll be back in a bit.

what is this? PLOT IN MY THREAD!


Yes I know what you are thinking. My god the man cant spell or use punctuation. While both claims are true this isn't the final draft. I plan on reviewing it before uploading more.
Now for something different. I have a lot of screen shots. as you can see from the numbers in the image files. However, they are numbered for a reason, it tells a story. when I first got fallout 4 I played the main quest then tried to do a new character that wasn't a vault dweller. Didn't get far couldn't really immerses myself into the new character, fallout 4 has a very linear quest line so choices are not that varied. So I had to watch my ex-enclave soldier go on the Sole Survivors quest, use the sole survivors lines, and so on. I forgot that my character was not the sole survivor and stopped playing. Then as usual I found a mod to make my game far more immersive. A simple Journal mod. this change everything. Now when i did something as my new character I simply opened the journal and wrote down what MY character had done. It helped me push aside the whole sole survivor thing, and let me enjoy my unique character. Ironically fallout 4 stripping out the role play aspects made this more effective. as I had incentive to actually keep a journal to keep my character unique. The whole thousand screenshot thing is just me being weird.

I have made a new character (seen above) and have been tracking her entire adventure in the Commonwealth (sitting at lvl 30 right now). from first arrival as an outsider from somewhere up north with both journal entries and screen shots. In short I have over the past month been recording the ENTIRE story of Fallout 4 form this perspective. I'm not sure if I should upload on a new thread or on this one. I wasn't joking about the obscene amount of pics (236 pages of journal entries so far. with a little over a thousand reference pics now there not all good so its probably about 700 good pics.) Before I even attempt this I wanted to see if there was well interest in this kind of thing ( I'm pretty sure there is its like Morgan Freeman said in that one move i have forgotten. "if you create a vore thread they will come." i think he got an Emmy or something for that line.) As i'm gonna need to edit the writing a bit before I upload stuff the grammar is lacking. particularity the spelling.

My first step is to introduce the character and some world building this wont be the sole survivor roaming the wastes. Next upload will be Sunday. Got IRL to deal with first. Then we shall commence our journey following a tribal's quest to commune with an old world god and find something to eat. Look it takes a lot to keep that belly fed. Also did I mention that the sole survivor is still out there doing his own thing? or that I will probably do a couple other characters for some diversity you know as other folk roaming about doing stuff. Its a big wasteland after all. Maybe you guys have some Ideas on who would be wondering around. Hark I hear a soft sigh of disappointment. Its true I do prefer female preds. I have heard your cries male pred lovers. and REJOICES! while it is not my primary interest it doesn't bother me in the slightest and there probably will be male preds.
Now a sort list of what I like and will be adding to this.
Vore (duh)
female pred
male pred (again doesn't bother me just neutral on this)
female prey
male prey
animal prey (I dont have animal preds my game does not like it there is a conflict somewhere [ps i have 200 mods running on this game]. again im neutral on this issue.)
Safe Vore (its sometimes better to carry NPCS around then let them wander around and die)
Scat not scat play just post vore stuff ( know this isn't every ones thing. It will be both explicit and implied depends on my mood when writing. I will add warnings before you see the images and they wont be embedded so you shouldn't see them if you skim past those parts. should be in spoilers. Will test the spoiler thing before actually upload the gross stuff.)
Vomit (not a lot just a few parts. I'm exploring this one so same rules as scat apply.)
Full tour
Violence (not all the pics are vore there are action scenes. My preference is tell a good story first add vore second. There is still a lot of vore fear not.)
Spoilers (yep a lot of them the whole game and dlc and side quest and mod quests)

This what I can think off right now. Like I said madness drive me to do this. and boredom. Winter is always slow for me.
Like comment and tell me your dark personal secrets.
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby acetheonly » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:21 am

Dark secret? Ok.

I leave second child in the place while we bomb it out of spite EVERY time and just can't feel bad about it. I normally see them as people, just not that one

Vague cause spoilers
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby Assimilation » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:51 am

I love this sort of thing; Morgan Freeman was right as you've got my attention. Please give me small pieces of overarching plot interspersed through episodic vore scenarios, but when you are ready to start uploading, of course.

A dark, personal secret? I don't come from a physically-affectionate family, I never had pets, and my only romantic relationship was in high school with a girl who didn't want to get too physical before marriage, so now that I'm in my late 20s, I still get boners from full hugs and also when my friends' pets nuzzle me too much. No, I don't want to have sex with them, but my body gets confused.

If you didn't want to know, don't ask for the personal stuff on the first post. :wink:
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby EnderDracolich » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:53 am

Pretty nice!
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby tgawsome » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:07 pm

acetheonly wrote:Dark secret? Ok.

I leave second child in the place while we bomb it out of spite EVERY time and just can't feel bad about it. I normally see them as people, just not that one

Vague cause spoilers

Spoiler: show
MY GOD! your were right. it was before me this whole time.

Not gonna lie I also leave the second child behind as well. I just cant shake the feeling that its some sort of Institute revenge weapon. "ok small synth when the Sole Survivor takes you home arm the nuke in your chest."

Assimilation wrote:I love this sort of thing; Morgan Freeman was right as you've got my attention. Please give me small pieces of overarching plot interspersed through episodic vore scenarios, but when you are ready to start uploading, of course.

A dark, personal secret? I don't come from a physically-affectionate family, I never had pets, and my only romantic relationship was in high school with a girl who didn't want to get too physical before marriage, so now that I'm in my late 20s, I still get boners from full hugs and also when my friends' pets nuzzle me too much. No, I don't want to have sex with them, but my body gets confused.

If you didn't want to know, don't ask for the personal stuff on the first post. :wink:

Don't mean to be rude but that sounds like something Vault tech would do. Imagine a Vault of a thousand people who simply were conditioned not to show affection to each other add a few generation later what would you have as a population?

EnderDracolich wrote:Pretty nice!

Thank your for your kind words. or rather writing. Message? you get the idea.
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby tgawsome » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:34 pm

An update so soon. madness. Before I begin this story of our hero bumbling stumbling dancing and flailing though the wasteland. I think it would be good to establish some backstory. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she in the Commonwealth? How is it she can eat people? What do the tattoos mean? Hopefully I can explain some things and if you guys have more questions feel free to ask them. also sorry for the incoming info dump.
Lets start with where are intrepid adventurer herself.
a facial close up

upper body

side shot

full body

This is Rachel V now why that name you ask. Well I didn’t start with the vore mod and, so I wanted to test it to see what mods it would conflict with. I made two characters named Rachel and the vore mod file I placed a V at the end, so I knew what was different. Well I had fun with the vore character, so I kept progressing with it. So that’s why you will see a V at the end of her name. Im working on a story reason for it. Im just going to call her Rachel might change the name to a better one but there is dialog in some shots that show the name. So it will probably not change I don’t want to remake all that again.

Personality wise she is a rather nice person. Nice by wasteland standards I mean. She doesn’t look for fights and will try to solve a problem peacefully. She is not the type to refuse help to someone if they really need it. Keep in mind that she is still a tried and true survivalist. If it comes down to a fight she will do whatever it takes to win. If pushed can do horrible things but tends to keep her cool although anger can lead to violent outburst. She is also very strong headed when she has set her mind to a task she will complete it no matter what the cost.
As mentioned before she is rather helpful this stems from her happy personality, relative inexperience and naivety. This is her first mission away from her village and into a far more heavily populated and dangerous wasteland. Time will tell if she will keep her optimistic tendencies or will the harsh reality of the wasteland break her spirit.

Now the real question is what does it take for her to consider a person food. Usually it comes down to have you wronged her in some way. Now cheating at cards wont end with you sliding down her throat kicking and screaming. However, pulling a gun on her or using violence that will do it. She is rather gluttonous and will push herself to eat even if she has passed the point of being full. This isn’t a universal thing with her people she just like to eat. she is a big girl and that belly can be quite demanding. She is completely fine with feasting on the animals of the wasteland rather than its inhabitants, but if really pushed or desperate look out.

Now for the physical bits well the odd ones you can see the normal ones. The first thing you all probably noticed is the belly. (I mean this is a vore site) She has quite the pot belly. You see some in her tribe are blessed with the mark of the hunter. A mutation deliberately engineered in her peoples genetic code long ago. (more on why they did that under the mythology spoiler further down).

A good size indicator also later in the game as she has put on weight.

This gave some unique advantages first is her size she is quite tall 2.2 meters (7 ft. 2 in) and a lot more muscularly dense than a normal human. Second is the eyes the sharp predatory eyes allow for low light vision and are good at tracking movement. Third is the before mentioned gut; she can consume a creature her size whole, and digest it in a little over a day. Fourth is not that obvious those marked with the hunters blessing receive its curse. She can’t swim. No one with the hunters mark can their bodies are too dense to float on water anymore.
So about those tattoos. The first you notice is the eye of Horus on her well eye. That identifies her as a scout for her tribe and allowed to have certainty technologies to help with her mission. On here hand is a single mark of battle. (it’s the outsiders mark in Dishonored 2. Looks cool.) This identify that she has received weapon training and is allowed to carry them. She is not a warrior as she has not taken their trials as such only has one mark rather than the two a warrior would have. Why does it glow you ask? Well the ink the use has Nuka Cola Quantum in it. (the one time a soda with radioactive qualities is useful.)

As for her gear she has the following: a .223 pistol. A cut down holorifle, A mosin nagent, a cut down hunting shot gun, a AKM. (I’m still tinkering with the visible weapons mod so I can make it all appear on my character.) She has a knife, binoculars, a pip-pad (essentially a pip-boy. Only scouts receive such valuable tech.) You can see the pack, the goggles, knife sheath, holster, and binoculars rather well. She has water and other necessities in her bag.

the .223 is her favorite

Now where does she come from? She is from the north up all they way into Canada. Specifically, Mont-Tremblant in the province of Québec, set within the Laurentian Mountains, northwest of Montréal. 586 Km (364 miles) from Boston. so your looking at about a 5 to 6 day walk. (a little longer if you count raiders, and yes, it is possible to walk that in that time frame. I have a crazy stupid cousin who does endurance treks for fun. He told me it would take him that long with a possible delay due to weather.) Now that’s a long distance to travel in the Fallout universe due to raiders, mutant creatures, and other stuff. So why?

An old slumbering sky god told her to. now that that’s been explained…

(I kid I kid) but it really is for a religious reason. You see Rachel is form a tribe called the Star Gazers. Well they don’t worship the stars like their name implies. They instead worship the old satellites that still orbit above the planet. At some point they managed to establish contact with an old weather satellite which warned of an approaching blizzard. They heeded its warning and took shelter. One blizzard later the ground work for a cargo cult had been laid. So climate satellite XJ379 became the first sky god. It has since expanded from there. There is a huge mythology I built for this added in spoilers as it takes up a lot of space.

Spoiler: show
They have a myth that their people were not born in the world by nature, but were born from machines awakened by a signal from the heavens. Far to the north, beyond what is now blocked off from the world by impenetrable ice storms. This sacred place was built by wise men who saw only destruction in the future brought on by their greedy brethren in the south. They wept for they were sure that the coming fires would be too great for man to survive, but their tears turned to purpose.

They began to labor in secret creating a place where man would survive while great thinking machines where tasked with predicting what to expect in a certainty doomed future. The machines brought up a grim prognosis for their fellow man and proposed an idea that had times not been so desperate would be considered mad. The machines did not believe that man in its current from was equipped to survive the new world. So they proposed creating a new breed of humans to help the other humans (there is disagreement on this some believe it is to live in harmony and help. Others interpreted it as replacing the “lesser race” leading to some divisions.) The machines also suggested that no current humans be allowed into this population. Instead using arachne means lost to time (artificial uteri and ectogenesis techniques while we struggle with the technology and ethics of such machines. The fallout world has the technology to do so as for ethics well sacrifices were made to brace for the coming war.)

The wise men were appalled at the idea, but could think of no other way. They had the materials to build the machines but to change Human DNA in such a short amount of time that was the issue. So in their desperation they made a deal with demons. (Literal interpretation is Dark Men who Lost their Souls. So bad dudes.) These men provided the funding the means of production and a specific ingredient to make it all possible. All at a cost. The wise men were asked to give up their homelands secrets, locations of bases, weapon caches, and where their leaders will flee in case of war. It was clear that these Demons would use this knowledge to help the south conquer their land with such knowledge and who knew what horrors would be unleashed upon their kin. They agreed.

And in the coming years the land was swarmed when the southern people attacked and quickly destroyed all who would resist. What should have taken years of war took days. And the wise men wept at what they had done, but their great work continued. Until they finished. The machines and their precious cargo of human seed were sealed safely in the care of the machines. No human would set foot in this place. Then the fire came. During which the thinking machines lay dormant waiting for direction. Soon a signal from the sky awoke the machine and began their great work. And soon new life walked the wasteland. These new people found the works of the wise men which told of great machine gods that walk with the stars and watch over the world. If these gods could be communicated with they will tell the future of great storms warn of dangers and if angered could rain fire down on the world once more. As time progressed the tribe was forced south by the hostile weather but they took their stories with them as well as some technology.

They found their way to Mont-Tremblant a mountain ski resort that was defensible, had fertile soil, and most importantly it has the means to commune with their gods. You see after the US annexed Canada they immediately began to utilize its resources for the war and constructing facilities that should be safe from Chinese nukes due to their remote locations. The US re purposed the resort into a satellite up link station and had expanded it as the war progressed into a functional array of satellite dishes.

What does this have to do with Rachel traveling to the Commonwealth. Well not all satellites are active most are simply dormant waiting for some condition or signal to react to. One day their relay station was pinged and an alert message was received form Poseidon Xg-11 observation satellite. It spoke of a sudden energy reading spikes in the Commonwealth, and that it was warning of possible Omega alerts should the spikes continue or grow in intensity. It advised that any nearby forces be dispatched to investigate and neutralize it. The tribal elders were concerned at first they tried to deduce if this was some sort of error. After all the gods can be a little cranky when they first wake up. No errors detected. Then came the Omens of constant detections of energy spikes in the area from Poseidon Xg-11.

It was decided that someone had to go to the Commonwealth and see what was happening. It was difficult as their senior scouts had already been sent out for the season searching for more holy mediums (satellite relays, communication centers, really anything that has to do with satellites.) Trials were held to select a new scout to take on the task. Rachel was victorious in her trials. It was of some concern to send someone so inexperienced and young on such an important task, but she had succeed where other fail the gods have selected their champion. And who are they to question them.

She was summoned by the elders and briefed on Poseidon Xg-11’s Omens. She was given the following mission 1. to seek out vaults in the commonwealth for useful technologies 2. to secure any holy mediums that can be found 3. to find the source of what was plaguing Poseidon Xg-11 so that the god would return to its peaceful slumber. With these tasks Rachel has arrived in the Commonwealth.
Its her first time out lets check up on her...

also deathclaws are tall

see she made a friend. So this will be my update for this week first section of the story will be out Wednesday.
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby tgawsome » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:50 am

Hello All!

First a quick update. I have written 30 pages of text and have sorted out about 80 pics. Yes there is vore and digestion.(sorry for safe vore fans. do not worry your day will come.) There is a slight change with the character first is the name. I really racked my brain for a better fallout tribal name than Rachel and I succeed. Second I have not changed the backstory but I did do a little bio just for the character form an interesting perspective. (with a little Easter egg for a story that inspired me to make this.) I need to re-read and proof my writing one last time tomorrow and then I will begin to upload my work.


Name: Akesisha Moon
Age: 26
Race: human subspecies known by local tribes as a Hunter (not very creative)
Height: 2.1 Meters (7 feet)
Weight: Aprx. 92kg (202 lbs) if fluctuates immensely with her diet.



She is a rather well-built specimen of her race. She is taller than the human base but instead of suffering from bone and muscular related complication her body operates at peek proficiency. (tied to the mutant strain known by the tribals as the Hunters Blood) She has unusual eyes they are completely different from human baseline. The most noticeable feature is that they seemingly glow a soft yellow. (may be due to mutated tapetum lucidum). Her eyes also have vertical slits instead of the normal round pupal. (this indicates subject may possess excellent or superior night vision. Also note such mutations are always found with those with the Hunter Blood mutation.)

The next most striking feature is the large abdominal cavity. (another indicator of the Hunter Blood mutation is an enlarged abdomen, but this does not appear universal. It appears to depend on diet.) The purpose of this mutation stems from the unusual diet those with this mutation. Those with this mutation are capable of consuming a creature their size whole. The biological demands to handle such a load is immense. as such those who indulge in such dietary measures, will slowly grow out their belly as they consume larger and larger organisms. (This will tapper out by mid 20s as observed with most.) Their larger abdomens allow for the existing organs to grow larger (particularly the stomach and intestine) and allows for the growth of new organs that produce far more potent chemicals to assist in digestion. (they are apparently born with the additional organs. They simply do not grow until a specific stimulus is triggered in the body chemistry.) As one can see this subject has indulged rather heavily on the creatures and denizens of the wasteland. (note most humans consumed had initiated violence towards the subject with a few isolated incidents of initiating without obvious cause.)

It should also be noted that those with the Hunters Blood mutation have a major increased in their muscle density and bone structure. This results in these individuals to be capable of great physical feats of strength above that of a normal human, but not the extent of a supermutant or an individual in powerarmor. It has also increases their durability as blows that would break a human’s bones will not necessarily break their bones. However, they are not indestructible only more durable than their base line human counterparts. It is possible for a human utilizing performance enhancing drugs or tech to match their physical prowess. Since our subject as mentioned before has the required mutation assume she is capable of greater physical abilities than appearance suggest.

This has a price however as the increased muscular and skeletal density has made her incapable of floating in water. If an individual enters a body of water, they will sink to the bottom of what ever water source they are traversing. This has lead to a great phobia of water in the subject. (it is a common phobia in her tribe both the Hunters and normal humans) It has been observed that this mutation makes one far more susceptible to electrical discharge. (may have something to do with increase of iron and other metals in the bone structure)

Akesisha Moon is a rather upbeat individual preferring to focus on positive aspects of a situation. Subject also displays a more gentle side and has been noted for her willingness to assist those in need even if the reward is rather trivial or nonexistent. However, it should be noted that she is capable of extreme violence if needed and has a vicious side when consuming individuals that have earned her ire.

She has a rather sarcastic bent to her and will often make witty comments in any given situations. She also has a rather high opinion of her own humor which seems to revolve around puns and obscure references. She is also rather devious. While she won’t start a fight she will occasionally goad another into a fight or use tricks and deceit to achieve her goals. She also tends to get rather pump in a fight due to the adrenaline high which may be more potent than what is achieved in a normal human.

She is a bit of glutton easily consuming more than is required in any given situation. She has little issue in consuming animals. (in fact, it’s a source of contention with some humans as she has a hard time understand the concepts of pets. Many unattended dogs, cats, and pet mole rats have gone missing in towns she visits.) She has consumed humans during her travels, but approximately 80% fall into the categories of initiating violence against her first. 15% are individuals who have not instigated violence against her but partake of a particular activates that are “immoral” in her eyes. (this mainly consist of slave traders, a few unscrupulous chem dealers i.e. selling dangerous products or selling to kids, a loan shark, and an individual who attempted to steal from her.) 5% are individuals consumed due to her mental faculties being distorted due to massive alcohol consumption or drug use. (this includes an exotic dancer, and individual who attempted to drug her, two hookers, and a bar patron) She does express deep regret towards those who were consumed during such an event. Assuming she remembers.

She is a trained scout for the Star Gazers tribe as such has extensive knowledge on survival skills and astrological navigation. (this is represented by the eye of Horus tattoo on her left eye.) She has received basic firearms and hand to hand combat training.( Represented by the tattoo on her hand. The glow is due to the ink mixture including Nuka Quantom.) As with all in her tribe she has received basic schooling in reading and writing. As a member of the Star Gazer tribe she has been taught basic computer use and repair. (Her tribe view satellite relays as holy mediums to communicate with their gods. I.e. weather, gps, and communication satellites. So, all members at the age of 12 begin to learn how to operate such devises so they can talk to their gods.)

She has a good hand with technology assembling the Holorifle she favors. However, she lacks the deep understanding of technology only that doing certain things will result in certain relations. (I.E. Putting this wire with this wire results in the computer turning on. Why? Who cares it works.) Like most in her tribe her technical aptitude is high but her understand of the basic principles are shaky. She also has limited knowledge of prewar history. (as does much of the wasteland)

She has a .223 revolver a popular weapon in her tribe. (recovered from an old Canadian armory near their locations that the U.S. missed in its sweeps.)
.223 revolver

a .308 Mosin Nagent ( a very popular weapon before the war even if it is a 395 year old design)
Mosin Nagit

A 7.62 AKM (more than likely a left over from Chinese supplies given to Canadian insurgence during U.S. occupation. A vast quantity of Chinese hardware was given to such groups. This has lead to most Canadians possessing some sort of Chinese weapon type.)

A 12 gag Hunting shotgun (conman sporting weapon found across the U.S. and Canada nothing unusual about it.)
Hunting Shotgun

And oddly enough a HoloRifle (this bizarre weapon was found by her brother during one of his scouting mission out to the west years ago. She has since cobbled together her own version. It is unknown if its inferior or superior to the original design or who built it.)

She also carries the following: binoculars, a knife, 10 stimpacks, 10 rad away. 6 Rad X, a flashlight, 10 road flares, and a PiP Pad. The PiP Pad is most unusual her tribe had obtained access to a crate of these devices and has only given them to their long-distance scouts. Since our subject has been initiated as a scout she has received one. She has spent most of the time playing the PiP fall game that came with the device. (high score unknown.)

While the subject has many interesting abilities and mutations, she is not a threat to our activities directly. It is my recommendation that monitoring of her status be conducted at the green level. While the S.R.B. is concerned with her physical attributes, I must conclude that she is ultimately a non concern. based on my current analysis she could easily stand against a gen 3 synth. This is expected as that type is only slightly superior to base line human. Against a Courser however. While her physical abilities may allow her to match a courser’s raw speed and strength, It is unlikely that she could match the skill, and if proper use of noted weakens are utilized a trivial fight. And if she does become a problem that’s what we have Kellogg for. To handle such problems.

Dr. Colin Mosley

P.S. I would like to send a proper recon team up north to Canada to study these tribes. They no doubt posses odd mutations not seen anywhere else in the U.S. resources can be pulled from Lawrence’s western expedition. Do you really believe that he will find human deathclaw hybrids out in the Mojave desert? That has to be the most absurd idea I have ever herd. I have hard data to back my claims and if you will allow it a living specimen. I hope for a speedy response.

Attachment height reference. ( I gauged her height based on known averages of things so could be inaccurate.)
average human 6ft

T-51b power armor 7ft

average super mutant height 10ft
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

Postby tgawsome » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:58 am

Hello All! well it is time for the first three parts of our story to being.

Chapter one: Destination.

“The Commonwealth itself is nothing but a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair. Inside the sealed environment of the Institute, however... “ – Dr. Zimmer



Akesisha Moon stood at the foot of a small rickety wooden bridge. She took a moment to reach into her bag and pulled out a single sheet of laminated paper. She carefully opened the sacred manuscript as not to tear it or smudge the ink. It was a rare thing to give a simple scout such a holy document. It was a direct print out of what Poseidon Xg-11 saw from its heavenly vantage point. However, considering the urgency the gods request, an exception was made. Akesisha examined the detailed map she was provided deciphering the arcane coding used on the manuscript She smiled. She had arrived at her destination after eight long days of travel from her home in Canada to the Commonwealth deep in southey territory.

It wasn’t bad at first. When Akesisha first set off from Mont-Tremblant it was rather dull. She was simply following the same roads she had walked before. Then the familiar paths ended as she started to push out of the Laurentian mountains. It was there that things got a little interesting. Akesisha was outside Star Gazer territory and was encountering “pure human” settlements. Akesisha didn’t really believe that people outside the Northern Tribes didn’t have hunters in their bloodlines. she always asked herself how any group could make it without such protectors. There is a lot of dangerous stuff in the world. Stuff that could swallow a human easily (such as herself). But somehow they get along well enough.

Apparently, the human solution to the individually weak issue is to band together. This is how the Principality of Quebec started a lot of human settlements banding together under a single leader. It was an interesting idea. She had often wondered what would happen if the tribes banded together in such a way. Instead the Star Gazers didn’t trust the Blood Eagles and they were at odd with the Brahmin Stealers, and no one trusted the Red Scorpions. So such a thing probably wouldn’t happen in her lifetime. Her tribe did have relations with the Principality trading the warnings of coming storms and rains that the god Glass Eye 277 provided to its followers.

This led to rather cordial relations between the two groups, although many were unnerved by the unusual appearance of some members of the tribe. They were friendly and offered shelter to her at nights. This began to change the further away from home she got. More and more people shut their doors and turned her away. (they probably had bad run ins with the Red Scorpions.) with one farmer giving her the evil eye as she passed then crossed the road and jumped a fence, so he wouldn’t be on the same road as her. There was plenty of other dickish stuff such as: asking for tolls, being constantly told rooms were full, disparaging comments. However, such things didn’t bother Akesisha. She had dealt with far worse things than simple bigotry.

There was a slight change in people's reaction to her when she first entered southey territory a land calledVermont. The people were wary but once it was showed that she wasn’t a threat thing went well. There were a few settlements that had shoot mutants on sight policies, but she was able to avoid them. However, the further south Akesisha went the more raiders there were and the less organized the wasteland became. There were a few cities along the way such as plane town that were prospering, but that became less and less the case as she traveled.

The last major settlement Akesisha stayed at was a place called HELL TOWN right at the edge of what was known as the commonwealth. The town was one step away from being a raider shit hole. In fact, the only thing that kept it from going full raider was that other raider gangs from the Commonwealth would come there to trade their loot and slaves. HELL TOWN was not a fun time. Akesisha thought if she staid a few days might learn some information about the Commonwealth. instead she found her time spent fighting off unruly drunks, arguing with the greedy inn keeper, and butting heads with slave traders who saw her as "exotic." She may have had a hand in a few slave traders “disappearing” without a trace. Then there were those two raider bosses, and then that one guy who “disciplined” the girls at the whore house. She didn’t think she would be allowed to go back after what had gone down there. Which in her opinion was a loss for them as she had the best jokes and was probable the most attractive person there. (then again when your standards are: full head of teeth, breathing, and a bearable number of STDs its easy to beat the local beauty standards.)

That was int he past She had made it finally well almost..Akesisha looks at the first obstacle to adventure a small river. While it is a shallow river, when you can’t swim any body of water can be a death trap. She looks at the bridge once more “Well it looks sturdy.” as she says this a single board cracks form the bridge and plummets into the river. Akesisha winces as she hears the plank of wood hit the water. Her mind instantly goes to how quickly she would sink into those waves.


A loud gurgle shifts her attention down to her belly. Akesisha begins to regret the raiders she had on the way. Silently cursing her glutinous ways, one or two raiders on the way down would have been enough, but no. Akesisha had to go for seconds and sometimes thirds and the consequence of those actions showed on her body. While she had welcomed the increase in size at first the wider hips bigger breasts, now she regretted it as her outfit was straining to cover her curves. It was her belly that had taken the biggest hit. Akesisha had large pot belly when she set off now she was sporting a spare tire. The plus side was it wasn’t the tub of fat she had feared it would be. It still had the toned muscles just under a few centimeters of fat. However, it looks like those raiders are gonna bite her in the ass. Akesisha takes a deep breath “well here goes something” and takes her first step on the bridge.

The wood creeks as she places her entire weight on the board, but it holds. Akesisha slowly makes her way across wincing with each creek and groan of the wooden structure beneath her. Ok this is a sign to start dieting. Cut back on the raiders just shoot them and move on from now on. As she approaches the middle of the bridge she feels the boards sag under her weight. I swear if I die because I’m too heavy for this bridge.. Her moment of reflection was interrupted by a loud crunch as a board splintered beneath her feet. “SHIT” Akesisha staggers and quickly extends her arms for balance. She manages avoid falling on her ass or worse into the water.



Akesisha takes a moment to collect her wits and begins to make her way across at a far more brisk pace. Eventually making it to the other side. She gives out a sigh of relief on the other side. “gods that was scary.” Akesisha looks back at the shallow water. She could probably wade through it easily. One of the advantages to being so tall, but quickly banishes the thought from her mind. Fuck that I’d probably sink in the mud. Or a mirelurck would grab me. Akesisha turns and takes stock of Sanctuary Hills and is not impressed.

There is no sign of habitation form settlers or squatters or even raiders (surprisingly). Akesisha considers looking in the more intact houses for some supplies, but decides to press on to the small path leading up the ridge. She steps over the bodies lining the path and reaches the top. Her eyes widen with excitement at what she found. A cog shaped impression in the ground. Vault Tech. Akesisha jogs over to the object and quickly realizes that its an elevator of some sort. Her excitement quickly turns to confusion. “How am I supposed to activate it?”
She lays her right arm on her belly and strokes her chin with her left hand. She tries standing in the yellow circle. Nothing. She tries stomping on it. Nothing. She tries jumping up and down. Nothing.


Akesisha looks around and notices a single light blue shack overlooking the elevator. She approaches stepping over more skeletons on the way. Akesisha peeks into the booth and notices a rather space shack. A few boxes a med kit and a console with a single. Large. Red. Button. Akesisha bits her lip. The elders warned against the pushing of random big red buttons. They summon security bots, trigger alarms, seal impenetrable doors, or make things explode. Akesisha looks over the console there are no recognizable buttons Even the arcane inscriptions of safety have worn off. So, she pushes it. And as expected was rewarded by a blaring alarm and flashing lights. Akesisha flinches and covers her head waiting for the inevitable explosion. Then nothing happens. “huh. I guess this one of the good red buttons.”

Akesisha looks out the window and sees caution lights around the elevator flashing. She cautiously approaches expecting some sort of trap to trigger. After a brief examination nothing happens. She steps within the yellow circle and the elevator suddenly lurches almost knocking her off balance. Then it begins to slowly descend into the dark abyss. As the last vestige of sunlight fade Akesisha asks herself. “maybe this wasn’t a good idea.”

Then sunlight is cut off leaving her with only the artificial light of the elevator. “at least its not dark.”
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

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Chapter 2: Vault Tech Calling!

After a few minutes the elevator arrives at its destination a simple security gate opens. revealing a massive cogged shaped door with the lettering of 111 in yellow on it. For a minute Akesisha doesn’t move. This is her first visit to a vault, while her brother had told her stories of the great vaults the southeys build to ride out the war. It in no way prepared her for the sheer scale of it. The door just scream secure and impenetrable with its design and odd shape. She slowly approaches the door and notices something missing. There is no exterior control panel.

She taps a finger on her chin thinking. Akesisha steps towards the door and knocks on it twice.

Surprisingly nothing happened. She checks the seems on the door for a breach. Nothing. She looks for any dripping hydraulic fluid or damaged or exposed wires. Nothing. Akesisha takes a step back and thinks. “Ok umm… OH!” Akesisha snaps her fingers “OPEN SAYS A ME” She stands with a smile on her face expectantly waiting for the door to open. nothing. “I thought that would work.” She says dejectedly. As she is considering giving up. The screeching sound of metal grinding on metal fills the room.

Akesisha steps back in shock. Still thinking her magic words had worked. As the multi ton door slowly opened with all its grandeur. Pulling back several feet then dramatically rolling off to the side of the vault. Then to Her disappointment the last bit was an underwhelming dinky little walk way sliding into place.

She recovers her wits and pulls her .223 from its holster. While her brother had told her stories of their wonder, He also had tales of horror from vaults and of the carnage forged in their science labs. Akesisha carefully entered the main room and was greeted by nothing. “HELLO ANY ONE HOME!” nothing. “ECHO!” Akesisha smiles as her own voice calls back in response. She takes a quick look around the room.

A couple skeletons lay on the floor. One has a tattered lab coat another a vault suite. “what happened here? Is any one- HOLY SHIT!” Akesisha screams as a large rad roach scittters our from under the body and lunges at her. She quickly puts a round in it killing it. FUCK! BANG! YOU! BANG! PIECE! BANK! OF! BANG! SHIT! Click. Akesisha pants heavily with her hart beating. “I hate those fucking things. How did they get in here?” Akesisha looks around the room again and notices a door leading deeper into the vault. As she approaches the door opens automatically.

Akesisha raises her weapon and is immediately hit by a breeze of freezing air. She shivers slightly from the sudden change in temperature and is reminded of her homeland. The felling of cold fades as quickly as it arrived as her bodies high metabolism for once benefits her. How do humans make it through the winter there so skinny and scrawny? Akesisha takes a deep breath feeling the chilly air in her lungs and exhales a steamy breath. She closes her eyes and thinks of what’s happening at home and how her family is doing. The moment quickly passes, and she opens her eyes. “focus got a mission to do.”

GROANNNNNNNNNN. Her belly decides its time to bring attention to itself. The sudden cold has her gut thinking its about to be the lean times soon. So, it begins demanding food, so it can prepare after all it takes a lot of calories to feed her metabolism which is keeping her warm in the fringed environment. Akesisha glances down at her belly. “really your hungry now.” She gives it a quick pat. On the one hand keeping this thing fed is constant source of stress. On the other having your own pot-bellied stove to keep you warm at night is a huge plus back home and right now.” First, we explore than we eat. Ok?” Her gut Grumbles in response. She ignores her stomachs response and heads deeper into the vault. Akesisha spots a window in the hallway and peeks inside. She is puzzled by the presences of a dozen large machines.

She enters the door leading to this side room. Akesisha approaches one of the pods it has a glass canopy glazed over with frost. She brushes away the frost and is startled to see a body. The corpse is frozen solid the face warped into an expression of agony.

“oh gods… Why would Vault Tech do this?” It wasn’t her first brush with death, but she had not encountered something so immensely cruel before. Akesisha looks at all the other tubes and correctly surmises that they too are full of corpses. Still she ends up checking each one each with a preserved corpse stuck in a pose of twisted agony.

“they’re… They’re dead.” She looks down the row of tubs. Then She notices a terminal in the room and access it hoping to find answers on what the hell was going on here.

Cryogenic Array: Offline. Premature termination resulting in system failure. Isolated Manual and Remote Overrides detected. Controls disabled.
Life Support: Offline. Premature termination resulting in system failure. Isolated Manual and Remote Overrides detected. Controls disabled.
Occupant Status Deceased. Couse of Death: Asphyxiation due to life support failure.

This wasn’t a glitch in the system it was murder. Someone remotely access the vault in conjunction with someone on sight access and shut off their life support and locked them in.. Akesisha tried to wrap her head around it. Why do it in such a cruel way? Why not just let them stay frozen? They can’t hurt anyone like this. Then it clicks. Was the energy spike Poseidon Xg-11 detected related to this mass slaughter? Akesisha nods her head. Of course. that’s why it so upset it so much. someone killed all these people and Poseidon Xg-11 witnessed this and couldn’t stand that whoever it was would get away. Akesisha now understood why she was brought here. It wasn’t random magic words that opened the Vault door. No. this was the work of the gods. Akesisha placed her right hand on the cryotube “I don’t know who you were, but know that I will find who has done this. Whoever this was will face justice and your souls will know peace once more.” Akesisha looks deep into the eyes of woman. Her face frozen in a mix of disperse, confusion and pain. “may your souls walk with the stars.” With that she walked out of the room.

There was another door to her right. Akesisha knew what she would find, but still she opened the door to witness the horror inside. Akesisha looked down the row of tubes with anger in her hart at what had happened then she noticed. One of the pods was open. Akesisha ran up to it and stopped.


“no blood. no signs of forced entry. hmmm” She looks closer in the pod and sees a small red lever pulled to the OPEN position. “an internal release. But why did this one work and not the others?” She looks around for a terminal and found one near the exit.

Cryogenic Array: Offline. Premature termination resulting in system failure. Isolated Manual and Remote Overrides detected. Controls disabled.
Life Support: Offline. Premature termination resulting in system failure. Isolated Manual and Remote Overrides detected. Controls disabled.
Akesisha cycled over to the opened pods occupant status.
Occupant Status: Unknown – Pod Door Manual Override Engaged

“well that conforms my suspicions.” Akesisha quickly looks through the listings searching for clues. When she finds an anomaly one of the pods has two occupants a woman and child.

Occupant Nora Status: Deceased Cause of Death: Severe brain trauma and internal hemorrhaging.
Occupant Shawn Status: unknown

“brain trauma?” Akesisha logs off the computer and approaches the indicated pod. She looks inside and notice the woman has a gaping hole in her head. “looks like a sever case of bullet in headitis.” Akesisha mumbles to herself. Oddly enough the familiar sight of a gun shot wound helps shake her from the shock of such cruel deaths inflicted on these people. She thankfully doesn’t see a freeze-dried baby curled up in her arms. So, someone got away, and someone opened this pod and shot this woman in the head and took a baby. She thinks to her self. “so, this all of this was a kidnapping?” She scratches her head. This changes a lot of things one a possible survivor who might have information on what happened and two an infant that probably needs to be rescued. One thing at a time.

“if I can find who crawled out of this.” Akesisha taps it with her toe. “I have a better shot of getting to the bottom of this.” Akesisha readies her hand gun and exists the chamber. “maybe this person went deeper in the vault.” She enters what looks like some sort of generator room. And giggles a bit when she sees a rad roach get zapped "stupid bugs". Akesisha keeps to the edge of the room to avoid a similar fate. When another rad roach come scurrying down the hallway.

Akesisha calmly shoots this one. Only to quickly regret this as several small rad roaches claw there way out of the larger one’s corpse. “Oh boy. That’s it. I’m out of here.” She begins to back pedal as the small horde of insects bare down on her. Akesisha fires twice one shot shatters a roach another blows its head off. Still others kept coming. She grimaces at the disgustingness of all then slowly switches to a smile when she has an idea. Akesisha leads the roaches closer to the generator. As she had hopped the stupid things try to take the shortest path to her. Right between the generators. Akesisha has to look away as a blinding flash of light fills the room. She looks up and see a pile of ash in the middle of the room. “Nothing like a little electricity to brighten one’s day.” Akesisha smiled at her pun. People tell her there bad, but they don’t have a since of humor.

Akesisha walks around the generator on guard for more bugs. When she sees another skeleton in a vault suit. Akesisha stops and looks at the body. Is this the one who got away? “is this all that’s left?” Akesisha asks herself. She kneels next to the corpse her belly contacts the icy cold floor sending a chill through her spine. She examines the body. “hmm this is old, very old.” She dismisses the idea that this is the lone survivor. Akesisha stands back up. “just another victim.” Akesisha pushes deeper into the Vault wiping out another band of rad roaches.

The door opens into the overseer’s office. “wow. This is no where near as large like the Vaults I was told about. Couldn’t be more than a hundred people in here.” Unless there all stored deeper in the Vault Akesisha thinks. The idea of a thousand-people dying like that sends a shiver down her spine.

She takes a moment to look around the overseer’s office and notices more bodies. "is this all that's left. Did anyone make it out?" she asks herself it was looking more likely that her sole lead was a pile of bones in the hallway. She shakes her head "no there has to be some one alive I can feel it." She begins to examine the overseer's terminal. a quick bypass unlocks the terminals secrets. Akesisha reads his logs, Vault techs mission statement. About the experiments, the mutiny, the cryolator… “wait a FREEZE gun.” In her excitement she forgets about all the horror for a moment and walks into the overseer’s private quarters.

Akesisha spots it instantly locked in a containment box with a clear case. “Ohhhhh! Now that’s a cool gun.” Akesisha smiles wide wishing someone was around to appreciate the joke. She attempts to open it and find that it’s got some serious security on it. She pulls out her gun and takes aim a the lock. She fires her revolver and the round impacts the metal with a distinct ping. “SON OF A BITCH!” She screams and dives to the floor as the .223 round ricocheting around the room. After a few moments she lifts herself off the floor and scowls at the still intact lock. “coming back for you later” Akesisha tells it. A quick look around turns up some 10mm ammo but nothing of interest.

Akesisha opens the emergency exit and find herself standing in the entrance again. “this really is a small vault.” Akesisha scratches her head perplexed at why they spent so much to make something so small. Then again southeys do a lot of things that make no since. Like football. She walks back to the elevator and stops at the threshold.

She looks back at the Vault. Did someone really make it out? Can I find them in time? Who opened those doors for me? Was it Poseidon Xg-11? Is it watching me? Is it displeased with my progress? Akesisha shakes her head and continues to the elevator. “got to stay focused” Akesisha steps on to the elevator and alarm sounds and the lift lurches back to the surface where the warm sun washes over her.

Akesisha takes a moment to adjust to the sun light then steps off the elevator. She stands on the edge of the metal plate overlooking Sanctuary Hills. Akesisha breaths in the warm air and places a hand on her hip.


OK, so first location wasn’t as promising as I had hopped. I know that two people left this place one against their will and the other escaped. This is all connected somehow, I know it. I’m not gonna give up one little set back won’t send me home empty handed. No, I was chosen to achieve greatness out here. I will overcome what ever raider gangs stand before me! I WILL NOT GIVE… grrrrrrrrrrrOOOOOAAAAANN!!!!

Her Stomach interrupts her internal monologue with its own comments. Akesisha sighs and places a hand on her belly. “ok. Ok. You win.” Her belly grumbles again. “sometimes I think I was born with a deathclaws stomach. So needy.” She looks out over the horizon. “Ok so let’s see what we can find.” Akesisha takes in her surrounding the radio tower in the distance now that would be something worth looking at. She looks at the ruined buildings beneath her doubt I will find anything of value, but you never know. See looks to the west and see a billowing cloud of black smoke. “wait what.” Akesisha quickly pulls up her binoculars and tries to make out what’s over there.
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

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Chapter 3: Some sort of flying machine.

Just North of Sanctuary Hills something is burning its hard to tell due to the smoke. All she can see is how recent it is and must have been something big to get that much smoke going. The only way to know is to head over there. Akesisha only thinks for a moment before she begins to move down the slope towards Sanctuary Hills. She sees that it on the other side of the river, but she REALLY didn’t trust that bridge. So, she circles along the bank until the fire is in view. She kneels in the grass and raises her Binoculars once more.

Akesisha sees a strange machine. It looks like a plane, but she has never seen a plane like this one. It looks like it nosed dived into the dirt and hit some nearby rocks. There’s a lot of damage one of the props was dislodged in the crash and burns near the river bank. Bits and pieces possibly a door lies in the grass nearby. “Who was flying that thing?” She can see some markings but there too hard to make out. She stands up checks her pistol and approaches the crash site.

Thankfully the “river” is just a creek at this point so it was trivial to wade up to the plane thingy. Up close Akesisha doesn’t see any bodies.

Might be in the plane thingy. This close she can see the markings someone has painted a face with sharp teeth along the sides and some smaller white symbols above them. Familiar symbols. “HELLO! ANY ONE HERE! IM NOT GONNA HURT YOU!” She calls out. No response just the slow crackling of the flames.
Akesisha makes her way to the plane thingy and takes a good look at the smaller white symbols.

She recoils back.

Akesisha sees it clearly now. A sword with eagle wings with three gears in the background. The brotherhood of steel. It has writing beneath it some strange southey writings and an odd southey flag with the brotherhood symbol with red and white strips as its back drop. It looks like the old southey flag of red stripes with white stripes and the thirteen stars on a blue backdrop.
Akesisha remembers all the times their people had clashed with the Steal Plague sweeping in from the southwest like locusts. Stripping all technology, they find even going so far as to meddle with sacred dishes and other holy mediums.

Then they decided that those with the Hunters blood were abominations and killed those they found. Much blood was spilt over the course of three years. Then they pulled back to their HQ in Chicago or somewhere. Something had happened to them apparently. Akesisha takes a closer look the symbol its similar but its not the same as the usually Brotherhood of steel. Then there is the whole flying plane thingy the steel plague she remembered didn’t have such things. Are there two Brotherhoods? Are they allies? Enemies? Does this group know that my people fought their brethren? Are they gonna shoot on sight because I’m a mutant?


It finally occurs to her that there aren’t any bodies. Akesisha checks inside the plane thingy. Just a single Assaultron lies in the central compartment. No bodies. “great now I have to worry about some power armored assholes taking shots at me.” Akesisha grimaces at the thought she doesn’t have anything to take down power armor. Her holorifle might do it. Maybe. Her thoughts are interrupted by gun fire. Bang Bang Bang Three quick shots in the distance. Akesisha quickly takes cover by the underside of the plan thingy. She waits for an impact but hears nothing. then three more shots ring out.

Akesisha peeks around the craft. Nothing. then three more shots. They sound close but not directed at her. Maybe it’s the survivors from the crash? Akesisha picks herself off the ground and advances towards the sound. It doesn’t take long to find the source.

( I learned that there is a 15 image upload limit. So just gonna shorten out some sections to make it more digestible for the site to handle. So expect some chapters to take multiple posts to cover while some just a brief blurb like this one.)
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Re: A Fallout Vore Story with Pics.

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(this is a lot more text than pics this time. There is not a way to show swallowing so that is all text also the digestion bits. all digestion is in spoilers as i like it rough. Finally we have suduction, vore, digestion, and conflict all the things that make a great story.)

Chapter 4: never trust a scaver.

About sixty meters form the crash is a single individual who appears to be target shooting. Akesisha looks him over doesn’t look like a raider. Akesisha watches him fire three more rounds at his target. A small bottle of nuka cola. All three shots miss hitting the rock behind it. Akesisha quickly drops him from the is a threat list. She can clearly see the rock is shot to hell and back. This man has been practicing for a while and its not helping him. At all.

Akesisha decides to approach him peaceably giving him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t a raider. “hello” the man jumps up startled and spins around gun in hand. “getterhandupwhereicanseethemyouan’tgettingmytreasure.” Akesisha raises her hands startled by his fast talk. “Easy. Easy. I didn’t mean to startle you like that. See I’m a friend. I’m going to raise my hands up nice and slow. See.” The Scaver’s eyes widen when he sees her. He first noticed how tall she was he probably stood up to her shoulder and her eyes. Her eyes were yellow and seemed to glow. He noticed that she is a big girl. Like beyond fat, her gut juts out in front of her past her rather large bosom., but it doesn’t look right. No not enough sag like fat and he knew what that looked like. He had seen a good deal of fat bitches in his life. This is like a big ball right in the middle. He sees she has a rather unique looking gun held up.

He jesters to her “what kind of gun is that stranger?”

Akesisha looks at her held up pistol “oh this it’s a .223 revolver.” Akesisha keeps a smile on her face trying to resolve their stand off peaceably. “hmmm so why you here?" He notices she is lowering her arm. "DON’T YOU MOVE!” Akesisha quickly puts her hand back up. “I was just holstering my piece. I would rather we talk about his than point guns at each other.” The scaver glares at her. “Well I said DON’T MOVE! Now answer my question.” Akesisha looks at him “well I was exploring the area and I heard shooting, so I wanted to check see if there were raiders around that’s all.”

The scaver squints his eyes at her ‘SO. YOU expect me to believe that horse shit.” Akesisha blinks twice. “What?” “OH, DON’T YOU WHAT ME. I know what you came for.” Akesisha cocks her head “What?” He presses on “YOU WERE GONNA STEAL MY TREASURE!” Akesisha blinks again “What!?” The scaver smiles at his genius “oh, Ya got you all figured out you fat bitch you were gonna shoot me then I caught you now you trying to seduce me with your feminine wiles. You think just because you shake a fat belly at me I would just give you the treasure. OHHHHH THINK A MOTHER FUCKING AGAIN!”

Akesisha stands in silence mouth agape. Her mind was reeling from the insanity just poured forth from this mans mouth. The treasure. The seduction attempt accusation. Calling her fat. The fact he thinks her belly is sexy. It all pooled together rendering her speechless. “humph figures confronted with the truth and you clam up they always do.” Akesisha stood in silence still overwhelmed with what she had heard. “Now I have every right to kill you for doing such a thing, but I am if nothing magnanimous in victory. I will not shoot you.” Not that you would hit me Akesisha thinks. “but I cannot let such a flagrant attempt to steal what is mine go with out punishment. So, you will place you knife gun and pack on the ground. Then you gonna bring your fat ass over here let me rub your belly a bit.”

Her mind goes blank “what.” he looks a little bashful. “well you’re the one who saunter out here with you belly just hanging out. Trying to as I may remind you rob me.” He stands a little straighter “it only be fair.” Akesisha stares at him running a couple situation in her head about killing him with her knife or gun. She was reaching for her knife then. Groaaaan. Her belly chimes in a suggestion. Akesisha smiles and decides to kill two brahmin with one bullet. “alright sounds fair you get a few rubs I get to walk away.” He looks shocked She begins to slowly lower her pistol then pulls her knife from its sheath and stabs it into the ground. Akesisha then takes off her pack, the mosin, the AKM and her holorifle. Once free of her gear she walks with a deliberate sway in her hips over to him.

The scaver watches as the amazon beauty approaches. With each step her breasts bounce and her wide hips shift. But his eyes follow her belly left and right. Soon it’s not something in the distance but literally in arms reach. He reaches out almost touches the smooth sphere then a hand slaps him way. He looks up gun still on her. “We had a deal” Akesisha lifts a finger and wages it at him. “first you holster you piece.” He narrows his eyes “what trick your gonna pull” Akesisha stands up straight arching her back pushing her breast and belly forward. “How to I know you won’t shoot me when you get your fill. Hmmm.” Akesisha movers her hands to her belly. “and besides don’t you want to use both hands. There’s a lot to grab here.” She then cups her belly lifting it slightly. Then she lets it drop a light sloshing can be heard from within.

Whatever suspicions the man head quickly dissolved with her belly sloshed in front of him. He quickly holsters his pistol. Then places both hands on her smooth belly. He is shocked at first it was warm. very warm. He could snuggle up to something like this and sleep all day. Then there was the texture it wasn’t the soft rolls like he was used to. This was a solid ball sure there was some softness just enough to squeeze, but not the big tub of jelly he had imagined. All the while she watched him.

Akesisha had to resist the urge to recoil form his touch. She just had to let him relax a bit then the opportunity would arise. Akesisha looked him over taking note of the pistol on his right hip. The knife stashed in his back trousers. And other things that could make a meal. Uncomfortable. All the while she can feel his rough hands pushing and needing into her gut. It felt good not the best but decent. Akesisha decides to toy with him a bit. “so, like what you see?”

“uhh what uuh Ya.” The scaver stumbles out an answer still preoccupied with her belly. “so how you do it?” She cocks an eyebrow at him still oblivious to his surroundings. “do what?” He places his hands on the sides of her belly “you know.” The squeezes her belly as hard as he can only push it an inch before hitting solid muscle. “this its nothing like I’ve ever felt. It soft but only a little." He feels her hands slowly wrap around its shoulder. He looks into her eyes. This close he can finally see them in detail. They are like a cat’s eye a vertical pupal and an unearthly yellow glow to them. Akesisha smiles “its two things one I was born this way and two I have a unique diet.”

He is genially interested “oh what kind of diet.” Akesisha doesn’t stop smiling and wages her finger at him again. “a secret for a secret you said a treasure where is it.” He is too enthralled with the belly in his hands and the soft face to even bother trying to resister her charms. “oh, it’s in that tool box behind you. Best place to hide something is in plane sight you know.” He smiles back. There was just a slight moment of concern as he considered her eyes. They did not waiver. Then her belly Gurgled violently beneath his fingers. Akesisha giggles. “well my diet usually is mole rat heavy there plentiful and delicious. However, it’s the other thing I indulge in every now and then that really gets a belly this big.”

He isn’t even looking up any more focused on the belly before him. “oh, what s that.” “hmm well there are a few problems with this diet one is the ethics behind it I can’t just indulge on these like I can with mole rats. Must be certain type and it must be a threat to either myself or the community at large. That’s not to mention these put up quite the fight so got to be careful getting them down.” She squeezes his shoulders and he looks up.

“so, what is it?” Akesisha pauses as she feels saliva pool in her mouth it has been far too long since she had really played with her food. “well its has one name the correct question is what kinds can I eat.” He feels her grip on him tighten harder than he expected. “what are you—” Akesisha interrupts him “raiders are the most common kind.” Akesisha considers his slowly widening eyes “and people who threaten to kill me or rob me tend to fit into that category as well. But every now and then someone will just push me enough to move there way out of the do not eat category.” He tries to reach for his piece when strong hand hoist him off the ground. “let me show you how it works.”

The crazed scaver eyes slowly grow in terror as she opens her mouth wider and wider until he is starring into a black abys. His scream is cut short as his face is shoved into her tongue. He feels it slather his head in saliva for a bit then he is quickly pushed into the esophagus. The powerful muscle grips his head and pulls the rest of his body in. Outside a clear image of a mans face can be seen in her throat and faint screams can be heard. While she was tasting him Akesisha calmly pulls his side arm from its holster and tosses it followed shortly by a knife a pair of brass knuckles and a second knife.

As she tastes him he noticed something off about the flavor. People tend to have a more port like flavor. But this one is different. She can’t place her finger on it. All the while the scaver screaming face plunges between her breasts.
Spoiler: show
. He then feels another resounding GULP grip his body and pull him deeper. His chest enters the throat which immediately squeezes the air out his lungs. With another swallow he feels a CRUNCH in his chest as a few ribs give under the pressure. He screams even louder or tried to with no air in his lungs and his chest being compressed there is no way to make a sound. Instead his face silently screams embedded in the flesh.

As Akesisha hoists his legs into the air for the final stretch. She then remembers the flavored! Its Chicken! He tastes like chicken! Akesisha gives his hips and legs a quick pat down for any more sharp surprises. Satisfied with her search she swallows again pulling his hips into her maw. The jeans are a little rough, but she knows her gut can take it. Akesisha can see his legs twitching and writhing in the air. You know if you had fought like that before getting half way down my throat you might have made it. Akesisha shrugged swallows once more.

Spoiler: show
The scaver is disoriented due to all the blood rushing to his head, the broken ribs, lack of air, and the sheer insanity of what was happening to him. He comes close to mercifully blacking out then he feels another contraction pull him deeper and into an even tighter sphincter. He gasps out of reflex when he pushes through and is surprised to feel his lungs fill with air. Then the stench hits him turning the gasp into a ragged cough causing further pain due to the broken ribs. He can’t see anything in her stomach, but his other senses are overwhelmed with stimulus. First there’s the heat that soft warmth he felt on the outside is nothing like bubbling cauldron he found himself in. Its like sitting too close to a fire its not painful at first but if you stay there it gets comfortable fast. Second is the stench a powerful smell of rotten meat and well vomit fills his nostrils and lungs. Third is the sound all around him he can hear the faint beating of a powerful heart which is drowned out by deafening groans and gurgles occasionally.

He has a moment of reflection on why he can’t feel anything. I new she was big but not bottomless maybe. maybe she is maybe this is he- he thoughts are immediately interrupted by a powerful swallow surging him deeper into the gut. He suddenly finds himself submerged into a thick viscous liquid of some sort. He loses track of the out-side world as more and more of him is piled into her stomach. All the while he thrashes to stay above the juices and slime that threaten to drown him. He finds it a loosing battle until with a powerful gulp he feels his feet enter the stomach. Now with fully entombed in the fleshy chamber he can maneuver himself around. He pulls his face out of the stomach juices and gasp for air. Then the stomach contracts around him and shudders violently stirring up the muck.

With a few powerful swallows, Akesisha's lips close around the scaver's feet and with her eyes closed swallows. The scaver's feet is carried form her mouth to between her breasts then a second swallow pulls the twitching bulge beneath her breasts. Akesisha swallows one last time to make sure everything was sealed up inside. she shudders slightly at the feeling of his body coming to a rest in her belly. She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. Akesisha smiles as she watches the scaver settle in his new home. The feeling of his hands and legs pushing against her stomach. “well at least your smart enough to know which way is up.” Akesisha comments as the scaver writhes trying to right himself above the acids. Akesisha reaches down and gives his head a pat. A deep gurgle quakes her gut followed by a massive belch that splatters out. Akesisha giggles “nice.”

“you know all you had to do was not be a dick. I know that’s apparently something you southeys are terrible at, considering all the raiders that live out here.” Akesisha continues to rub the scaver’s head. “Nope you couldn’t just be nice you had to pull a gun and demand I let you fucking touch me. Well how does it feel ? getting a good rub in there? Is this the kind of feel you wanted?” A muffled word is barely heard over her guts groaning. “ohhhhhh. No, it’s a little late for apologize pal. Your food now.” Akesisha licks her lips and tastes the tang of chicken.

Akesisha licks her finger and gets a little bit of flavor off it. “oh, it its any consolation you tasted like chicken. The first person I’ve ever eaten that tastes like chicken.” Another loud muffled scream rises in her belly and is quieted by a loud groan.

Akesisha walked over to her gear and kneels to the ground resting her belly on the ground. Akesisha sighs and holsters her pistol and knife. Then hefts her pack back on with her other weapons secured as well. Then with a grunt she heaves her belly off the ground jostling its occupant a bit. “OH, you mind if I take your treasure? I mean in a few hours you won’t be able to use it.”

Akesisha pats his head again and gets a moan in response. “good let’s go check out that treasure you were raving about. I really hope it’s something worth getting slowly digested over.” Another moan is the only reply as she walks over to the large tool box. Her belly sloshing with each step then a loud belch resounded in the clearing.

Spoiler: show
The scaver finds himself short on air again as the massive belch rips through his air supply and his ear drums. He shifts his hands along the walls pushing against them, and each push earns a shove in return. Then the wall pulse inward with crushing force. He quickly feels along his pants leg for his knives and finds none. He tries the one he keeps in the small of his back and it turns up missing. Its impossible to see in the sweltering darkness. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out his lucky penlight and turns it on. The light illuminates the walls of pink flesh moving around him and the thick green viscous liquid he is half submerged in. he looks up trying to see where he came from.

He spots the muscular ring that plunged him into this hell. He pushes up with his legs trying to lunge for freedom. The stomach violently churns inwards squeezing him back into the fetal position. The scaver tries to think of a way out when he feels something firm slap his face and begin to rub on it. It takes a moment to register what it is. It’s a hand. Her hand. He screams and he curses only for the stomach to shudder and another loud belch to rob him of more air. He can feel his legs starting to burn and his lucky coat is starting to come apart. Holes are forming in his shirt and jeans. He is faced with the growing possibility that he will be added to that fat gut so admired earlier.

Akesisha makes her way over to the treasure stash. She again rests her belly on the ground and prepares to open the stash. “let’s see what we have here.” Her stomach lurches slightly and gurgles in response. Akesisha opens the box to reveal. Akesisha is rendered speechless at the sight before her the only sound is her gut hard at work on possessing its new meal. Slowly reaches into the container and pull out. A single roll of duct tape, a screw driver, and a rather ornate fork. She calmly stands up with a bit of effort.

Akesisha sighs deeply and places her hand on her forehead. “all of this was over some god dam DUCT TAPE, A SCREW DRIVER AND A FUCKING FORK!!” Akesisha shouts at her stomach. Something is said with in, but it is downed out by her belly’s gurgling. Her rage slowly turns into pity “Sigh father said it's never good to kill crazy people. it’s bad karma.” Akesisha takes a breath and looks around and spots that the scaver had set up a small shack nearby.

Spoiler: show
The scaver had exhausted himself trying to fight the powerful muscles closing in on him. Then what little hope he had of escaping dashed when he felt her belly sway left and right. She had taken his precious treasure, and was walking away. Her calm walking sloshed away his hopes of escape. He simply begins to sob as the acids slowly eat away at him. The belly gurgled in victory as it moved to make him into a far more pliable shape.


“huh. This isn’t that bad.” Akesisha looks over the residence it’s a little sparse, but it has a mattress, a grill, and a small cooler all the necessities.

Akesisha quickly plops down on the mattress. “ahhh something soft to sleep on that’s a first.” Her stomach gurgled in contentment while the scaver continued to battle for his life. She gave her belly another solid pat.” welp I would love to stay up and chat but.” She stretches herself out on the mattress. “I really need you to digest. Ok. Nothing personal just got places to be questions to ask.” Akesisha takes a quire moment to reflect on what had happened while her belly gurgles. Her mind wanders back to vault 111 and what she had found. Who was flying the crashed plane thingy?

She suddenly sits up. “SHIT! I FORGOT TO ASK ABOUT THE PLANETHINGY CRASH.” Akesisha sits up. “HEY!” she slaps her gut forcefully resulting in a weak push and loud gurgle. “don’t die on me now I need you for something.” Akesisha reaches under her gut and shakes it up and down to get her meal to speak up. The only response is more moans and a lot of sloshing. “dam it. Ok note to self-interrogate then eat.” Akesisha lays back down on the bed her gut sloshing and groaning as she does so. “hmm at least don’t give me indigestion.” Akesisha asks her belly gurgles in response and a loud foul-smelling belch fills the room. “I’m gonna take that as a no then.” Akesisha rubs her belly as it rumbles. “gonna be a long night.” Soon sleep over takes her.

Spoiler: show
In side it’s a different story. As Akesisha laid on the mattress he felt his world shift then found himself submerged in acid and bile. He coughs and sputters and tries to push against the stomach walls. The belly groans and simple pushes him right back into the soup. He fidgets and manages to get is head above the acids he shines his light and cant find the sphincter that admitted him into her stomach. He figures that she is laying on her back. He pushes his hands into the thickening goop to find it. His search is rendered moot as the gut lurches to the side. Once again he is feels the acid and bile wash over him as he is tumbled in the stomach. He curses as he looses his grip on his lucky light which is quickly lost in the thick viscous liquid.

He frantically looks about he can barely see. His light simply isn’t powerful enough to shine through the thick reddening slop that he was trapped in. He desperately shifts about trying to feel for it only to find that he has no feeling in his legs anymore. He sobs. The scaver thinks back to his old crew Jenny, Paul, and Mark. They would have tried to save him from such a horrid fate. If the scaver hadn’t of killed them off. all in his delusion of protecting a treasure. A delusion that was not his own a simple mistake in his creation led to the mania and the cruel creators decided to let it remain unfixed. To monitor the behavior, and the effects of crippling mania on a small groups dynamic.


Akesisha tosses and turns in her sleep. Her belly gurgling steadily getting louder and louder. Dinner just wasn’t settling right. Small pockets of gas slip out in small belches as she sleeps then a deep rumble forces her out of her sleep. “ugh.” She lifts her head up and pats her belly. “what’s up with you? Its just one guy I’ve feed you worse things.” GRooooooAAAANNN!! Her gut shudders under her touch as Akesisha winces and feels something work its way up. UUUURRRRRPPPP!!!! A massive belch rips from her lips. “ugh. God that reeks.” She fans the fumes away from her face. “I told you not to give me indigestion.” He slaps her belly which only gurgles in response.

Akesisha roll on her back and rubs her belly. “dam are all the southeys in the commonwealth gonna be like this.” After a few minutes and a few breathy belches, she falls back to sleep and her belly moves into overdrive churning forcefully to break down the scaver meal. And soon her belly rounds out loosing its human features the sounds of her belly crushing bone and churning flesh doesn’t bother Akesisha in the slightest save for a few belches.

Spoiler: show
Not much is left of the scaver at this point. His bones, the hard leather boots and jacket, his clothing, his lucky flashlight, and a few curious metal components swirl in a slurry of meat and acid. The stomach contracts powerfully every few hours breaking up the hard to digest bits. As the mixture sloshes about gas bubble rise from the slurry and rockets to freedom in loud belches. After a few hours of the stomach churning the mush, the slurry begins to shift deeper into her body. Her powerful intestine begins to pump the chime, broken bones, partially dissolved cloth, metallic bits, and a small flashlight deep into her bowls to be absorbed into her body. Through it all Akesisha had the best sleep in weeks.


Soon morning comes and Akesisha continues to slumber as her belly has possessed a great deal of the scaver through the night. It has reduced significantly but was still a long way from being at her normal size. The sunlight first warms her belly causing a relaxed smile to appear on her sleeping face. Soon the sun light begins to climb up her mountainous belly until finally the sun shining on her face. She feels a warmth on her face then slowly wakes squinting and raising a hand to shield her eyes.

She then rolls on her side felling her bloated intestine shifting within her.
She looks down at her belly and smiles in approval at its hard work. “see girl I told you that you could handle him.” She feels her gut rumble as something slithers deeper into her guts. She simply enjoys the feeling of fullness for a few moments. “sigh. You know I do feel a little bad about eating you.” She looks down at her bloated middle. “then you had to pull a gun on me and had to be weird with the whole rub my belly thing.” She rubs a hand across her gut feeling her insides shift and gurgle around what’s left of the scaver.

She then lifts herself to her knees.
“well in a way you get to contribute to the thing you like the most. Sooo. That makes it alright then. Right?” a light gurgle Is the only responses. Akesisha pats her belly “see it all balances out in the end.” A deep Rumble builds suddenly in her guts then a loud brassy belch burst form her lips."BwooooooOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRPPPPPP. Omph. Ok still upset with me. I understand.”

She then rises to her feet and pick up her gear. Then roles her shoulders and raises her left arm skyward and her right stretches above her head and grabs her left arms elbow.
Akesisha feels her back pop. “Ahhhh… Nothing like a good stretch to start a day.” She lowers her arms. She’s still full from her scaver meal so decides to forgo breakfast, and to push onward.

She walks outside her belly swaying and sloshing down the steps. Soo where to go now? She stops at the bottom of the stare and rubs the top of her belly. Hmmm. The vault didn’t have any information. There has to be some one in the commonwealth that’s not a raider or an crazy asshole. She pats her belly a few times with that thought. I guess I’ll stick to the main roads and hope I find some traders. There usually a good source of info on settlements and what to avoid.

With a full belly, and confidence in her success Akesisha heads southward to loop around Sanctuary Hills. As She still didn’t trust that bridge especial with her latest meal weighing her down even more.

Deep under ground a group of scientist wounder what he hell just happened to one of their synths. They were monitoring its vitals and they just when ballistic then slowed to a stop. Its system diagnostic transmitted every traumatic injury it sustained and it did not paint a pretty picture. They check its environmental readings their synth had found its self in an environment with a temperature of 40 C (105 F) an atmosphere of such insane toxicity loaded with acid substances some of which could only be found in chemical plants. The research team appealed to higher authority to have the matter investigated. A committee is scheduled to hear their complaints in a week. So they began to diligently record every scrap of data they could. They were confident they would have an answer of some kind by them. After all there is little those in the institute could solve when they put there mind to it.
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