The Goblin & The Mage [Submissive] [Micro] [Disposal]

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The Goblin & The Mage [Submissive] [Micro] [Disposal]

Postby TheHandler » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:01 pm

I write as a favor for a friend who has encouraged me to publish my work. These stories feature intimacy between two females, are entirely soft vore, typically have extremely submissive prey and mentally tortuous preds, and end with disposal. They are in four parts, which I will color code. Black is the setting, Blue is the start of the mouth til the swallow, yellow begins the throat and stomach, orange is past digestion, and red is disposal. I've attached two drawings for character reference. Note that I do these in one draft written on the fly, but for this I've gone back and added much more detail and some embellishment. If there's any typos, that is why.


The Mage
The Goblin

The Mage was a young woman with delicate, feminine features on a long journey to a distant Guild meeting. She was weary from travel, and intended to only stop through the small town at the edge of the Goblin's territory, but was distracted my the charms of a particularly feisty Goblin mechanic. The stocky green woman was not even five feet tall, but her brown eyes could pierce whatever front the Mage could put up. At her stall, she intended to only buy a few gadgets to occupy her time during the next stretch of road, but the Goblin sold her much more: a date. She picked up the girl's loneliness and insisted she stop by for tea and other comforts. The blushing, shy young girl put up token resistance but was eventually compelled to agree on a time.

Now sitting awkwardly at the wooden dining table of the Goblin's house, everything just barely too small to fit her right, she delved into conversation with her date. Slowly the Goblin peeled back her layers, discovered the Mage was a journeyman of illusion and transformation schools. She convinced the girl to grow a gold coin for her, and the Goblin promised her a reward, coyly hinting it would be sex. The Mage broke out into a bright blush and shyly looked away, though the skilled merchant could see, as she had before, that she was not resisting.

"You're so cute, I could just eat you up", the Goblin said, scooching her stocky body from the chair and making her way to the low counter top behind her. The Goblin kind had invented contraptions to boil water and brew coffee unattended, and she began to make drinks for the pair. The Mage let out a small, surprised pout; the Goblin heard it. Glancing over her shoulder and peering at her with a raised eyebrow, she focused in on the nubile woman. She clenched her knees together and hid her clutched hands between her thighs, legs spread out wide to accommodate the low seat she was in. Her body was tense from embarrassment, and she was smiling awkwardly to conceal it.

The coffee pot began to gurgle as steam escaped the top and coffee water dripped below. She used a small glass stick to stir the coffee into milk, and with a tiny spoon dabbed whipped cream on top. As she did this, she indulged her curiosity. "You can grow things, but can you shrink them?", she asked. Her tone was methodical, she knew how it was going to play out already. "Of course", the elf responded, nervous but confident in her craft.

Approaching the table, now with two cups in two porcelain trays in hand, she set one in front of her date and one in front of her empty seat. "Can you do this to things that are alive?" She continued while climbing back into her seat, her tone not shifting from a sort of smug persistence. "We're not supposed to", she said, more quietly and less confidently. "Especially not sentient creatures. That violates the Mage's code."

"What about yourself? Have you ever thought about doing that before?" Now peering over her coffee cup at the Mage, green chin sitting firmly in her pale green palms and elbows on the table, mischievous grin on her lips. The Mage began stuttering as she tried to reply, shifting in her chair as she she almost shook with nervousness. Her body bumps against the table, and a small splash of coffee and whip cream drop over the edge of the cup into the tiny plate below. Shifting her head onto one palm, the Goblin uses her free hand to extend a single stubby index finger to drag across the spill and capture the whip cream. Putting the finger to her dark green lips, she pushed the dab of foam into her mouth and closed her lips around it. Slowly, excruciatingly, she drags it out with an audible *pop* punctuating the end. The Mage was now a fish on a hook she was reeling in.

She replied, stuttering, haltering. Whatever trace amounts of confidence she had was now obliterated by a few choice words. The bright blue eyes menacing her behind a curtain of short-cut light brown bangs were like a magic in and of itself that was forcing her to tell the rtuth. "That would, -- I wouldn't --, There's no reason to do that!", she replied, her shattered answer feeding the Goblin's ego and ambitions. A few seconds passed, and neither could be sure if the thumping sounds they were hearing was the clock or the Mage's heart racing. "That doesn't answer the question", she said, after sufficiently dragging the silence out.

The Mage could no longer maintain eye contact, and her long blond hair obfuscated her face, blushed beet red with shame. Her heart was in her throat, and her throat was too tight to allow her to speak. "Lets play a game," the Goblin teased, "Truth or Dare. You first." The Mage looked up, her own blue eyes meeting her predator's for the first time since diving into the topic became too humiliating for her. This was her chance to think of something distracting, to shift the topic away. Maybe the Goblin would forget. Her mind was sharp, and she was quick witted, but being put on the spot like this after such teasing staggered her. She couldn't think of what to say. Surely, she would ask for a Truth, as it the Goblin would do the same. What to ask? Favorite food? Favorite color? Highest aspiration, darkest secret? Maybe something sexual: perhaps she could lure her into safety with a lewd remark.

Too many options, she panicked and blurted out, "What do you want the most right now?"

The Goblin's patient smile now curled into a wide grin, her lips parting to show pearly white teeth hidden just under the surface. She opened her mouth a little wider before speaking, summoning the right words for her kill shot.
"I want you to make yourself three inches tall so I may eat you like a candy." Her words were spoken so confidently and calmly, as if this was something she would say any day. It was almost a whisper, but they rang so loud in the Mage's ear it was as if a gun had been fired next to her. Her mind reeled and her chest became tight with anxiety.

The Goblin leaned back into her chair, her large breasts pushing over her arms as she folded them to her stomach. Her cleavage was exposed in her low-cut top, and the shell-shocked Mage, incapable of any thought as she was lulled into a spectator of her own life, drifted her eyes onto the massive pair. Whatever sensibility she had in her was screaming at the top of its lungs to flee; that this stocky green seductress was going to be the end of her if she didn't run out of the house right that second. She considered it, her mind calculated the physical energy it would take to lift herself from the chair and dart out the door, time passing so quickly while her mind ran so slow. Perhaps the Goblin's words were magic after all.

"My turn", she said, smiling still. "Dare. I dare you to make yourself three inches tall so I may eat you like a candy." The room grew quiet after she spoke, and the Mage tried to muster the energy to leave, but was too tightly torn between staying and becoming a plaything to this confident master, or living to see another day. The warm, kind demise in a woman's stomach, or yet another month in the back of a caravan killing time on the bumpy, uncomfortable road surrounded by people she did not know and did not like. Attempting to stand, she instead stumbled and fell to her knees, clutching at the table while her legs shook like jello.

The Goblin lifted herself from her chair and walked over to her side. With a gentle caress of her cheek, she compelled her new pet's head onto her breasts. The Mage instinctively wrapped her arms around the Goblin's wide waist for support, pressing her chin into her cleavage and staring up at her blue eyes with tears welling in her own. She pleaded, "If you eat me, I don't come back!" She fought her own clenched throat as the Goblin stroked her long hair comfortingly. She didn't truly care if she came back; it felt as if she wanted certainty, if she wanted her mistress to mean what she was going to do to her. "I know, baby. Do it anyways, for me." In the light of the room, the Goblin's bangs hid her blue eyes in shadow as she spoke, but her pearly white teeth could still be clearly visible between her parted green lips.

She closed her eyes and focused on her invocation. Within a only few moments, she had changed. Perhaps, in ordinary circumstances, she could have change back, but these were not ordinary circumstances and she was not willing to defy the wishes of this Goblin woman. Her assertiveness and attractiveness was a more potent magic than anything the Mage had learned in her years of dedicated study. And now, she sat on the floor naked, a cup of her pink bra casting all light around her in that color. She wondered if this was what it would look like in her stomach, but that daydream was interrupted by reality: the small, feminine green hand toppled the bra over and wrapped her stubby fingers around the Mage. She wiggled instinctively against the pale green palms that a minute ago cradled the sweet-talking mouth of her predator.

As the Goblin raised the The Mage to her face, she uncurled her hand. The Prey sat her bare butt in the palm and closed her thighs tightly, covering her nipples with her hands. She hid her bright-red face in shame again as the Goblin peered down at her over her cheek bones. "You are a pretty girl," she said, speaking gently, the warm breath rushed over her. "Stupid, but pretty." The Prey covered her face in her hands, hugging her knees up to her breasts. Her body felt like pure, bottled embarrassment. Each time the Goblin breathed, the air would brush over her and blow through her hair, a constant, looming threat.


"Walk in", she commanded, opening her mouth. The Prey looked between a crack in her fingers, looking coyly between them to see her fate. A strand of saliva dangled between her canine teeth, wiggling as the Goblin breathed, the breath still blowing over her naked body. Each breath fought the cold, stagnant air of the room. Her skin spotted with goosebumps, and her fuzzy blond hairs stood on end. Each breath became more comforting the last, until she desired the warmth of her Predator's body more than she desired life. Standing up and exposing herself to the open, she found confidence for the first time since the start of her 'date' in deciding to march forward to the gaping, pitch-black maw in front of her.

The squishy tongue was strange to walk on, like a moon jump or a trampoline, but it twitched slightly as the Goblin tried to keep the muscle still. The tastebuds squished between her toes and tickled her feet, and the saliva squeezed out of the crevices and collected over her foot like how it would walking on damp sand at the beach. She walked far enough in that her head touched the textured roof of her Predator's mouth, and decisively sat her bare ass down on the back of the tongue. The saliva invaded her private areas, covering the bottom of her thighs and riding up between her legs. She faced forward as the teeth closed, locking her away from her freedom.

The tongue rose up and began to grind her into the roof of the mouth. Brief moments of time allowed her to catch her breath, but the tongue would only dip to collect saliva pooling up under her tongue. The Predator slowly began to drench her food in her spit, wetting the Prey to be swallowed in one easy, fluid motion. This became obvious to the Mage, but perhaps some part of her held hope that this was one a domination fetish. It wasn't for real. Just a silly dare as part of an elaborate date.

With a loud gulp, the gush of saliva flooded the back of the Goblins't throat and send the morsel of food down to the total darkness of the stomach.


As the constriction of the throat gently massaged her down into the pit below, she held her breath, tears in her eyes mixing with the saliva around her. She wondered if she would suffocate in the throat, contorted into an awkward pose, but as she was dragged deeper and deeper into the stocky body of her predator, eventually her head and shoulders poked out into the space below. It was not like her bra at all. There was no light, and the air was acrid with the stench of chlorine. She did not know how far the drop would be until she fell, but she could already hear the gurgling of the stomach as juices flooded in to greet her. Aside from that, only her mistresses's breathing and heartbeat could be heard. It was much, much louder than she imagined, as if the Goblin machinist's body itself was loud machinery that she had been fed to as fuel. When she thought no other sound could be heard from the outside, the Goblin stretched and burped loudly, giggling and covering her smirking lips with the flat of her fingers in her first show of modesty that evening.

When she did fall, it was not quite as far as she had expected -- or hoped. Instead of being a large cavern for her to stew in, she was confined in a tight pocket of the Goblin's body she could not stretch out in. Balled up and almost hugging her knees, she rocked back and forth as the vibrant stomach walls writhed and undulated. She wondered if this was her lungs forcing the stomach to move, but realized it was the stomach itself actively processing her as she stared up at the black nothingness in front of her.

The juices she was seeping in became hotter over time, and her mind began to race. She had morbid thoughts of growing back to size to save herself, but as she did coffee and whip cream began to dump on her head as the Goblin began to take sips of her drink. Even from within, she could hear the slurping noises of the drinking from outside the body. She remembered the witty little Goblin and her stunning physical beauty. Any thoughts of saving herself were blotted out of her head; she could only serve her predator. Even if she wanted to, the unimaginable reality she had found herself in was too much for her to focus. She could not conjure enough magic to even illuminate her surroundings, and she doubted she would even want to see what was happening around her.

Even as more coffee and cream dumped on top of her, she decided she wasn't going to do anything. She decided it would be better just to let herself be eaten. It was embarrassing to even have this thought, but she was so defeated at that point being ashamed of something hardly mattered. "What good coffee", she heard from outside, the Goblin's voice deeper and cluttered by noise from within. As the Goblin leaned back and rubbed her full belly, she could feel the little lump inside her, and the former Mage could feel the pressure from outside. She hugged her knees and accepted her fate as a tea biscuit as this final caress filled the entirety of her belly with coffee and digestive juices.


The muddy, brown-colored (and slightly magical) chyme that dripped from her stomach into her small intestines was all that remained of over two decades of studying and hard work. The Mage wasn't around to worry, however, as all her concerns had been wrapped up nicely for her. She now laid out in the digestive tract of the goblin who herself laid comfortably on her sofa, looking up at the ceiling and reading a book. Aside from the tick-tock of her hand-built clock, the only noise to be heard in her living room was the gurgling noise of the Mage's remnants being absorbed as it traveled to its final destination, omitting gasses that would wheeze and bubble within.

The fuzzy, felt-like interior of the intestines rubbed up against the chunky slime and absorbed the abundance of nutrition that the combination of coffee and naive girl had to give. By the time it reached the end of the intestines, the Goblin had passed out with her book clutched to her heart. She snored loudly as her digested churned inside her. It was the perfect time for a nap, the caffeine of her drinks long subsided.


Now an unrecognizable mess, the indigestible remains of the prey collected in the colon. One long, slender log of firm, green-brown clay (which turned dark brown towards the end, stained dark by the coffee she had drank) sat ready to be disposed of. It filled the Goblin's tiny bowels uncomfortably, the mass stretching the colon and putting pressure on the sphincter. After hours of comfortably sleeping, the Goblin wakes to the discomfort. She groggily, smacks her lips and rolls over to her side, releasing a few pops of air in the process, the remainder groaning in her bowels as it shifted inside her.

She yawned and stretched while still laying down, not wanting to leave the comforting warmth of her spot on the sofa. After a few moments of peacefully and sleepily staring into the late night darkness of her living room. Forcing herself to rise up, she made her way to the bathroom. Her feet touching the cold tile, she warily approached the porcelain throne. Gently setting herself against the plastic lid, she shivered as the cold touched her warm body and her hairs stood on end. Her chubby buttcheeks spread apart, her tiny dark-green anus puckered uncomfortably as the cool, still air sitting above the water below touched it.

Resting her hands on her knees, she put pressure on her bowels to force the log out. She would let out small, cute grunts, pausing only to catch her breath. Her face's green color darkened as she strained her body. The effort paid off, and as the tip of the log poked out from her butthole, she gasped for air. The turd quickly began to evacuate her body on its own, relieving pressure inside her as it uncomfortably stretched her anus in a quick movement. Splashing into the water below in three long, slender chunks, her sphincter winked repeatedly as it stretched back to its original tightness.

Taking a few sheets of clean white paper, she bent forward and pushed her hand between her large bubble cheeks to clean herself of whatever dirt the muddy remnants of the Mage had left behind. With all due respect the remains deserved, she dropped the sullied paper into the dirty water below and stood up. With one tap of the handle, the running water rushed down to dispose of the shit in the Goblin's sophisticated sewer system.

As she retired to her room for a proper night's rest, the Goblin stripped down and tucked herself under the covers. Resting her head on the pillow and cleared her mind for the night's rest, she thought back on her little date that night and wondered if there was anything she would have done differently. At first, she regretted not having sex with the tall pretty girl before eating her, but then again, she was so naive she wouldn't have been much of a good lay. Oh well. At least she tasted good.
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Re: The Goblin & The Mage [Submissive] [Micro] [Disposal]

Postby xIso » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:58 pm


You should write more of this

This is good shit
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Re: The Goblin & The Mage [Submissive] [Micro] [Disposal]

Postby Mortaven » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:44 am

X3 Excellent story...and still so rare to have good goblin preds >w> And a story that goes all the way. If ya had it in a gallery here, I'd fav it n_n
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