Ralf. The Gentle Giant Dog

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Ralf. The Gentle Giant Dog

Postby xanderman » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:22 pm

Ralf. The Gentle Giant Dog . a story about a man accidentally discovering he liked vore By Xanderman

Note: Uber novice. sorry about the scratchy beginning, and i Hope its not too boring, as it's not a short story. I wanted it to feel as plausible as possible (whilst ignoring the laws of physics mind you)

Chapter 1, the new beginning.

I was 18 when I decided to move away from home. Not that I had a reason to leave, but more to the point I didn't particularly have a reason to stay.
I wanted to hike around the country. So off i went drifting from one town to another, and taking work when i could find it. There was one place stopped me though. It changed me for the rest of my life. A small village in the Cotswolds. It was everything you'd expect, with beautiful rolling hillsides, and an ever-changing scenery that came and went with the seasons.
It was a beautiful summer's day, when I first strolled into Chilson. It was a tiny place and the whole village, which was almost a hamlet, was pretty much crammed onto one road and surrounded by farmland. In the distance was a large forested area. I had to stop and take a deep breath. The aroma of cut grass and wild flowers welled inside of me; I felt so relaxed.
As I explored I saw a man tending to his garden, "Good morning" The man turned and leaned on the handle of his garden fork. "Mornin'." He fidgeting with his cap. "Watch out for Ralph!" I threw an enquiring look at him. "Who's Ralph?" The old man chuckled slightly. "You'll know him when you see him. Don't worry, he's friendly."
I thanked him for the information and continued on my walk. Who on earth was he talking about. Ideas rushed through my head of a grumpy old half blind, and half deaf farmer, possibly a bit too gun happy for his own good, or maybe he was a village drunk. You know the kind, the ones that shoehorn themselves into your life, who are terribly nice, but incredibly hard work to deal with.
I bumbled around aimlessly taking it all in, when I happened upon a pretty little village store. I decided to go in and look at the adverts to see if there were any job vacancies; I was running out of what little money I had left. "Do you need any help son?" I heard this frail voice, as I was pondering the cards in the window. I turned and saw this sweet little lady with her half Moon librarian glasses, and a shock of white curly hair. She had her head down studying a crossword.
"I was wondering if there were any jobs available in the area. I'm hiking around the country, but I'm getting low on money and could really do with some work." She barely lifted her head and squinted over her glasses. "Your best bet is to try up at the farmhouse. They're always looking for new farmhands." I nodded. "thank you" I scrunched my face and rubbed my chin. “Who’s Ralph?" "He's probably up on the hill." She said; I was taken aback "Not where! Who?"
She chuckled. "Don't you worry about that. You'll meet him soon enough."

This annoyed me a little bit, but then she smiled, which calmed me and she pointed in the direction of the farmhouse. I thanked her and left in the hope of finding some work.
I walked towards the farmhouse, which was a rather grotty looking building, situated at the end of the road, and sat the bottom of the valley. I could see a dog lying on top of the distant hillside by a hedge.
Is That Ralph? I thought.
I approached the house and pushed open the rickety gate, which was in turn holding up the dilapidated picket fence. I knocked on the door and a proper ruddy nosed farmer stepped out. "Aye?" I looked at him sheepishly. "Hello. I'm new in town and I was wondering if you had any jobs available. I'm hiking around the country, but I am getting kinda low on money and really need the work." He pursed his lips and sucked his teeth. "Aye." I sighed in relief. "Fantastic, what kind of work will I be doing." He hoisted and re adjusted his sagging trousers and flicked his suspenders. "All sorts. You'll get twenty pound a day. A place to kip and food in your belly mornin noon'n'noite." I was pleased to hear his offer. The money wasn't great but a bed and 3 meals a day closed the deal. "When can I start?" He snorted and spat in the empty flower pot that resided by the door. "Ows 'bout now?" he said " It's ‘bout time for Ralph to get his feed." He stood as if deep in thought before erupting. "Follow me!" He walked with an incredibly strange gait. It was almost a wobble; like his legs couldn't bend the knees. We walked into the farmyard behind the main house, and he pointed toward a tractor.
I was confused. "I thought you said Ralph needed feeding?" "Aye." I squinted and turned my head. "I assume that Ralph is the dog I saw on the hill?" "Aye." "So what do we need the tractor for?" The farmer raised his eyebrows. "We ain't dragging his bloody food up that damn Hill!" Still, utterly confused, I looked in the trailer, which contained a dead cow. “HuH…” I turned toward the farmer. "You're going to feed a dead cow to a dog?" He retorted with a mild chortle. "Aye." The little voice in my head started screaming. Don't ask any more questions, just go along with it. You got a good deal; money, food and lodging. Don't blow it! "Driven tractors?" He asked. I shook off my thoughts. "Yes." He started opening the gate to the field. "Come on then." pointing to the hill side "Drive it up there. He knows what to do."

Chapter 2. The meeting
Perspective is a peculiar thing, isn't it? It can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. In this instance, however it led to very strong optical illusion. As the tractor chugged and puffed, I was convinced it was in low ratio and in the slowest possible gear, as I was travelling towards Ralph. However, when I looked down to check the gear selectors, I could see the speed at which grass was passing under the tyres. For a moment I thought I may have been sun stroked and hallucinating, but after an almost comedic eye rubbing double take, I realised what was going on.
I slammed on the brakes and sat motionless for a moment. That wasn't just a dog lying on the hill by a hedge; it was a massive dog lying by the edge of a forest! I struggled to believe my senses. I had barely had a chance to take it all in, before I had even realised that Ralph was now alert and looking straight at me.
I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights, as he leapt to his feet. In shock and thinking of running, I accidently popped the clutch, causing the tractor to lurch forward and stall. This startled Ralph, as he recoiled slightly and paused. I was figuratively marinating in thoughts of fear and curiosity when he started walking over with his tail lowered and his nose twitching. Don’t worry I thought to myself. The man in the village and the old lady had love in their voices when they spoke of Ralph; this did abate some of my nervousness. "Hello Ralph" I said in a chipper voice as he walked over to me. His ears perked and his tail started to wag. I physically shuddered as the stress left my body. I realised he was as uncertain about me as I was about him.
We have always had dogs in our family and I had always seemed to understand them; more so than some humans in fact. I was asked by the farmer to take his food to him, which as any dog owner will tell you is a good way to Gain trust. I took a breath and calmed. I let him gather my scent, then he relaxed and started to pant as he walked closer. This beautiful creature was gigantinormous his head alone was 6 foot long, and he had paws the diameter truck tyres and legs the size of tree trunks. I wondered why the farmer even owned a tractor; this dog could tow a house! His head was stooped a few feet away from me. Out of habit, I held my hand out to let him gather my sent, and he came cautiously closer lowering his head and bringing his muzzle to within inches from it. I stroked my hand gently down the middle of his massive moist nose, which in hindsight was not a good idea as it almost instantaneously, made him sneeze, and blasting me off the tractor onto my arse on the floor. I heard a laugh in the distance and I realised that the old farmer was still by the gate, and watching this all unfold. I leapt to my feet trying to regain some dignity, while half laughing at myself and brushing mud off of my backside.

I looked back up at the farmer, who was still chuckling to himself, but now pointing semi-urgently behind me. I quickly turned and Ralph had already picked up the cow and was proceeding to shake it... Now, I was covered, in mud... and blood and guts. Ralph rapidly polished off his meal and was now paying attention to me. He stepped over the tractor, making it look like a child’s toy, and stood in front of me. I stared into his beautiful brown eyes, then he nudged me to the ground with his muzzle and proceeded to lick all the blood off me.
This surprised me, as I wasn't actually frightened at this point. Whilst he was a massive powerful beast, he was also supremely gentle. Each lick was like a warm moist blanket. It was delicate to the touch; it wafted over me in waves, and wrapped around me in a prehensile fashion. I could feel how smooth and slippery his tongue felt on the underside and it had a slightly rough even rubbery texture on the top. I went to wrap my arms around his tongue. Unfortunately, it surprised Ralph and He recoiled, flicking his tongue and launched me 20 feet in the air.
I held my breath and closed my eyes, while waiting for the blast of sharp vibration and pain as I hit the ground... CLOMP! Suddenly I felt Enveloped by heat and humidity. I opened my eyes and realised, that I was in his mouth. Oh my God... I'm in Ralph's mouth. He caught me! It was a strange feeling. Something I'd never felt before. I was tingling all over from the adrenaline, and then I felt the caress of his rippling tongue, it was supporting me like a hot-water bed, I looked around with intrigue at the massive ridges on the roof of his mouth. I reached out to touch them, when his tongue began to manipulate me up and down his mouth. I turned my head as my face became depressed against his soft palate, when suddenly it occurred to me. I could be eaten.
I felt a second wave of panic and hoping he had some kind of training I shouted “DROP!”. He spat me out onto the floor as a saliva covered heap, and I was looking at the feet of the ruddy old farmer. "You’re lucky, he done caught you there sunshine, or you'd be broke something rotten." I scooped saliva out of my eyes with my cupped fingertips. "I am broke!" I flicked the gooey mess onto the grass. It strung and glistened in the sun."that's why I asked for the job" the farmer seemed confused "Not broke! Broke" he scratched his head "urt... in pain... Oh well let’s get you inside and cleaned up eh?"

Chapter 3. Awakening

Inside the small farmhouse I was pointed upstairs "Bath's that way, you got clothes?" I held up my rucksack and muttered. "Aye" The farmer chuckled, “it occurs to me that I gave you a job w'out knowing your name." I was surprised, as it had never occurred to me either. "Jack,you?" "Ivan." He reached in to shake my hand. "Nice to meet you Ivan, and it was certainly interesting to meet your dog." Ivan shook his head. "Ain’t mine, Tis Chilson's"
I let out and intrigued hum "So he belongs to the village then?" He stopped and picked at his bulbous nose. “Well actually Chilson is his, with all the forest around and that nature reserve nearby; this is his home that’s his garden." I rubbed my chin. "Aah so everyone cares for him?" Ivan puckered his face in thought "Yer, uum, no... Well to say that we all care for him but we don’t all care for him." I rolled my eyes. "let’s not start that again!" "Quite,” nodded Ivan “Ralph’s been in Chilson long before my Dad were a boy. You could probably call me a caretaker, I took over from my Dad and he took over from his, seein that our family had the land and It only takes one person to look after him, bringin 'im food n' care n'such." Ivan started waggling his arms pointing to the stairs. "Now get ur self soaked and put that grotty clothing in the wash basket. I’m puttin the kettle on." he turned and walked into the diminutive kitchen.
I walked up the seemingly magical staircase that appeared to get smaller and smaller, as I reached the top. I saw the opened door to the tiny little bathroom with a surprisingly large bath in the corner. Locking the door I turned on the taps and started undressing. I sat on the closed toilet with my head in my hands and thought about everything that had happened so far.
Would Ralph have spit me out me if I hadn't shouted. It seemed so dangerous what had happened, but at the same time I realised I wasn't really fearful when I was Initially in his mouth. I shrugged off these thoughts as I turned off the taps, and went to lower myself into the bath. I felt the wash of heat running from my toes to my neck, when a sudden wave of emotion flashed over me which made me think back to when I was lying on top of Ralph's tongue; the warmth, the comfort, and the feeling of almost weightlessness. I felt that I had been privileged, and I realised that Ralph was probably never going to have hurt me. He was so incredibly gentle throughout the whole experience and at no point did he ever show me aggression. I was covered in cow's blood and if he was a man eating creature, he wouldn't have just licked the blood. He could've just swallow me whole.
Still thinking about it as I dressed myself in clean clothing. I relished the thought that this sort of thing could happen again and I found myself becoming slightly turned on. This actually startled me a little bit, as I'm not into bestiality or anything like that, and I couldn't quite understand why I felt this way, but it felt good, like a warm fuzzy safe feeling. I was still trying to make sense of it all in my head, when Ivan knocked on the ceiling below shaking me out of my thoughts. "You all right in their Jack!?" Came his muffled voice from below. “Fine!” I half squeaked in semi-embarrassed nervousness, while awkwardly putting on my trousers. "Your tea's ready. Come down to the living room when you're done up there." I stuffed all my dirty clothing into the wash basket and made my way downstairs. In front of me laid out on a coffee table was some cake, some custard creams and some tea. I almost squealed with delight. "My favourite, I love custard creams." Ivan started dunking a biscuit. "Don't eat too many, we'll have dinner soon," I nodded and smiled. "Okay." "damn!" Ivan said dropping his biscuit "Now ... Let's talk about your lodgings." Ivan was now awkwardly trying to fish the biscuit out of his tea. "Shit!" I leaned forward "Am I not staying in the farmhouse?" Ivan shook his head. "No son, there ain't much room in here, but you did seem to get on very well with Ralph see, and I could tell that he liked you a lot. So I'm thinking you'd be all right staying in the loft, above him in the barn. "
I was rather excited and pleased at the prospect of getting to know Ralph better. "That sounds like fun." I replied enthusiastically. We finished off our tea and went outside and Ivan led me across the yard past the main out buildings towards a particularly large barn on the edge of the main field; If it were any bigger, you’d have had to call it a hangar. Ivan stood by the massive open fronted barn, pointing at some steep wooden stairs that ran around the inside of the building. "Up there. That’s your place, while it ain't a lot, it is damn comfy. Even in the winter, when Ralph is sleeping in there. Makes a lot of heat does that dog." I walked towards the stairs and started to climb."Aren't you coming Ivan." He burst out laughing. "I ain't climbing them bastard stairs. Go check out the place yourself, and I'll call you when I've got some dinner ready." "Cool, I'll see you later” I said, excited to go and explore my new home.
I reached the top and opened the creaky door, revealing the loft space, that ran the entire length of the barn. It had a 4 foot high wooden barrier, that circled around a large viewing gallery, which was overlooking the barn floor below. It occurred to me almost instantly, how Ralph had caught me when I was falling, and I wondered If he would he catch me again if I jumped? My heart raced a little at the thought of this and I felt a tingling sensation; you know the kind, when you're about to do something naughty and a rush of excitement flows over you.
I walked over to a reasonably sized bed in the far corner of the barn and put my bag on top of the drawer unit that was situated beside. I sat on the bed and bounced. It was actually quite comfortable so I lay down for a moment. My mind wandered to the encounter that I had experienced earlier that day, and how it felt. I was starting to drift, when Ivan hollered from the house. "READY!" I took a deep breath "COMING!" I leapt up and flew down the stairs, skipping off the nose of every step.
Inside the house on a small table outside the kitchen, I saw a spread of various meats, preserves and jars of pickled vegetables and a big crusty home-made loaf of bread. Ivan handed me a plate. “Here you go, get stuck in." I cut some bread and took little bit of everything. "This looks fantastic. Thank you very much" Ivan smiled. "Ain't no problem sunshine." We sat on the armchairs in the living room, While we ate and conversed for a couple of hours. I told him about where I'd been and some of the people I had met and he shared stories from when he was younger.
Ivan's sighed. “Time was when I'd been able to look after Ralph, No problem, But I'm too old for that now see." I went to comfort the obviously sad man. Ivan put his hand up "It's all right son. I'm just getting tired, n thinkin’ I should to get m'self to bed. I'll see you on the 'morrow." "Goodnight." I said, as he climbed the Stairs.

Chapter 4. The experiment
The sun was already setting as I walked outside; it was a wonderful reddish golden colour of light. I could see Ralph mooching about in the distance. "RALPH!" I shouted musically. "Come on, then!" He turned in the distance ears forward and tail wagging and started trotting over. He walked up to the entrance of the barn where I was now standing and sat with a dull thud. "Who's a good boy then, did you come when I called you." His tail wagged, brushing up a storm of dust and straw. He brought his head down to meet my face and sniffed, when the dust suddenly caused me to sneeze. he recoiled slightly, with his head tilted like a confused puppy. "Sorry" I said. he leaned forward, extended his tongue and licked my face. "Stop it." I said playfully, waving my arms. "Time for bed.” He walked into the barn, and took a drink from a large water trough that sat in the corner, then circled a few times before lying down. I walked up the stairs and leaned over the balcony to look at him from above; What a beautiful creature. I was awe struck. He had longish fluffy hair and wolf like colourings, which ranged from a light golden brown, to dark charcoal that pearled into a deep black as the sun shimmered and washed across his body. The tips of his fur gently swaying like long grass, dancing with eddies and currents of the warm evening breeze as it caressed his body.

I was deep in admiration when that idea crossed my mind again. A rush of excitement filled me, which in turn excited Ralph who started looking back. I almost jumped there and then, even if Ralph didn't try to catch me, his fur would surely break my fall. I suddenly realised, I didn't have another set of clothes and I would not be able to explain how they got covered in vast quantities of saliva. Having already made up my mind to jump, I decided, I’d have to strip.
Pre-meditatively, I started to make excuses in case somebody caught me in a precarious position. I'd say that; I always slept naked, and forgot where I was, tripped over the balcony and fell... Yes that would do it I thought.
I was talking to Ralph in a playful manner as I started to remove my clothes, "You're beautiful... yes you are." Trying to gauge his reactions. "Who's a good boy, have you got a big tongue?" His ears perked and his tail which was raised slightly started to wag, swirling a gentle wind and a small amount of dust around the barn. "Are you going to catch me?" Ralph's head twitched upward as if nodding. He seemed very interested in what I was doing now. He rose up and sat on his haunches, lifting his front legs he reached up slightly, and started sniffing around the edge of the viewing gallery as I leaned over. He looked up, with his mouth open, gently panting and relaxed. His tongue was flopped slightly to one side and bouncing rhythmically. The light glinted and diffused through the saliva that coated his mouth, revealing the textures and imperfections of his soft palate as it pulsed and flexed with every breath. I lifted myself over the barrier and stood facing outward holding the rails. I was fixated looking into his massive gaping maw, buzzing with excitement.
My heart pounded as I released my hands, and jumped down feet first. He knew instantly what to do. With his ears perked, he rapidly adjusted his position. He opened his gigantic mouth, resembling a pulsing muscular funnel, and raised up to meet me. His tongue flattened and curved around me as I landed, sliding down its length. It rippled and flexed as it squeezed me against the warm, soft, undulating surface that covered the roof of his mouth. He closed his jaws around me, gently arresting my momentum, as he manipulated his tongue. I slid further back as saliva slapped and circulated around the surfaces of his mouth. I could feel my feet sliding past his tonsils as he squeezed with the base of his tongue, trying to keep me from sliding too much further.
His epiglottis was forming a barrier between myself and his throat. It twitched as I brushed my toes along it, slightly separating it from his soft palate. I gently pushed my feet in a little further whilst sliding them along its width, savouring the way it squeezed and resisted as it slowly started to relax, and allowing my feet slip further. It felt firm but pliant, smooth and slippery, suddenly his tongue depressed and his mouth opened as he began to pant, dropping the fleshy barrier and revealing the back of his throat. Strings of saliva stretched and broke forming clusters of bubbles that slid around the smooth surfaces of his tantalising maw. His warm breath washed across me, as I stared past the fleshy, curtain like arch that curved over the back of his mouth meeting at the base of his tongue. Wanting to get a better look I turned round and crawled closer, while his tongue was gently bouncing me as he panted. I could see his pulsing larynx that marked the opening to his airway, which descended into a humid slick corrugated darkness. I lay there hypnotised by the rhythmic movements, as his throat palpitated and throbbed with each breath. A rush of sensation poured over my body and I started to quiver with pleasure, causing Ralph to twitch his tongue. I lost my grip as I slid on to the slick surface that lined his throat, then his oral cavity convulsed as I triggered his reflex to swallow. His epiglottis flapped over his larynx, and caught me and flicking me further back. His tongue swelled and squeezed engulfing and pushing me through the tight sphincter deep in his throat that led to his oesophagus. I squealed and kicked my legs as I slipped through the opening, into his swelling neck. Peristaltic waves swelled around me surging me forward, trapping me in a small pocket of air. I scrabbled and tried to push myself backwards, while the mucus coated tube of muscle squeezed and pushed, as if milking me toward his stomach. I could hear his heartbeat growing louder and a deep gurgling that was emanating from his stomach as I descended. In fear I screamed as loudly as I could and almost instantly my surroundings contracted tightly and began to spasm around me. A wave of pressure rose from in front, forcing me up his throat and out on to the base of his tongue. I realized he didn't want to eat me, but instead was showing me what I longed to experience.
He rolled me over in his mouth, pushing me feet first to the very back of his throat, as if about to swallow me again, my legs were penetrating his convulsing sphincter, and then contracting his muscles he squeezed me forward again, like he was suckling my entire body. Wave after wave the feeling was ecstasy. I found myself so relaxed; my body almost limp from pleasure. As Ralph layed down, I realised he was mirroring my emotions. I stretched rubbing myself along the length of his tongue, experiencing the texture of the soft balloon like fingers, making up the thousands of taste buds that covered it. They flicked across me in waves sampling every inch of my body. I felt the gentle rippled massage from the roof of his mouth running up and down. His tongue then bulged from the back spreading my legs and pushing them against his tonsils squeezing me forward. Like a wave it rolled me forward, flipping me over as he gently placed me on the floor facing him.
The air felt cold as I squat there dripping with his hot saliva. I could see the steam rising off my body as I slowly stood. Resting my hands on his whiskers, I leant forward and kissed him gently. Ralph flicked his tongue from under his top lip, licking his nose. It was almost frictionless as it slid between us. I walked alongside his muzzle slowly running my hands along his cheek, all the while smiling and gazing into his soulful eyes.I was in love with this gentle giant. I lightly cupped the rim of his ear, stroking downward and stepping partially behind I whispered "Thank you for not eating me"

I sat in between his overlapping paws for over an hour while he slept. I couldn't help but admire him. I could feel the deep and almost inaudible rumble of his snoring. I was snuggled in the long fur that covered his legs, and enjoying the soothing curtain of warm air that swirled from the sides of his nostrils; I was truly in heaven. I shut my eyes and thought about the explosive sensations that I had just experienced. I ran every last second of the encounter through my mind; the waves of texture and pleasure that had… “Jack! Breakfast!” Came a cry from the house. It was morning and I had fallen asleep in Ralph’s embrace. I Panicked “I’ll be five minutes!” I looked up and there was Raph looking straight at me. His head bobbed forward, then followed by his tongue he clipped the tip of my nose. “Good morning Ralph.” I said in a low musical tone. I still felt slightly sticky from the night before. “I really ought to wash myself.” I said looking at the water trough. I raised my arms and stretched my whole body. Ralph instantly took this as an invitation to lick me, from my toes to my head. “Stop it!” I giggled “That tickles.” I rolled over the top of his legs and ran, jumping into the trough. The water was very brisk as I washed, but I was more concerned about someone seeing me through the open fronted barn. I quickly finished, then flew upstairs and dried myself on a towel, that I had in my bag. I thought about my day ahead, while I dressed and wondered what may be in store.
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Re: Ralf. The Gentle Giant Dog

Postby sckhar » Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:33 pm

So far I am loving it, as a furry I absolutely love any stories with giant animals :D
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Re: Ralf. The Gentle Giant Dog

Postby xanderman » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:03 pm

sckhar wrote:So far I am loving it, as a furry I absolutely love any stories with giant animals :D

Thankx x
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