Literate Male Pred seeking Prey for Endo

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Literate Male Pred seeking Prey for Endo

Postby Famine » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:02 pm

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought I'd finally get a post up and try my hand at roleplaying here.

I'm a pred looking for someone who's interested in getting fucked and eaten by a monster. Feral creatures are my preference (think Monster Hunter), but I can also do some fantasy races too.

If you wanna chat, send a PM my way. Since I just signed up here, I'm hesitant to give anyone offsite contact info, so I think I'll keep all roleplay within this site for now.

Soft, oral vore
Safe vore
Same size
Size difference (As long as there's a decent sized bulge!)
Imprisonment with lots of tormenting and dirty talk~
Begging and crying before eventually giving in
Unwilling prey learning to enjoy it
Impregnation or Ovi
Mpreg!! Idk I just have a huge kink for pregnant boys.
Protective "safe" vore
Forced impregnation/breeding/sexual slavery
Friends with Benefits
Prey getting forcibly stuffed with food, cum or other prey before being eaten.
Pred having sex w/someone while the prey is in their stomach.
Multiple prey having sex inside the pred
Internal tentacles (Had an idea about the pred having tentacle-like appendages in their stomach that they can torture the prey with)
Monster preds (Feral or otherwise)
Clown Preds
Ghost Preds
Monster on Monster action

Implied Digestion
Willing prey
Cock vore

Not interested:
Graphic Digestion
Hard Vore
Female preds
Wolves, Nekos, etc.
Fandom/canon characters
Centaurs, Nagas; anything half-human in that way.

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