Looking for female pred roleplay partner

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Looking for female pred roleplay partner

Postby Dr41n » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:39 am

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a roleplay partner and possibly friend(s)! I love vore and unfortunately I don't really have many friends I can RP within this amazing thing.

What I am:
- Mainly I'm a unicorn but I can do different variations of myself (Anthro, feral, MLP, etc.)
- Male, 22
- Friendly and playful.
- More to being prey.
- Will try to make you happy/satisfied
- Has a thing which can help in nomming me not just once~
- Open to anything

What I'm looking for:
- Female preds
- Any age, any race, any size
(I don't care if you're a huge dragonness who want to use me as her new "toy" or a regular woman just swallowing me whole, I'm up for it!)

As I said before, I'm open to anything but I have a few dislikes like Gore is okay, but for example hard vore is not really my thing (I can do it but not that regularly as the other types of vores).
I'm very active and will try to talk to you so it can be regular talk next to the RP as well if you're up for it. Also English is not my native language so there may be some hiccups but most of the time I'm all fine!
I use narrative roleplay style and I don't mind if you use different, main thing is to have fun and make some friends! If you want to, send me the code phrase "coconut cocoa" just for fun and I'll know where you come from.

I mainly use Discord so if you're interested then we can start chatting there!

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