Soft vore BBW illustrations

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Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:57 pm

I wanted to post somewhere some drawings I made. It didn't seem appropriate for the art gallery part of the site, because I traced this image and cannot take full credit. Nonetheless, I thought some people might appreciate them. The first set of images are illustrations of parts of my favorite story, Miss Melanie's Teachings The second set are for a story I plan to write, in which the same teacher goes on a vacation and eats dozens of boys every day, only to gain more weight than planned. Feedback appreciated
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby Gcreep » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:44 pm

Given these are traces, I think you did an okay job. Cool stuff! However, if this BBW lady's victims are anything to go by, I also think you coulda done well had you tried a bit more yourself! Breaking out of just being in profile could add a lot to these as drawings and could let you do a bit of exercise drawing big chicks. Good luck if you do so!
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby MrSinister1990 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:16 am

I'm surprised there isn't a ton of bbw vore stuff. You'd think there be a lot more than there actually is.
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby Birichino » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:56 am

MrSinister1990 wrote:I'm surprised there isn't a ton of bbw vore stuff. You'd think there be a lot more than there actually is.

There is a ton. That's all BigBig does, for starters...
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby preved_yt » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:11 pm

Oh that BigGreed... Paywalls is my only weakness, and not only mine...
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:50 pm

another trace practice

(ignore this, testing formatting)
Spoiler: show
Miss Melanie’s Teachings – 1st Class.

Miss Melanie stepped in her class, following her gurgling belly that led the way. She was big, even for a voress. Standing at almost 14 feet tall and always wearing high heels none of her students came even up to her waist. Her body was absolutely massive with a stomach that even while it was empty was bigger than most voress’ bellies filled to the brim; she was proud of that. She was considered one of the best teachers in the school and, if needed, led her students with an iron fist but mostly she saw herself as quite gentle and caring for her disciples. She took great care in her teachings and made sure her pupils graduated with above average marks because she loved every one of them. That is why it was always so disappointing to see if one of them slipped up, she felt like it was her own fault when that happened. She had to be strong when her students did not reach the reasonable expectations she had and do the right thing. She had never accepted children who slacked and they had to be dealt with. Miss Melanie had to set examples for the rest of the class and did what needed to be done, their sacrifice would be for the greater good and she would remember them with love; which was one of the reasons why she was so proud of her figure. Her entire body was a symbol to her teachings and a reminder to her students what would happen if they slipped up.

It was the first day of the week and she went to school in her newly bought uniform that had already shredded this morning when she encountered the three children smoking behind the school. The buttons on her already tight blouse had popped open letting her huge gut roll from under the tight cloth. Her breasts could barely be contained by the two or three buttons that managed to hold.

“Good morning class.” Miss Melanie said smiling towards the class as she walked to her desk. Obviously a normal sized desk was far to small for someone like Melanie so everything she used had to be specifically made for her.

“Good morning Miss Melanie.” The class responded in unison.

“Sorry I am late, I got held up by a few students that were secretly smoking out back, or so they thought at least.” Melanie grinned and patted her belly, which still squirmed slightly. “Never smoke, children, it will lead you to an early demise, one way or the other.” She said sternly as her belly groaned.

Miss Melanie sat herself down slowly on her massive chair and put her belly on her desk that came down with a loud thud.

*URRRP* A bubbling burp boiled up and out of her mouth the moment her gut hit the desk. It came out before she could even try and hold it down. She did not mind burping in front of the class, she actually quite liked it. It felt like a small reminder for the kids to work harder. Just a little digestive burp for encouragement, she thought.

“Anyway, I hope we have learned something about last friday’s escapades with Amy, Geraldine and Morits. They just didn’t do their best hard enough. Now I know Amy had troubles with her dad in hospital but I just can’t accept marks like C’s. Let's take an example to them and strive to do better this week.”

“Yes Miss Melanie.” The kids replied.

She knew the kids loved her, how could they not? She took so much individual care in each and every one of them. Helping them if they had problems with certain subjects. She even knew all of their names, well, most of them, it would be hard for anyone to remember the amount of kids she teached. So many would come and go each month that she sometimes just couldn’t keep up.

“I have to digest my breakfast so I will ask of you to read chapter 1 through 5 of “The Queen That Ate the King” in the next hour. After that I will ask some of you some questions to see if you really understood and actually read the story.”

The kids grabbed their books to started reading.

“Jeremy, Marissa and Terry, you three come here and give me a nice massage while I take a little nap, that always makes me digest faster.” She asked to three of the children.

They jumped up and rushed to Miss Melanie’s desk. She grabbed the two boys and put one on the desk and the other on her belly. The boy on her stomach sunk several centimeters into her fat, he was so much smaller than her gut. The two boys went to work immediately, knowing what might happen if they disobeyed.

“Now Marissa, you will have a very important job, the most important one of the three of you. I always love it when someone is squirming under my belly. I want you to lie down and be a good girl while I place my stomach over you, ok sweetie?”

“But Miss… it’s so big, I am not sure if I can carry all that weig..”

“Hush my little girl, I already let you pass last week's test with a B- remember? You were lucky that I just had lunch that day so please just do what I ask. Stay still and sit on the ground or else you might get hurt.”

-Gory Stuff-

Miss Ann tilted up her belly in the air and turned her chair towards the little girl in front of her, it was big, very big and cast the little girl in shadows. The girl looked up with terrified eyes. she did not even have a chance to move as Miss Melanie let go of her stomach and it crashed down on the girl, which immediately disappeared under the massive weight of Miss Melanie’s flesh. Bones cracked quick and blood splat out from under Miss Melanie’s stomach as the girl was squished to a pulp under the incredibly heavy mass.

“Ugh, I told you to lie down Marissa; the impact would have divided over your entire body instead of just one specific point, you might’ve only cracked a few bones then but could’ve lived. I thought you this last week in Physics but I guess you can’t hear me anymore.”

Again one of her sweet little children had lost their life because she didn’t teach the girl good enough. She was ashamed of herself and promised herself to try and teach the subject again this week but better. Every time one of her children lost a life it was like a dagger in her heart.

Miss Melanie sighed as she raised her stomach off the ground again. Marissa’s remains stuck to the floor and Miss Melanie’s stomach as blood and guts connected them to each other. There was nothing left of her, just another example of a child who just didn’t try hard enough.

“What a mess the little girl made, I’ll have this cleaned up right away.”

-Gory Stuff End-

The two boys had been kneading and digging their fingers into her stomach the whole time while the children were reading. Of course they had noticed what happened to Marissa but couldn’t afford to slack off mourning for her, there was work to be done.

She called the janitor to clean up Marissa’s remains as quickly as possible; she really didn’t like it when she might accidentally step in it, ruining her shoes.

Miss Melanie lay back in her chair as the two boys were rubbing her gut. She always felt so loved. Already the children had four examples of how to live a better life, not smoking, some physics, the day was starting good. She closed her eyes as she felt the tiny hands dig into her flesh. The three occupants inside her had stopped squirming and were now probably not more than a messy goo among her breakfast. Her breakfast consisted of 100 kilo of pancakes and a pig; alive of course, she really didn’t like the inhumane way animals were slaughtered for meat on a conveyor belt. She closed her eyes and drifted off into slumber.

In her dreams she was often the best teacher in the country, she had a huge class filled with sweet delicious students and each and every one of them loved her. They loved her so much that they would fight over who could be her breakfast, lunch or dinner and some were even happy just to be an in-between snack. Instead of punishment, swallowing her pupils was a privilege only granted to her best students. She could taste the latest student in her mouth as she let her tongue go over his entire body; he tasted so delicious, like it was real. She sucked and slurped on the child loudly as she moaned in delight. The taste was incredible and she was about to swallow when she woke up. Opening her eyes she realized that in her dream she had picked up one of the boys who was now sticking with both legs out of her mouth. The last boy was still caressing her belly that had mostly reduced in size; his eyes were transfixed on the boy in her mouth. This stroke her as odd as most children did not watch her while she was about to eat someone, she thought that was mostly out of respect. This child was different though; the expression on his face was one of anticipation. Could it be the boy actually wanted her to swallow his classmate? The idea alone made her quite excited.

Her stomach groaned and she felt the little hands of the boy shake within her fat. She hated it but she just had to swallow this boy, even though he hadn’t done anything wrong. She had to admit she was sometimes a little greedy but everyone has flaws and this was just one of hers, nothing special about it.

The boy squirmed as it was pleading to be led out but she swallowed quickly before she would change her mind. She felt the boy go down her throat slowly and plunge into the shrunken goo that was his former peers. The remaining boy’s eyes went big and his face became red with excitement when he felt his former classmate squirming in her belly. He dug his fingers in deeper to feel more of her, but she stopped him. Normally the kids would rub her belly but that was more because they were ordered to, this boy seemed like he was genuinely enjoying her gut and the boy squirming in it; he was so cute.

Satisfied she leaned over to the remaining boy and pulled him closer behind her bulging belly where it was hard for the rest of the class to see what was happening. She opened her mouth and her lips reached for the boy, engulfing his face and started to suckle it gently. After a few seconds she withdrew him from her mouth.

“You did a good job Terry. Did you like the job I gave you?’’

‘’Yes, Miss.” The boy became shy and stared down at the ground.

‘’See me after school if you would like a personal lesson from me.” She could do with a nice after-school belly rub. Working always made her tense and she was usually starving by the end of the day. This little one would be perfect to top it all off.

His eyes went big as he listened to her invitation, his face complete excitement.

“I…I would love to, Miss Melanie.” The boy stammered. He couldn’t believe that his teacher had such interest in him.

She turned the kid around and pushed him on the buttocks back to his seat. She noticed that the janitor had already cleaned up the girl’s remains; what was her name again? Even her stomach had been cleaned. Looking at the clock she realized over an hour had passed and it was time to question the kids.

“Who wants to be the first to be tested?” She asked the class but nobody replied.

“Come on, it will be fun! Don’t you want to show me how smart you are?” She never understood why the children wouldn’t want to test their skill, for her it was so exciting.

“I'll have to choose someone myself then, hmmm, let's see.”

Melanie stood up which was much easier now the three occupants were mostly digested and there was only one child in there.

She walked over to the tables, looking over the kids’ heads for a good candidate. She always had a special way of choosing her testers. While massaging her gut she would look at all her students individually, when her stomach made a little jump she had found a winner.

Her eyes fell on a small girl in the middle of the class and her stomach groaned loudly which speeded up her digestion, the kid in her stomach now faded quickly.

She strutted over to the little kid, her big body bumped into all the tables in her way but her eyes were too transfixed on the little girl to notice. Kids bumped away where her big hips hit their chairs and tables.

Grabbing the child she suddenly remembered her name, Carla. A sweet little thing with cute ponytails and a shirt with a little penguin. She took the girl under her arm and walked back towards the front of the class.

“Now Carla, you know the rules right?”

“Yes Miss Melanie.” The girl said looking at the floor.

“Good, well up you go.”

She raised the girl high in the air as she opened her mouth wide, slowly she let the girl’s feet slide into her mouth until she was halfway in.

These were the rules: Miss Melanie would put the girl in her mouth and ask her a question, each time she gave a wrong answer Miss Melanie would swallow her a little further. She thought it would give the test some extra spice instead of just straight up asking her students the questions; it was one of her favorite tests.

She couldn’t help but use her tongue to slide a little over the girl’s much smaller abdomen. The girl began to taste like salt as she started sweating; Miss Melanie always loved that taste. Globs of spit dripped out of her mouth, as she tasted the girl. Her throat felt sore and irritated she tried to fight the urge to swallow the little girl whole.

“Keep your mind straight, this is a test, the girl is not your early lunch” she kept repeating to herself.

“Okay, little Carla, you ready?” Miss Melanie’s lips smacked down on the girl’s face as Miss Melanie talked, only the girl’s face would stick out of the mouth of the big voress.

“Uhm… I… I think I am, Miss Melanie.” The girl said.

Miss Melanie was so happy; the girl couldn’t wait to tell her all the right answered.

“Okay, so question one: who ate the king?”

“Uhm… The queen?” Clara answered with doubt.

“GOOD! Well that one was easy but I’m happy you paid attention to the title. So, next question: Why did the queen eat the king?”

The girl was silent, not really knowing what to answer. It was a bit of a trick question as the real reason would be hard to understand for non voresses. After a few too many seconds Miss Melanie wanted to encourage the girl a little, she started to open her throat little by little, causing the girl to slide slightly deeper in her mouth.

“Because she was hungry!” The girl yelped.

*GULP* The girl suddenly shot halfway down Miss Melanie’s throat. With a high-pitched scream the girl almost burst out in tears as she felt her demise getting closer. Her legs were totally enveloped by flesh as her upper body stuck out of Miss Melanie’s throat. If her teacher would close her mouth she would completely disappear out of sight, only her ponytails would come out behind Melanie’s lips. Spit dripped over her body as she started to sob on Miss Melanie’s tongue.

Miss Melanie tasted the tears of the little girl and moaned slightly, vibrating the little girl’s body.

“Sorry, girl, wrong answer, but the next one will be easier again.” Every time Miss Melanie closed her mouth the girl bounced inside her mouth. The sound of sobbing muted and increased as she spoke.

“Next question, Carla. How many servants did the queen eat before lunch?”

“5! She ate 5!” The girl screamed.

“Good, good. You’re doing really good, Clara, I’m so proud of you!” And she was, too many times she had to swallow her little darlings.

“Ok, Carla, last question, I know you can do this. Tell me Carla, why are people so tasty?”

This was easy, how could the girl get this one wrong? People were delicious, their sweat, their feet, the squirming, big, small, male, female but those were just extra’s. The reason people were so tasty was because when you had digested them they would be part of you forever, you would carry their sacrifice forever on your body and that was the exact reason why the queen had swallowed the king. The king was sick and did not have long, this way the king would forever be with his queen.

Snickering the girl tried to think of an answer, but it never came.

“Carla? What is your answer?”


“It’s okay sweetie, I know you’re right” she encouraged the girl.

“Because of their nutrients?”

It was silent for a while. Miss Melanie’s heart stopped, as she knew that the girl was wrong. Again she had failed; again another child would have to be disposed of.

Carefully she tried to break the news to the poor little girl.

“Carla… I am afraid you are wrong…”

“What? No! I read it, she eats them for their nutrients!” The girl panicked and broke into tears. “I saw it! I am sure of it! Please!” The girl pleaded.

“I am sorry Carla but that’s a reason to eat them, not why they are so tasty…”

“But why then? Why are people so tasty? Why do you eat people!?” She cried out pathetically.

“It doesn’t matter now, my sweet child, in about half an hour you’ll just be some fat.” She said, trying to calm the girl down, she hoped that the girl found some solace in becoming part of her.

“You! How can you just keep eating us like tha…”

*GULP.* and before the girl could finish her sentence she disappeared with a scream that was cut of about as fast as it began.

*URP!* Miss Melanie burped after the girl had slid down her throat into her stomach. Poor girl, she had been doing so well.

Facing the class she noticed their faces, they seemed quite stressed, she really hoped that Carla would set a good example for them. Scared she might have pushed the kids too hard. She was glad that it was break time in a few minutes and decided to take an early break.

After the kids had left the class and had gone to the cafeteria Miss Melanie laid back in her chair. Her stomach stuck proudly in the air, the day wasn’t even half over and it was already huge, filled with lumps of students being digested and of course Carla who she felt was sobbing in her belly. A sliver of guilt hit her that she quickly pushed back; the girl had deserved it. Too many times she had let this girl slip already; she had done the right thing.

She closed her eyes and focused on the movement of the little girl, she could feel exactly where she was. Carla was pressed against the outside of the walls of her stomach right underneath her navel. Her hand reached under her belly and she could feel tiny bumps and punches coming from inside. She giggled as she imagined she was pregnant and smiled when she realized it wasn’t far from the truth, only instead of creating life she dissolved life, this made her a little more proud of herself than she already was. Lost in thought she didn’t realize someone was standing next to her.

“Miss Melanie?” An unsure voice came from right beside her.

Startled she jumped up; she hadn’t known one of her students had stayed in class. Next to her stood a small guy looking at his feet, he looked quite distressed as he was nervously fiddling with his hands.

“Hey there, little man, what can I do for you?”

“Uhm… well.” The boy started.

“Your name is Ralf right? Tell me Ralf, is something bothering you? You know you can talk to me.’’

The boy suddenly looked up at her face, there was anger in his expression.

“You ate my girlfriend!” He shouted.

‘’Your girlfriend?’’ Melanie was taken aback by his sudden reaction.

‘’Yes, the girl you just ate for no reason! Carla!’’

‘’O, her. Well you have seen it yourself; I had no other choice.’’

‘’No other choice? How about NOT eating her.’’

‘’Ralf, you know the rules; I can’t afford to play favorites. The girl had to go to my stomach; there was nothing I could do.’’

The boy was silent as he stared at her with anger. Why couldn’t the boy just understand, it was all so simple. She had to try to cheer him up.

“Well, maybe you feel better to know that your girlfriend was incredibly sweet and tasty, the best meal in weeks!” She said cheerily and stroked her belly with glee to show just how much she liked his girlfriend.

“What!?” The boy screamed as his face turned from plain anger to sheer evil. He raised his fists and started pounding Miss Melanie’s stomach wildly.

“Give her back! You gluttonous monster! Give her back!’ He screamed while his little hands dug deep in her stomach each time he punched. The feeling of his punches shaking her gut was very pleasant and she let it go on for a short time but she knew she had to stop the little boy eventually. After a while she grabbed both his hands and pulled him up to her face, he was still trying to flail around with his arms and legs.

‘’Stupid fat cow! I fucking loved her!”’

“Karl, no!” She said sternly looking right in his eyes.

This made him stop but anger was still seen in his eyes.

“You can’t say things like that, that is mean, you know, and punching someone is not nice either. Listen Karl, your girlfriend is still alive in my stomach, maybe you should stop shouting so you can say goodbye to her.”

His eyes went big as he heard that.


“Yes Karl, would you like to feel her?”

The boy was quiet again so she lowered the boy between her legs and placed her stomach above his head. The boy totally disappeared from her view, as her stomach was just too big at this point.

“She is right here, Karl.”

She took one of his hands and placed them on the spot where Carla was. She could hear his voice make a sound when he felt her. After a few seconds he started sobbing while he dug with both his hands deep in her fat to feel as much of the girl as possible. This moment must be very touching and emotional for him, not many people had the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones after they had been swallowed by a voress; he was so lucky, she thought.

It was hard to make out what he was saying under her belly, as it was soft and filled with sobs.

“Say goodbye to Carla now, Karl.” She said and placed her hand over his on her stomach.

“I… I’ll miss you, I will always lo…”


Before he could finish his sentence her stomach made a loud gurgling sound as her belly was suddenly filling with more stomach acid, increasing the digestion rate. He felt the girl between his hands deep within her gut; in a matter of seconds Carla was completely dissolved.

“Ahhhh, that was good. I always love that moment, don’t you?” She said, massaging her still gurgling gut with a satisfied smile.

*UUURRRPPPP* Miss Melanie burped loud as the increased digestion created gasses that had to go out somehow.

The boy couldn’t answer as he stared at her gut with wide eyes, his hands still buried deep in her stomach.

“Come on boy, she’s gone and I still want to enjoy my break. Go play with your friends in the cafeteria, shoo.” She hushed as she pushed the boy away from her towards the door.

The boy walked out the door as if he was a zombie, his shoulders and head hung down low. Maybe the kids were playing some kind of zombie game in the breaks nowadays?

Proud of how she resolved this incident she lay back in her chair yet again and forgot about the whole event quickly; thinking about lunch break that would be in a few hours her stomach gurgled.

“You really are never satisfied are you? Such a bothersome little belly.” She said as she patted her round stomach. She couldn't wait for second class.
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby SuperfluousGreens » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:53 am

This guy does great digital renders:

EDIT: Also worth checking out this guy's work:
Not strictly bbw but most the models are nice and curvy, and the renders are quite realistic.
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:57 am

One more
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby YukiShiranui » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:11 pm

These are some amazing pieces of work!

I would love to see more of your work some time, and hopefully using these traces that you have done, perhaps see if you can use them as a basis to make your own poses too!
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:58 pm

another with text and sound effects
07 - Copy - Copy.png
07 - Copy.png
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:45 pm

Internal XRAY
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby anonymousexperiment » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:27 pm

More tracing
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby ZRex030 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:50 pm

Not bad. I'd work on more dynamic linework but I like it.
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby lunchforagirl112 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:08 pm

I SUPER love the foodplay ones, and your internals!
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Re: Soft vore BBW illustrations

Postby MMMToast » Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:42 am

anonymousexperiment, Well done!
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