Shrunken hardvore prey looking for casual fun!

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Shrunken hardvore prey looking for casual fun!

Postby IcyDead » Sat Nov 27, 2021 8:59 am

Hey there!

Have you ever fancied the thought of making your meal more interesting by introducing a terrified shrunken man to them? Maybe stuffing them into your sandwich or hotdog bun, or cooking them up and using them as part of your dinner? I enjoy playing as a shrunken me, RP'ing casually in first person in scenarios that involve being sadistically chewed and eaten in your meals! Shorter responses of a few sentences where we casually play as ourselves is preferred~! Even if you just want to hang out and tease and chat, please get in contact! I have a huge soft-spot for pictures of your meals that you envision me in!

Playing prey
Oral vore
Size difference
Unwilling prey
Semi-willing prey
Hard vore
First Person RP

Playing pred
Soft vore
Safe/fluffy vore

Please feel free to hit me up on Discord or with a PM if you're interested in any way! I roleplay in PM's and on Discord (Icy#4258)

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