Female Predatory switch seeking play!

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Female Predatory switch seeking play!

Postby Raynebow » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:06 pm

Greetings everyone! Currently a switch looking for some roleplay out there to force out some creative juices every once in a while! While a switch, I don't mind playing as a pure predator for an interesting roleplay but enjoy when things turn around to keep things fresh for each of us!

Tacking this on up here that I've recently had the impulse to play in a pokemon themed setting! Primarily as a trainer that enjoys claiming other trainers she defeats as prizes to devour or other good things! All the below still apply!

Onto what I like...

Big yes:

Soft Vore! (Oral / Unbirth / Clean Anal)
Same Size
Size Difference (Either the pred being somewhat significantly taller than the prey... or on the other end, being slightly shorter than the prey!)
Mini Giantess (In the range of around 10-20 foot compared to say... a 5'5 gal)
Pred or Preying
Demi girls
Monster girls in both roles, especially ending up as prey! Easily the biggest attention grabber.
Unwilling prey / reluctant
Role Reversal / Turnaround (Making the pred into a prey!)
Playfully sexual teasing
Multiple prey! Another one of my biggest loves. Mostly when I'm prey funnily enough. Stuffing one of my preds silly is still there to grip my heart!


F/M. Really need to be in the mood for it!
Willing prey
Unwilling pred
Some other things likely not listed!

Probably Not:

Hard Vore

That's about it for a starter! Feel free to message me if you're interested in what you see and maybe we can talk something out! I have a massive preference for roleplay over on discord instead of through private messages. If it's not possible to get connected from there, then I'll see what I can do! I'm also happy to just chat if the mood isn't there at that exact moment or possibly exchange some fun story ideas during the downtime!

Halo#6470 to add me directly!


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