Official Discord server(s) list

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby GreenEyesDarkHeart » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:28 pm

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby SunnyDay » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:59 pm

Servername: Voraculous!

Purpose: For vore roleplay, socializing, gaming, and other lewd activities and kinks.

Summary: Welcome to Voraculous! We are a fairly new and growing vore server seeking to improve the quality of roleplay and writing by matching roleplayers with those that have a similar writing ability and offering advice. Make sure to check our rules and regulations in their respective channels once you join. Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. Regulations will offer a short explanation on how to acquire each role, and the acquisition of any role allow you to become a 'verified' member, providing you with far more access in the server. The reason for this is to restrict any damage and chaos from trolls and troublemakers 'raiding' the server. We also offer a few voice channels for those looking to try out voice rps. Must be 18+ to join.

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Aeromac » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:14 pm

Welcome to Macroville! A town where everyone is welcome to begin a fresh new start in the macro community. With a prominent staff team active and overseeing the channels and open to all your queries! We strive to uphold a fine balance between RP and chatting, so nobody feels excluded! This is an 18+ server.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby AVoraciousLatias » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:51 pm

Just a simple vore group where all forms of vore rp are allowed, there's a vorish bot and even a currency system in place. You must be 16 or older to join, 18 to be mature (though you're probably already 18 if you're seeing this)
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Predator » Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:28 pm

Server name: Bachelors' Buffet & Cabaret (The BBC)

Purpose: Socializing, discussion, content-sharing, and roleplay

Summary: We are a brand-new server all about Male Predators! All identities and preferences are welcome, as long as the focus remains on male preds! (The only exception to our all-preferences rule is that we do not allow underage content of any kind.) Come join us to hang out, discuss, and mingle with male preds and male pred fans alike.

Link: (You should find yourself in the lobby upon joining, where a mod will assign you roles based on your preferences. Then you'll have full access to the server. <3)
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby minakotomoka14 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:17 pm

Servername: Minako's Playhouse

Purpose: Macro/micro and size difference-exclusive vore server for discussion, art sharing, writing, roleplay, and general fun stuff.

Summary: Minako's Playhouse is a server for all things macrophilic and vorish, with an equal emphasis on male and female preds and prey. There are several channels for discussion on topics of all kinds, including writing, anime, video games, and much more. There are also channels to post artwork, literature, music, and basically anything else you can think of. I created this server because I wanted size-loving people of all kinds to have a safe and friendly space to come together and have fun chatting, posting artwork and writing, roleplaying, and discussing their preferences without fear of being judged for it. Judging/shaming of other people's preferences, as well as rude, harassing, and passive-aggressive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Above all, be civil, be friendly, and have fun!

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Callen » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:45 pm

hey guys come join us at vore palace we welcome all kinds of vore and all kinds of people 18+ just be friendly and read the rules and we will all have fun
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Entity » Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:54 pm

Server Name: A Moment on the Lips

Purpose: A place to chat all things vore and non-vore, to roleplay, to play games, to take part in Dungeons and Dragons' styled events (vore and non vore) And to most importantly be yourself and have fun.

Summary: A moment on the Lips is a place where you can be yourself even if that means you just like to look at some art, read some public roleplays or post some wacky gifs. Not only are there several rooms to enjoy and chat, there is a dedicated gamer's lounge where you can talk all things console and non console based and there is also a music room where you can listen to some tracks. There are several roleplay rooms including a quick casual room, a couple of public lounges and a private lounge along with a special after dark lounge for naughtier fun.

Aside from roleplay there are three game rooms, A truth or Dare section for quick fun questions, A 200 word challenge room to challenge yourself to write a very short and quick story and a Neverending Story challenge room which will be an ongoing story that the chat group make together.

There are also three dedicated dungeons and Dragons styled rooms, there is a Fantasy setting, A modern setting and a Sci-fi setting all ready to begin with more players. These will follow the standard D&D rules as well.

And of course there is a gallery area to share either your own work or work you love and this includes stories.

So come on over and see the Chat, stay and have some fun.

We won't bite ;)
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Caniption » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:38 pm

Server name: Gotta Eat them All

Purpose: For Roleplay and socializing

Summary: Gotta Eat them All! A pokemon centered Vore Roleplay server with chats and channels to allow those who do and don't want to see Human or Furry content, having image channels and Roleplay rooms for both.
We have SFW and NSFW image and Roleplay rooms for both Non-furry and Furry participants, and rooms in case someone finds themself in between, Pokecord, and roles to help identify some of the basic preferences.

Enjoy your stay!
~Caniption, AnIndoorPlant/Squiddy, and Coop500
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Artemis » Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:17 pm

Servername: The Nomniverse

Purpose: Group Roleplay (We have channels for socializing and art, but the focus is very strongly on Group Roleplay first)

Summary: The Nomniverse is a homely little Player Driven Group Roleplaying server with a custom tabletop esque system facilitating combat and vore. We have character sheets, dice, stats, and custom mechanics built on a homemade tabletop system designed to be a compromise between the structure of commercial systems and the freedom of just roleplaying. Play your favorite character and join up with others. Level up by devouring your foes, or perhaps play someone who takes the longer route of leveling up via quests and plot arcs, refusing to eat others! For a slightly more in-depth break down of the server, you can read its original interest check here!

Link: (You will only have access to OOC areas until your first character is approved.)
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Artca9 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:49 am

Server Name: The Inside Club

Purpose: 18+ only, General Vore discussion, Art Sharing (yours and others), and roleplaying.

It's a simpler big discord in my mind which is why I'm advertising it. A lot of problems I have with other vore discords is they are annoying with their rules and many many channels. And they have stupid distinctions between "sfw" and "nsfw" and it seems so needlessly complex.

It's entire point is to not have 25+ channels or 5 pages of rules to skim through, and be entirely 18+ NSFW. Treating vore as a fetish is the mentality of the server.

Make sure to stop by- I don't bite unless asked :gulp: ! ~ Artca9

Link: (You don't have access to the channels until you read the rules and @ me in #entry-zone)
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Chameleonette » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:50 am

Server Name: Unicorn Valley

Purpose: Non-judgmental Discussion & Socializing, Content-sharing, Role-play, Community activities (Weekly Movie Night & Game Night (with voice chat), Contests, Secret Santa, and more!)

Summary: Unicorn Valley is an M/F centric vore server for those that love male preds with female prey! And we are FINALLY opening it up to the full public here to join after over a full year since the server was created! UV is a no-lurking server that encourages involvement and discussion, has active members, hosts over 65 channels to suit your needs (art, writing, audio, media/game discussion, RP channels, and many more), a very friendly and welcoming community, and is always happy to welcome more into our little niche fold. We prioritize openness and encourage people to embrace and express ALL their interests in M/F, whether they're kinky and dark or cute and fluffy, same size or macro/micro, human or furry, and everything under the sun! We have a wonderful system of a wide variety of roles to be applied for pinging discussion and interest and for finding like-minded folks and people who share your preferences. A team of active mods is also in place to answer your question and help make your experience as pleasant and safe as possible!

Link: --- Upon entering, you will find yourself in our long-standing lobby, where you will be asked just a few questions by a mod and get your roles situated to get you into the server! Hope to see you there! : )
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby CyberHero » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:02 pm

Server Name: The Deities Diet
Purpose: NonJudgement roleplay server, every type of vore and non vore is welcomed here.

Summary: Have fun with your kinks because their are many rooms catered to as many types possible. If you wish to join here's the link
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby DevS098 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:00 am


Servername: Tiny Misadventures

Purpose: Vore game development.

Summary: Welcome to the Tiny Misadventures game development Discord server! The purpose of this server is basically to listen to the game fans opinions (sometimes we take polls to decide on what direction the next update should take); we also use it to scout for possible skillful candidates to help us in development and, of course, we also plan to use it to test updates (beta versions) before they hit the forums!
We have a “suggestions channel” where you can talk about you ideas for our game and if we like your idea it might get used in our game! We occasionally offer previews of our future updates and finally we also mess around a lot and it’s tons of fun! So don’t miss out!



Servername: Insides Discord

Purpose: Vore game development.

Summary: Welcome to the Insides development discord server! In this discord we listen to your ideas and suggestions for the game, good ideas and suggestions may be used in the game! You can also report bugs (please report bugs) and we also show previews of future updates!
We also use the discord server to scout for possible development team members and run polls to decide about important game changes or updates.


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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Dyevclr » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:15 pm

Server Name:Vore Tavern Furry Community

Purpose: 18+ Only, Vore discussion, roleplaying, Furry image posting, and more.

Description: VTFC is a fast growing vore lover's community server, we offer a little bit of roleplaying, occasional gaming events, higher vore rankings with benefits. With the word community server, meaning it's a great, fun, big server to meet all sorts of people. We do have a strict, but very fair, rule set for everyone's enjoyment. Updates will be released once in a blue moon, depending on the server itself. The staff is friendly and we are looking for more vore lovers to join, hang out, and have a good time. Help us make this community a great big one using the link below, spread the word around!

Q&A: If you have any questions about the server and how it works, please DM me using the discord username and tag number: Dyevclr ☣#8526

Server Link:

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby SendNudibranchs » Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:11 pm

Server name: the vore-romantics.

Purpose: role play, just for fun, free speech, art, vore discussion, discussion of both sexual and non sexual vore.

hiya i'm one of co-owners of the grand vore-romantics discord, a chill place where you can be yourself or someone else if you want, i am the grammatically inconsistent one of the two owners and am pretty active on the server. we're relatively new quiet and small server but we're always looking to grow.

we are currently going through a lot of changes since we first opened, so apologies if we keep changing.

we love to talk about both sexual and non sexual vore (hence the name) and thrive on discussion of what it means to like vore, what people's relationship with the topic is.

we don't have many members but we have two pretty active owners/administrators and are REALLY open to suggestions for new role,channels,ect, and if you want to not only join a server but help build it, this is where you go.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby MCpenguin1111 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:42 pm

Server name: Microcism

Purpose: Fun, RP, g/t discussion and art, just hanging out

Let's not do any crazy greetings or whatever, you know what this is about.
If you just want some people to chill around and be friends with in the size community, or just be friends in general, with no bullshit and people who'll care about ya' regardless, then join our server! The mods, admins, and owners don't hold themselves on some almighty pedestal, since it's a COMMUNITY and not some hierarchy. Everyone's words have the same weight regardless of who you are/when you joined. This means that we'll do our damndest to disregard any prior reputation you may have, and if you have an issue with one of our members, we can try to work something out. I hope you're interested in hanging around! It's a little quiet at times but I guess that's why we're advertising! Can't wait to see who joins!

If you wanna chill around and chat, we have the Category "General Fuckery" which includes memes, RP ads, a Hub for doing whatever, the generic shit

If you just wanna share/see size content, we have "Gallery" with... Weird giant/giantess stuff, and other size stuff, but we also have "Art" and "Foxes"... Because foxes are cute and if you think otherwise you're wrong or lying. And the Art because I mean, we masturbate to pictures anyway, why not admire some instead? Take it on a honeymoon.

We also have RP zones.... Which everywhere has, but you're not limited to anything when using them

And if you just wanna talk about your OC all day, we have 3 channels. Oc sharing, character directory, and for artists, original content

We have others of course, but honestly it's all self-explanatory. Apart from "Cancerous Anarchy" which is where you can be as toxic as you want, since the server is generally a positive place

If this didn't get your attention, we still hope you can find a place with us.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby calldahotline » Tue May 14, 2019 1:04 am

Server name: World of Saninaka

Purpose: server for world building, socializing, art sharing, and general good times.

This is a server focused on the love able giant dimension hopping demon naga Saninaka, or Nina for short. She slithers her merry way through the multiverse, eating various groups along the way who all add to the growing civilization in her stomach. Come on by to chat vore, help flesh out the world, or just share some nerdy nonsense. This is a safe vore server.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby CyberHero » Tue May 14, 2019 6:23 pm

Server name: Divine Buffet
Welcome to Divine Buffet, we here are a vore rp server that really supports many acts of smothering and such. Although there are rooms that suit other needs. In order to join you must be 18 or older
If you wished to join heres the link
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby MidnightRose » Tue May 14, 2019 6:35 pm

Server Name: Dominant Men Den

Purpose: Socializing (no lurking please), discussion, roleplaying, content-sharing

Summary: The Dominant Men Den is a brand new server that focuses on male preds in addition to dominant men in general. All are welcome regardless of what you identify as. There are several channels for discussing and sharing all sorts of things: art, stories, videos, you name it. As the server is new there is not much else I can add, but I am hoping to make the Dominant Men Den a comfortable and casual place for other fans of dominant male preds.

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