Looking for an artist in the states who digs vampires :K

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Looking for an artist in the states who digs vampires :K

Postby voreistyum » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:16 pm

Hello hello! :) I am desperately searching for a artist who isn’t too pricey and likes to draw male predators with female prey, who is comfortable with reasonable blood and gore and who digs my odd couple :) I don’t have a set idea right now for this, I’m very open to artists taking my characters and doing what they will with them(within reason lol) so please please shoot ideas at me :) here is some information about the two of my characters and refs of them :)
Age: 20
Alice is a very kind and generous person, only daughter of the King and Queen of the land. She is petite in stature and delicate in her features, but she has a hell of a temper when driven to the point anger. She loves to needle point and read or write and has a wild imagination. She is very naive and lonely from being isolated in castle walls her entire life.

Age: 224, looks ~22-24
Alister is a mean-spirited, emotional unpredictable and unstable creature of the night, who loves to prowl the forest and kill people foolish enough to be out after dark or snatch unsuspecting people from their beds as they sleep. Dark-hearted and cold, and also a bit sarcastic; he's evil down to his core...not the kind of guy you'd want to meet in a dark alley. Most usually found with blood caked hair and clothes.He isn't friendly in the slightest, not liking the company of other people or even other vampires for that matter,only person he enjoys is Alice and that's cause she doesn't take his crap.

Comment or pm me if you are interested in taking a commission from me-I’m willing to spend anywhere from 20 to 45 bucks!

Thanks for looking =D
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Please check this out. =]
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