Vore stories by vorryure

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Vore stories by vorryure

Postby voryure » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:41 pm

Happy vore day! I actually first started writing this for Brights art challenge back in march but I wanted to expand it a bit and post a more fleshed out version today.

Spoiler: show
Dawn of vore

Eshila woke slowly to a pounding head and the feeling of warm air on her skin. The last thing she remembered was the feast. The tribe had barely been able to scrape together enough food, other tribes had come from the south and forced them from the best foraging grounds in the valleys. Here in the highlands game was smaller and edible plants more scarce. Still the shaman had insisted on a great feast to attack the favor of the spirits so the tribe could survive. None of which explained how she had wound up naked and bound in the shaman's chamber deep within the cave they had called home these past few seasons.

“Oh good, you're awake.” It was Amkon the shaman. He was naked like her but not bound. “I was hoping you'd be one of the three chosen.” Looking around the cave she noticed six other bound tribe members in the cave, three unconscious women, one unconscious man, and two women who were awake. She recognized all of them of course, there were less then a hundred people in the tribe. The sleeping man was the shaman's younger brother and her one time lover Grih. One of the unconscious women was her sister Nessa and the other two woman was likewise paired with their sleeping sisters.“Now that you're all awake we can begin the ritual!” Amkon exclaimed as he retrieved a large bowl of some pinkish paste from a small alcove.

Eshila squirmed feebly in her bindings, she felt week and groggy “What do you mean? What ritual? What are you doing?” The shaman painted long lines going from the corners of his mouth almost to his ears and from his chin down to his gut before answering. “A ritual of transformation. I was visited by a powerful spirit in the form of a great frog who taught me this ritual so that our people could survive.” He kept talking as he painted more of the pink paste on his sack and rod before finally drawing a strange symbol on his forehead. “The frog spirit told me how to make myself more than human. How to make myself into some thing that could take back our old lands and make those who took them my prey.” She found herself hypnotized by his story as he began painting each of the other conscious girls like himself. As soon as completed the symbol each girl became calmer and stopped struggling in their bonds. Then he came to her. As he painted the lines on her cheeks and throat she felt her hunger grow stronger and stronger As he painted on her lower lips and above her womb she felt her lust grow as well. As he finished drawing her symbol on her forehead the situation suddenly seemed completely natural, there was no need to be afraid she and the others had been chosen to become something great.

“I see the magic is already taking effect. You three, the first to awaken and the strongest women of the tribe will be my mates but there is still one step left to take. Our power will last only until the salve dries and falls from our bodies unless we complete our sacrificial feast!” Eshila could guess what that feast would be and as he eyes slid to the naked form of her sleeping sister she found she was not bothered by it at all. The shaman walked over to his brother and removed his bindings before dragging him to his feet. With a soft popping noise Amkon opened his mouth far wider than any person she had ever seen and began to engulf his brother's head. Grih barely stirred as the shaman worked his way down to his shoulders. By the time the prey began to thrash in earnest it was too late, he was already swallowed past his elbows and his feet were lifted off the ground. Eshila marveled at the show of power before her as Amkon lifted his brother up and turned him upside down to better slide down his throat.

Once the shaman finished gulping down his brother's frantically wriggling feet he untied Eshila and the other anointed women. “Now it is your turn, devour you past so you can join me in the future!” Eshila was practically dripping with arousal. Girh had always been the stronger and more attractive brother and now he was gone, nothing more than a squirming bulge in his weaker brother's gut. The only thing that stopped her from fucking him right then and there was the need to finish the ritual.

Eshila picked up her sister's ankles and with a slightly uncomfortable pop opened her jaw as wide as she could and placed Nessa's feet in her mouth. She hadn't been sure what to expect but the taste of her sisters skin was like nothing she had ever experienced and she craved more. As she savored the taste Nessa stirred in her sleep, reminding her that she had barely begun her meal. She garbed her sister by the shoulders and took a quick gulp bringing her in up to her knees. “Wha? Huh?” another gulp brought her in to her hips. “What are you-ooh!” Her sister's attempt at questioning her broke off as Eshila's tongue teased her nethers. She had never done anything like this to another woman but it wasn't that different from masturbation and she felt Nessa deserved a good send off. It was a little strange to be using her tongue instead of her fingers for this and she couldn't feel the pleasure herself but the way her sister squirmed and writhed told her she was doing a good job.

Soon her sister, no, not her sister anymore her meal, came. The taste of it heightened her desire for the rest of her prey and she swallowed again sliding her mouth up over her prey's stomach. Nessa squirmed and pleaded with her sister turned predator “Why are you doing this?” Another gulp and she crested the breasts.”Whatever I did I'm sorry! Just please let me go!” The hardest swallow so far was getting up over her sister's breasts and shoulders, but now only Nessa's head remained exposed. “Please! Eshila I'm your sister!” Eshila's resolve faltered for a moment as she wondered if she really had to do this. Soon though the combination of her new hunger and the power of the shaman's spell won out. With a final gulp the meal that was once her sister vanished forever.

“Now the transformation is complete.” Amkon proclaimed once everyone was done with their meals. “We will be the first of a new race, though we won't be the last. Our children will inherit our new gifts.” The shaman's rod was ridged and dripping beneath his squirming belly and Eshila was more than ready for it. Tonight was going to be the first night of a new world.
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