Am I going into your gut? Or are you going into mine?

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Am I going into your gut? Or are you going into mine?

Postby Sugboy » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:16 am

Hello there! I’m currently looking for some new roleplaying partners and happy to meet some new people. Now, I check this place almost daily, so if you send me a PM, please wait. I prefer to roleplay on discord, I’ll provide it once you PM me, but I can RP on here. Also I can play any gender you want for prey and predator. But I prefer switches more, so we can switch up who’s pred and prey. Also, I can come up with some RP ideas if you wanna try them, or you have one you want to do. I’m fine with playing with OC’s or be it cannon characters from some franchises. I will do it if I know the character well enough. I get busy, and sometimes I take days off from doing RP, to get some things done.

-At least be Verbose, no one liners please
-Patience, I sometimes disappear at times due to life, so please wait if I disappear in the middle of an RP. I’ll get back to it I promise. Or I lose interest.
-Good grammar

Things I’ll do/Like (You don’t have to do them, these are just some things I like as a pred or prey.)
-All types of vore (Anal is my favorite)
-Same size
-Object vore
-Accidental Vore
-Smaller preds (At least by a foot or so)
-Weight gain
-Maw play
-Leg play
-Thigh play
-Navel licking
-Belly play
-Noisy guts
-Sexual teasing
-Dom and sub play
-Face sitting
-Breast play
-Slow digestion
-Cum Digestion
-Pregnancy (Totally love Pregnant Preds)
-Tight stomachs
-Aching stomachs (indigestion)
-Teasing of fate

-Hard vore (It depends on my mood)
-M/M, M/F


If you have any other kinks that you want suggest when you PM me, go ahead! I might like it! Also you can message me if you don’t like any of the kinks I posted, I’m fine with it.

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