Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduction

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Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduction

Postby Thagrahn » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:01 am

Figured I would see what all things people like to see or read about when it comes to using cock vored prey as a means to assist in reproduction.

Things I want to hear about are things like is the prey remains aware during the process, if memories are passed on, if it is one prey for one offspring, or similar things.

The more coverage on the thing that happen to the prey from between when it is sucked down the shaft until it is reborn the better.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby blessedwasthechild » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:18 am

As a means of reincarnation I do adore it, or more like a very prolongued reformation.

But I noticed we hadn't brought up cock-vore as a *necessary* means of reproduction. Do we only mean to assist or enhance reproduction?

I kind of prefer cock-vore to end in orgasm and that's it, not as a means for reproduction. For some reason it strikes me as almost realistic, which I'm sure does not make sense. "Enhancement" appeals to me, but, only rarely, and not by very much, this enhancement kind of adds this push towards "efficiency" that I find distracting.

Pure pleasure as the only motivation catches me a lot more.

HOWEVER, if the cock vore is not an ehnancement for reproductive performance, and is in-fact necessary for that creature to procreate? OOf that's a different story. It has this edge of bittersweet naturalism, its exactly identical to oral fatal vore being necessary, the predator must eat, and the predator must carry on its species, so all that complicated emotional character development and world building that a vore setting has if vore is unavoidable? Oof, adding that to how people reproduce and you can just do so much with it.

There was one story awhile back, I think it was called "To Save a Species" about a herm-vixen with a horse-cock having to save a species of dragons from extinction, and their matriarch offers herself to the fox so that she'll have enough "dragon sperm" to carry on the species. It was pretty hot~
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby VoraciousShapeshift » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:13 am

I am not one for non-fatal, so actual reincarnation spoils the sexiness for me most of the time, though I have enjoyed rebirth stuff in a more general sense just fine. I never have bumped into the memory thing, but the idea of memories being retained by the children without it being strict reincarnation sounds kind of...interesting (I may use that sometime myself, thank you). I have no issues with it being one or whatever is the natural number of children for the given species in terms of resulting offspring, but the somewhat realistic idea that that much sperm and semen would lead to more children at once makes it hotter :D

I'm rather broad in my tastes, so I'd say the prey being used to fix infertility (that would be quite the ethical debate in real life :lol:), and pretty much anything else that could be possible as long as the prey is either dead, or perhaps the details are particularly juicy (exceptions have happened with me before), I would welcome just about anything out there.

This gets me thinking about a cock-vore idea I have penciled down, I can't say too much without spoiling it, but it involves a rather interesting aspect of a character's appearance not "cumming" from her parents :wink: Hee-hee-hee, oh the wonders of our imaginations! :D
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby DarkAmotiger » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:42 am

For me I just see it as a fun way to let someone reform, especially if the prey is aware of it all as they very slowly take shape again in someone's womb.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby DJV » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:08 am

I wrote a story where the main result was the prey straight up dying, and then his remains were promptly donated to a sperm bank. Effectively, my take is that all vore must result in the prey being dead. No reformations allowed. Whatever is left is done at the discretion of the pred, and my favorite ways to finish the load is effectively waste it and either flushed down the toilet or pumped into a condom to keep as a trophy or tossed like garbage.

I'll leave a link to my example piece, but I consider that an outlier to my tastes rather than what I personally like.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby blergle » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:43 am

If that's going to be a part of reproduction then I like scenarios where the prey is "digested" (however magically transformed) into semen without any sort of awareness or anything that implies that they still exist. I prefer that cockvore be the same as oral vore and result in the prey becoming part of the predator. If that semen is then used to impregnate someone, I don't want it to be the same person just reincarnated, I want the original prey to have been consumed.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby Hansony » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:35 am

I don't know if I would say I preference it being one way or another, more that IF it has X it should also have Y.
If the prey is aware after digestion then clearly we are talking about a world where consciousness is not directly connected to a physical body so it COULD be an issue if the consciousness disappear after ejaculation and it would make most sense if the memory is carried over in some way though that could be anything from being born with full memory or at some point in life remembering the past life ether suddenly or gradually, this could be up to the writer and how they want the story to go.
I would say that if memories or awareness are transferred then it would be best to keep it to one offspring as there would only be one personality so if several offspring are formed we would get the creepy twin stereotype where they do the exact same, say the exact same and think the exact same... now of cause not necessarily down to the last point but the fact that they share an entire life worth of experience that is identical would inevitably make them do things close to the same at least. Could make a few funny story's out of that too though.

If I had to name my own preference then it goes along with my general preference in vore like this:
I would preference a sort of loving relationship where vore is non fatal, ether trough reformation tech, magic or trough memories/soul being carried over, in this sort of story vore is used as a way to heighten the climax of intercourse and is hopefully pleasurable to all parties or so pleasurable for the parties sexually engaged and possibly with an agreement of taking turns (I am deeply into futa/hermaphrodite stories) that the knowledge of helping the others get this experience and that you will get to have it the next turns makes the prey power trough it.
Also a fun one with reformation tech is having the prey digest, the pred hold back and the prey reform to then be the one who gets to enjoy the enhanced orgasm with the pred

But in honesty I can do with most of what is thrown my way, as long as there isn't too much cruelty or gory descriptions I can probably make it work.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby SamWamm » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:39 am

I dunno, whatever the people taking part are into.

I just stick it in and stick it in.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby jun1337 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:57 pm

I wrote a story along those lines a while back, although it didn't involve rebirth – the prey was just a source of genetic material for her daughter. It was only used for one child too, although in retrospect I wish I'd included a 'sperm bank' aspect... given the volumes of cum involved, she could easily have had thousands of sisters :lol:
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby vorecat87 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:02 pm

My preference tends to be very in tune with it. A few of my CV stories involve the prey being digested and then used for reproduction. Awareness however, not included. I view it as more the original prey has been digested into the hosts genetic imprint. So whatever child results from said seed, has no recollection or resemblance of the prey used to make it. I do however include more or less an “energy” or “ soul” recycling along with the mass.
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Re: Preferences when prey is cock vored as part of reproduct

Postby Lorelei » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:02 am

I already had ideas and scenarios like this and it is actually obvious, especially with cum digestion. In itself, the vore is good for potency and the amount of semen and healthy vital sperm. The unwilling Prey doesn't necessarily have to survive and it can still be fatal. At fatal, of course, it would have a special dynamic and hardness of life that you have to gobble up and transform and end another to create a good new life. But also depends on the scenario. If there are young vital members of your own group and species, it would be disadvantageous to eliminate them entirely by Cockvore and cum digestion. But if they are competitors or enemies or just young vital members of another group, then it would make even more sense.

Would even be extremely efficient for survival, reproduction and evolution if you eliminate enemies or competitors and add their strength, skills or special genes to your own group or offspring or simply for more dominant, more fertile seeds. So it is enough to absorb the special energy or DNA in the seed and to pass it on, memories or knowledge does not even have to be there. Unless you really want the cum digested person to be born again and created again. But I like the fatal variant and its dynamics of using other people's lives to create their own new life or vitality more, because it also goes in the direction of the motto "Survival of the Fittest" and in real evolution there were also such struggles or adjustments and developments.
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